Cody Kessler may be shut down after another concussion

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The Browns made another change at quarterback on Sunday, although this one was due to necessity rather than coach Hue Jackson’s desire to shake up the offense.

Rookie Cody Kessler sustained his second concussion of the season on a hit from Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons and Jackson said after the game that Kessler, who has also dealt with a chest injury this season, may be shut down with five games left in the season.

“It’s a possibility,” Jackson said, via “We’ll see. I’m definitely going to talk to our medical staff because this is about a young man’s career and future so we have to do the right thing.”

Josh McCown replaced Kessler on Sunday and would be in line to start against the Giants next week, but Robert Griffin III is set to practice in the coming days so there will be questions about his possible return to the lineup. Jackson said it was too soon to discuss that, but there’s a chance we’ll see a few more quarterbacks in Cleveland given the way their line is protecting signal callers right now.

McCown took a big hit to the head after entering the game and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor said “it is dangerous” having players take as many shots as Browns quarterbacks are taking. Left tackle Joe Thomas said the team has to “lie in the bed that you’ve made” after center Alex Mack and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz left in free agency, which is both true and of little comfort to the guys that have to sleep in that bed for the rest of the season.

9 responses to “Cody Kessler may be shut down after another concussion

  1. Team was too cheap. Now the QBs are dying. Offense starts from the offensive line. They handled millions of dollars yet some GMs (& Coaches) still don’t recognize that.

  2. Seems like the Cody Kessler era may be over.

    We know what we have in McCown.

    Maybe time to give Kevin Hogan a try, see what we have there, while we see what comes of RG3.

    Because of the RG3 injury in week one, I am trying to see fit for giving Hue Jackson a mulligan for year one. It’s difficult though. Boy has this been a rough year.

    Get the number one pick, draft the best QB on the board. Please.

  3. Why would any QB want to play for them? They don’t care about winning and all they succeed at is getting the QB killed. Kessler is only a rookie and they’ve already used him up. Not only is playing for the Browns playing for a loser but it ruins your health too. I feel bad for Kessler. It’s ridiculous the Browns can’t field a team that can block or tackle.

  4. I have never seen QBs go down at the rate they are in Cleveland. I am almost surprised OSHA hasn’t threatened to stuck its nose into the situation. It is that bad

  5. Ask Matt Ryan and his 115 passing rating how happy he is with Kevin Mack snapping him the ball this year. Ryan is having a career year and the Falcons improved pass protection and passing game have a lot to do with it.

  6. Well looks like Hue will get to rekindle his ill-fated offseason love affair with RG3. This season can’t end soon enough

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