Ryan Fitzpatrick will start for Jets in Week 12

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The Jets took their bye week to think about who would start at quarterback against the Patriots in Week 12 and their choice has turned out to be the same one they made for the first week of the regular season.

Jets coach Todd Bowles announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will get the start against New England at MetLife Stadium. Bryce Petty started for the Jets in Week 10 while Fitzpatrick was sidelined by a knee injury, but

“He’s healthy. He’s been our starter,” Bowles said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “We can do more things with him. I don’t give away jobs.”

There have been no shortage of calls for the Jets to take an extended look at Petty to see if he can be part of the team’s future, but there was a report from Mehta last week that there were fears that going with Petty could cause other players on the team to check out. That would hurt the team’s chances of winning games that might guarantee Bowles another year on the job and may have played a role in the team’s choice to go back to the horse they’ve ridden for most of their seven losses this season.

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  1. The only thing I can assume is that Bowles doesn’t want Petty to be the QB on the wrong end of a butt kicking and 0-2 as a starter. Let Fitz take the humiliation and then move to Petty for the last five games.

    It’s the only thing that would make sense about this decision.

  2. I thought Bowles was going to be a great coach and the Fins made a huge mistake not giving him the job after the interim and now I know why they didn’t and I’m not a GM.
    The guy has made 1 bad decision after another he’s terrible and the team quit on him weeks ago

  3. One start from Petty against a good defense and its back to Fitz? I am stuck between playing the better player (which Fitz is) and the fact that Petty should get a longer leash, since Fitz is done after this year. I can only imagine how terrible Hackenburg is, I saw him at the Gang Green/Big Blue preseason game it was really really bad. Maybe Bowles has seen all he has to from BP and CH and they are so poor that its disrespectful to even a player having Fitz’s year to bench him for one of those underwhelming players.

  4. Bowles needs to learn that with this approach you may not be giving up on your season, but you’re definitely giving up on your team. It’s over for the Jets, and anyone who doesn’t believe so is completely delusional. You have a real opportunity to evaluate talent and see what pieces you have for next year with a decent span of games left, especially at the quarterback position. However, Bowles seems content to waste the opportunity away with his focus ultimately being on preserving his job – and ironically, that may be what costs him.

  5. This whole Fitz thing has been Favre 2010 2.0, except Favre actually earned the benefit of the doubt on taking one last shot. Not sure what the Jets were doing panicking and throwing money at a journeyman back-up that had a good year throwing to two of the best receivers in the game.

  6. As a Jet fan, it seems to me that the Jets are going to get pummeled this Sunday either way. Let Fitz start. If he can’t jump-start the offense even a little (which he probably can’t), then you have more justification to go to Petty next week, and it’ll probably help Petty not to have his second career start be a psychological scarring at the hands of Bill Belichick.

  7. Why not?

    He’s the best quarterback, statistically speaking, and for one season only, that the Jets have ever had.

  8. I have been a stanch Todd Bowles supporter until today. I’m officially off. This is an awful decision and it makes no sense. Bowles has screwed up the whole quarterback decision-making situation from the very start. Bowles’ job security is obviously teetering, so now he just wants to win as many games as possible this year even though a blind man can see we’re out of it. He didn’t want to play Petty because he was afraid some of the team would “check out” on him? Hey Todd, how about you take control of this team, kick some butts, show them who’s boss and release whomever checks out on the team.

  9. In this last-ditch, pathetic attempt to save his job, Bowles is actually doing the best thing for this team’s future.

    It would be great to put Petty in, and see what he can do. But that would only work if the Jets had an actual NFL quality head coach running the show.

    A QB’s first sustained period of action in almost all cases dictates the trajectory of his career. Either he learns how to do things right, or he learns how to do things wrong. It’s really hard to unlearn those early lessons.

    Petty, under Bowles, would have absolutely no chance to learn to do things the “right” way, and his career would effectively be over. Wait until next year, when they have an actual coach, an OC who’s a little bit innovative, and a full offseason that they can dedicate to getting him ready at least to be the backup. Then, it will make some sense.

  10. 1. The Pats are going to win regardless of who starts.

    2. Let Fitz play, get crushed. Now there is no excuse to not play Petty the next few games.

    3. If Hackenberg is at least so-so in practice, let him start the last game of the season, just for developmental purposes.

    Most likely the Jets don’t have an NFL starting QB on their roster. So they need to tank, trade down, get some badly needed players for their secondary. Then really tank all out (with Bryce Petty) so they can draft a QB in 2017 with a top 2 pick.

  11. Where is MacCagnan in all this? He failed to give Bowles a decent option at QB yet he had 4 QBs on the roster.

  12. So Bowles was a genius with a soft schedule and a QB having a career year last season and he’s an idiot with a. tough schedule and lousy performance out of the QB position this year? Alrighty then…

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