Vikings enjoy “Victory 10 Minutes” before refocusing on Lions

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Some teams that win on Sunday enjoy a “Victory Monday.” The Vikings, who play the Lions on Thursday, aren’t getting that luxury.

“I had ‘Victory 10 minutes,'” coach Mike Zimmer told reporters after Sunday’s 30-24 win over Arizona. “Now it’s time to get on to Detroit. I mean, I feel good about winning. It’s been a long month. It’s been a long, long, long month. It’s good to feel this again. It’s good to see the fight that the players had, to see that hard work.

“I talked to the team a lot the past few days about, it’s a long season, there’s going to be a lot of ups and downs. There’s going to be a lot of different things that can go on. If you just keep fighting and keep your nose to the grindstone and keep going and keep working and paying attention to the little details of your work, we can pull out of this. So it was nice to see them have some reward of being able to get some of that. Because there’s a lot of negativity when you lose four games. It’s actually a credit to our football team that we didn’t let it seep into us because it can go south really fast.”

The Vikings hadn’t won in six weeks, since stretching their record to 5-0 with a win over the Texans. A bye week and four straight losses followed.

After giving up more than 260 yards in the first half, the Vikings put the clamps on the Arizona offense in the second half. A 100-yard interception return for a touchdown from cornerback Xavier Rhodes didn’t hurt. Neither did the four sacks, especially after the defense hadn’t been getting many.

“They didn’t max protect very much today,” Zimmer told reporters. “They had a couple. They let us rush. I think that’s why a lot of teams don’t let us rush, because we can rush the passer. Everybody has their own way of playing the game. Once we got up by 13 or whatever it was, then it was a lot easier to lay our ears back and go.”

They’ll be hoping to do that on Thursday, when the 6-4 Vikings and the 6-4 Lions get together in a battle for first place in the NFC North. The following Thursday, the Vikings host the 9-1 Cowboys.

23 responses to “Vikings enjoy “Victory 10 Minutes” before refocusing on Lions

  1. Congrats to the Vikings and the rest of the NFC North.

    “Victory 10 Minutes”. What’s that feel like? We’ve forgotten in Green Bay.

  2. Nice win, Vikes, time to get on a roll…Shurmur mixing up plays well masking our oline deficiencies. 11 and 5 still doable. Luckily for the Pack, the Bears lost. They are a lock for 3rd place now and not last. Skol.

  3. Nice job Vikings.

    It’s been forever since we’ve had a game of this magnitude on Thanksgiving here in the D.

    In the words of my fellow Detroiter and Southeastern High Jungaleer Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”.

  4. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Nov 20, 2016 8:12 PM

    Charles Johnson and Laquon Treadwell need to be cut. They are wasting roster spots.
    It’s hard to hard to take anyone seriously with the name taint, but please. I’m sure you said the said the same thing about Patterson who has finally come into his own.

  5. Skol Vikings! Way to get it done guys! Hoping and praying we’ve left that valley behind us and are starting the climb on the other side!

  6. Thursday games are stupid. However I do see the history in Thanksgiving games, but that should be the only Thursday games of the year.

  7. Nice to see Bradford not getting crushed on seven step drops in Norm’s 1982 offense.
    This time, the Vikings were definitely the benefactor of a couple of bad calls ( holding on 100 yd INT) but screwed on a couple, too. Waynes needs to learn the rules of NFL football.
    Remember, everyone expected Bradford to be out injured by now. He’s fine. Taking more hits than we’d like to see, but, he’s fine.
    And hey, the offensive line didn’t behave as a total turnstile on nearly every play like they have been. This is enough to beat the Lions and retake the NFC North with a one-game lead on Thanksgiving.
    The Green Bay Packers are OVER. Now I’m waiting for Rodgers to ask for a trade, and McCarthy to be fired and replaced by a really bad coach, to be followed by Ted Thompson being fired….well, you can see this downward spiral happening, can’t you? Loving this!

  8. usdcoyotesfan says: The Vikings didn’t beat the Cardinals, the Cardinals beat themselves.


    You mean like the Chokers who were embarrassed yet again by another 20+ point loss to a marginal team? That’s 5 losses out of the last 6 games… isn’t it?

    Get used to being in the cellar… your team I mean… not you in your mother’s basement.

  9. Huge Vikes fan here. Offensive line didn’t look like 3rd graders today. They were far from good, but they weren’t terrible.

    The refs are a joke. We got away with plenty of penalties, as well as having a few called on us that were not needed. Goes both ways, I guess.

    Defense had a glimmer of what they looked like games 2-5. Fun to watch.

    Shurmers offense is 10x better than Norvs was. He actually gets we need to get the ball of out Bradfords had quickly.

    We need to stop relying on Defensive turnovers and Special teams scoring to win games.

    The first drive to Theilen was a thing of beauty. Lets do that every time we get the ball.

  10. Please stop the runs up the middle on 3rd and one. Just stop. They’re stopped more often than not, so why not throw it instead?

  11. Personally, I enjoy watching a team fire an all cylinders; let me clarify: Defensive TD – that is what this team was built to do. Special Teams TD – exploiting another team’s blocking scheme is excellent coaching. Offense: what other team in the entire league has had the struggles that this team has, and performed to the same level? Legitimately playing for 1st place – without 30% of the Week 1 starting lineup?

    There is no other coach (other than Belichick) who could have navigated those waters the way Zimmer has.

    We scored 4 t’ds on Sunday – including 2 on offense; and people are complaining about what we lack? Let’s be realistic in our expectations. This team, at 6-4 (and soon to be 7-5) has more heart than any other team in the league.

    Oh. And we can win the division, just in time to get A.P. back. Watch it happen. Doubt if you will, but respect you must.

    P.S. There is nothing better on a Tuesday morning; knowing that the Kings won; and the Packer’s didn’t. Welcome to mediocreville.

  12. It was nice to see the Viking defense go back to attack mode. For most of the last four games, and for the first half on Sunday against the Cardinals, the Viking defense was playing more in reaction mode than in attack mode.

    That changed in the second half, and hopefully going forward. They cannot allow themselves to be run on the way they were in that first half. If they can shut down the run going forward, they’ll repeat as division champs. But with that OL in such lousy shape, they cannot afford to be giving up 20+ points a game on a regular basis and expect to win, at least not without scores from the defense and/or special teams.

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