Mike Tomlin remains “disturbed” by Sunday’s officiating, wants full-time officials

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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin called the officiating in Sunday’s win over the Browns “questionable” after the game was over and he didn’t back off that feeling during his Monday press conference.

Tomlin took particular issue with a penalty on linebacker Lawrence Timmons for hitting Browns quarterback Cody Kessler in the head on Kessler’s final play before leaving the game with a concussion. He said Monday that Timmons “missed” Kessler and noted it as a call he disagreed with in the 24-9 win.

“You know, I was just kind of disturbed by some of it,” Tomlin said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s a natural human response. I know those guys got a tough job; I respect the job that they have to do. But we got tough jobs as well. … I’m not trying to turn this into a global officiating discussion. I said what I said yesterday and I meant it and I’m moving on.”

Tomlin joined several others by making his suggestion that the tough job the officials have should be a full-time one.

“I believe that’s a discussion that needs to be had,” Tomlin said. “But more than the discussions, I think that it needs to move in that direction and move relatively quickly. But there are politics and so forth involved in that, labor and so forth involved in that. I get it, but it’d be nice if that process gets going.”

As a member of the NFL’s competition committee, Tomlin certainly has the ear of people in the league office to further share his thoughts on the state of officiating in the league. His choice to share negative views from the podium on Sunday will likely catch the attention of some of those people and perhaps lead to a response that makes clear their displeasure with Tomlin’s choice of venue.

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  1. He’s just complaining about “the man.” It’s about time the calls start going against the steelers after all the “help” they’ve received over the life of their franchise.

  2. Part of all of this is that the game and technology has evolved way past what a human ref can do. The game is faster, players are bigger, add 12 cameras 24 different angles, for my money it is time to take a good hard look at technology and how it could help. Why isn’t there a ref in the box watching film of plays? too modern?? I know all of the Miami fans won’t like this but I would be interested it you reply the perfect season in 72 now and call the game again, with replay, was it a catch, in bounds out of bounds. I wonder if they would still be undefeated. My point being Nobody remember refs blowing calls in 1972. Is is because they didn’t or is it because back then who really cared except if it was against the team you liked. No a bad day officiating is an indictment on the league in general.

  3. we all know officiating stinks. the steelers were gifted 8 points at end of half due to bad officiating, not to mention the cheap shots by the steelers def that the refs didn’t call.glad you brought that up. tomlin.(also known as Mr. hypocrite and terrible coach)

  4. This is a big part of why ratings are down for the NFL. The refs suck. At least a half dozen coaches have complained, and many more players, too. But if you say the refs name, like Josh Norman, you get fined $25k. Hit a player in the helmet illegally, you get fined $9k. Do a celebration dance that no one likes, and you get fined $18k. The refs, the penalties and the fines are all a very bad, sick joke that fans are tired of dealing with. I know there are other reasons that also help the ratings take a double digit loss, but the product itself is just not as good.

  5. I totally agree with Tomlin!!! The refs have been a travesty this season, and every season it seems to get worse! I see bits & pieces of most games, and some are doozies and do affect the outcome of the game! I have seen at least 4 tds in the past 2 weeks, that I knew would be called back. I say this based on the Dez catch/non-catch @ Lambeau field in 2014 in the playoffs. These were EXACT!! However, much to my surprise, they held. They still do not know what a catch is, nor is it called on a consistent basis…..

  6. Tomlin is desperately trying to save face and cover up the fact that an 0-9 team gave the Steelers all they could handle. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Tomlin knows that his “30 points a game” offense laid another turd and if not for a couple of lucky bounces for a Steeler defensive TD and 2 consecutive defensive penalties against the Browns the Steelers would have lost to an 0-10 team.

    If they Steelers do somehow manage to win the lackluster AFC North does anybody really think that they will be anything more than cannon fodder for the Patriots?

  7. The hit on Kessler was completely reckless. He was already held up by another player and Timmons flew in head high. Every one on the football field knows this can’t be allowed any more. Kessler was practically convulsing on the field. Embarrassing that Tomlin is trying to defend this play.

  8. It was the hit to the ground that caused the concussion. It appears from the angle that I saw that Timmons whiffed him with his shoulder as Shazier was pulling Kessler down. Fine will come anyway.

  9. Tomlin’s entire act is getting very tired. It seems he does just barely enough every season to not get fired. They will probably barely make the playoffs and get bounced embarrassingly in the first round. However, he will be there again next season to unleash mediocrity.

  10. At some point you have to accept that officials are humans and that has been part of the sport since it’s inception. They will make mistakes.

    The over complication of the rule book is the reason they fail more then their ability. It needs to be greatly simplified.

  11. The NBA has full time officials and one of them was so good he ended up fixing games.

    Full time or not, officials are going to screw up. Just ask Clete Blakeman who pulled off one of the worst calls in the history of football yesterday.

  12. Fans complain about refs for two years.
    Prominent coach voices fans complaints.
    Fans call coach a crybaby.

    I’m speechless.

  13. Officials have been making mistakes since the dawn of time. What is no mistake is the league not using the ‘technology’ that almost simultaneously puts the proof of those mistakes on our TV’s from 5 different angles.

  14. If he wants the refs to change, he should look to himself first and his gang of “headhunters!” Never seen such an undisciplined group (Ravens?)!! His self-righteous indignation has gotten old.

  15. Tomlin was right, Timmons didn’t t0uch him. The side angle is completely deceptive. The second angle was very clear from the point of view of the official that threw the flag. Timmons in fact went over him, completely clean play. No contact, totally obvious with frame-by-frame super-slow motion on NFL Game Pass.

    Which makes the official’s call even more curious, because he missed Shazier’s horse collar right in front of him and called a penalty on the wrong guy. Shazier’s horse collar brought Kessler down, Shazier’s horse collar made Kessler’s head hit the ground. Shazier was the culprit, and with his track record of goonery, they might be probably laying low for fear of the outside chance he’d get a game suspension. He probably didn’t intend to concuss him, but the way the league is protecting quarterbacks, who knows what they’d d0.

  16. Full-time refs is not the answer, it’s just the cause celebré. Tomlin is an idiot for espousing it. I would expect a more intelligent assessment of the problem from a man who is supposedly able to run an entire team.

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