Report: Jay Cutler has shoulder injury, could end his season

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The season could be over for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Cutler suffered a shoulder injury Sunday against the Giants, and it could be season-ending.

It’s unclear at what point during the game Cutler suffered the injury. He was hit several times, including four fourth-quarter sacks, but he was able to finish the game.

If Cutler can’t go on Sunday against the Titans, the Bears would turn to Matt Barkley as their starter. Rookie Josh Woodrum is the only other quarterback on the team. The Bears have already lost Brian Hoyer and Connor Shaw to injuries this season.

Cutler is under contract through 2020, but the way his contract is structured, it would be easy for the Bears to cut him this offseason and take a minimal salary cap hit. It’s possible that Cutler has played his last game as a Bear.

41 responses to “Report: Jay Cutler has shoulder injury, could end his season

  1. While Jay Cutler isn’t the most liked QB out there, he’s better than other starters right now. I”m sure he’ll start somewhere else if the Bears release him.

  2. I don’t blame Cutty for making a business decision and tapping out on this disasterous season. At this point the team is just sending out a bunch of scrubs and other teams rejects. Next sacrificial lamb up!

  3. While he’s under anesthesia, can the doctors surgically put his right arm onto my body? I love football! That’s the only thing missing from me been a hall of famer.

  4. I’d retire if I were him.

    When you really think about it, life is pretty good for Jay. He’s young, rich, and has a beautiful family. The hatred from the fans will pass – and it doesn’t really sound like he gives two poops what any of us think, anyway. So more power to him there.

    Who wouldn’t listen to this guy call games, or do the pregame show? Come on, he’d be great!

  5. Once Josh Sitton went out with a bad leg yesterday that O-Line completely fell apart. Cutler took a beating in the 4th quarter and this news doesn’t come as a complete shock.

    It’s time to move on from Cutler but lost in all the noise about the Bears QB of the future is the stark fact that they need to build a team around that kid first. They have a lot more holes on that offense than they have pieces. RT is a joke, LT is not far behind, they will need to find a reliable TE and anywhere from 1 to 3 starting caliber WRs depending on what happens this offseason with White, Alshon and Royal. Assuming Sitton and Long come back healthy and Whitehair survives the season, they have an interior 3 that is solid. And a good RB / not so good pass catcher in Jordan Howard. That’s IT.

    So dream about that Top 5 Bears QB if you want but reality is if he gets thrown into the fire on opening day 2017 he is very likely to fail. There’s two more years of work to do on the supporting cast before handing the keys over to somebody who’s supposed to be the man for the next 8-10 yrs.

  6. The Cowboys will trade ya Tony Romo for some picks…

    We’ll even throw in Rolondo McClain for free…

  7. And the rest of teams remaining on the Bears 2016 schedule are saddened they will not be facing Jay “the turnover machine” Cutler ….

  8. Getoffmylawn! says:
    Nov 21, 2016 4:57 PM
    So with Cutler, there appears to be no noticeable difference in skill level with or without a shoulder injury. He’s actually THAT bad.

    You win.

  9. tharoostah says:
    Nov 21, 2016 5:36 PM
    Sad way to see him go. Best QB in Chicago Bears franchise history by a mile.
    Well thanks for letting everyone know how bad Bears QBs have been. Hopefully you guys can re sign your first ballot ring of honor star to a new contract and help out the rest of the NFC North.

  10. well crud there goes jay. hello 4th overall pick.

    and no tony romo. no way, already enough brittle oldness at the qb position.

    unless romo is willing to study as hard as peyton manning, and eat avocados like brady, then no thx.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cutler’s back next year. There is no “instant starter” in next year’s draft, and even though the Bears’ need separation from this guy, they have shown less football sensibility than ariani1985, who doesn’t know what a football looks like, and that’s not a good thing.

  12. Whoever said that all ex-Packer QB’s are great? Or even good, for that matter?

    Fran Tarkenton once had a 14.1 rating in a Super Bowl. That’s a good way to shine in a big game.

  13. Kind of fitting that his last pass as a Bear is an interception while attempting to lead a comeback with a completely decimated offense. Kind of a perfect synopsis of his Bears career, so close but not quite enough and not totally Jay’s fault. Best of luck elsewhere Cutty.

  14. A lot of people here that either do not know anything about football or do not actually watch the Bears games.

    Try forming an opinion on facts instead of some stupid torch and pitchfork mentality started by the media.

  15. Romo?! That guy would last a couple of games and then his career would be over behind that line. What a sorry state these Bears have become. Thought maybe they had found a working formula in the first half with all the running but things fell apart quickly in the second half when the line started to collapse with the Giants stacking the line. It was actually shocking how quick some of the rushers beat the O-line back into the Bears own backfield.

    My only hope now is that Fox moves on. This team is not moving forward. Granted injuries played a part but it just seems like sometimes there is no fight in this team and we’re in the 2nd year of Fox supposedly with the players he thinks he can build around.

  16. With Culter out the Bears chances for catching the Browns appear very dim.

    Romo would just be more Cutler with a different approach and much better leadership skills.. Don’t spend 15 million or more per year when you have so many other holes to fill first.

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