13th hour play to keep Raiders in Oakland may not work

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Nearly 40 years after Al Davis sued the NFL to force his way out of Oakland, Mark Davis could eventually be doing the same thing.

That’s the biggest takeaway from the news that Oakland believes a “framework deal” has been reached with a private developer to keep the Raiders in town. The agreement, few details of which were disclosed, has been reached with a group led by Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott.

“We’re excited that, for the first time, we’re working with a private partner who has not just the passion to keep the Raiders in Oakland but also the capacity to put upfront the amount of capital it will take to privately finance a stadium,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said, via NBCBayArea.com. “The Raiders belong in Oakland. This is where they were born and raised. This is a part of their identity, and they are a part of our identity.”

It’s unclear whether the arrangement relates only to the building of a stadium, or whether the group would expect to acquire partial ownership of the team. Past efforts to secure private funding for a new stadium in Oakland have been complicated by an expectation that the person(s) footing the bill would also acquire an interest in the team ranging from a minority share to a path to control.

Regardless, Mark Davis doesn’t seem to be inclined to accept this 13th hour effort to derail his plan to move to Las Vegas.

“The Raiders are committed to Las Vegas, and that’s what I’m working on,” Davis said Tuesday.

As one source with knowledge of the dynamics recently explained it to PFT, Davis is indeed intent on moving. When the owners next meet in December, the current expectation is that league executive Eric Grubman will present a detailed case for keeping the team in Oakland, in the hopes of conjuring at least nine total votes to block the move. (Steelers owner Art Rooney II and Giants co-owner John Mara are believed to be already opposed to a move.)

And here’s where it will get interesting. If Davis can’t get 24 votes in support of the move, Davis may decide to just move, arguing as his father did before him that the league would be violate antitrust laws via the effort of independent businesses to come together and dictate the terms by which any of them may operate.

It hasn’t gotten to the point yet where Davis is required to show his hand. But he has a black ace up his sleeve, and the spade has been replaced by a shield with “AL” in the middle of it.

64 responses to “13th hour play to keep Raiders in Oakland may not work

  1. Today’s announcement reeked of a publicity stunt by the mayor who doesn’t want to be blamed for all but slamming the door and changing the locks on the Super Bowl champs.

  2. Ronnie Lott was interviewed and he has stated the he nor the group he represents wants ownership of the Raiders.

    It all comes down to this. If the NFL wants the Raiders in Oakland, the team will be in Oakland. It’s as simple as that. #statinoakland

  3. I don’t hear fans in Oakland bashing John Mara now. All of a sudden, they’re all Mara lovers.

  4. Mark Davis is smart to move the Raiders in Las Vegas. The economic opportunity to is too amazing to pass up. Oakland has zero to offer in terms of stadium financing. Las Vegas has $750 million in public money. Super Bowls in Las Vegas will be epic.

    They owners need to approve the move ASAP and construction on the new Vegas stadium needs to begin shortly. Oakland isn’t an NFL city anymore. Mark Davis needs build a practice facility in or close to Las Vegas.

  5. With the Raiders becoming a contender….is there really a viable way that Mark Davis gives part ownership to either the Casino guy in Vegas or this new Lott lead group??

  6. The Davis family has messed with Oakland too many times. Threatening, leaving, returning to great fanfare only to threaten to leave then most likely leaving again.

    Any city deserves better than that. Just stay committed to Oakland and let Las Vegas acquire one of the Florida teams.

  7. The NFL cannot force the Raiders to remain in Oakland. We already saw that scenario play out once, and it appears we’ll see it again soon. Oakland has had their chance and they’ve blown it. It’s a shame, because the Raiders really do belong in Oakland, but that’s life in an NFL city. You either play ball with the owners or your lose your team. It’s how it works. If you don’t care about losing your team, fine. But if you do care, you help build a stadium. Oakland has chosen not to work with the team and build a stadium, so Mark Davis is almost surely going to move to Vegas. Get used to it, because that’s how they roll.

  8. “the capacity to put upfront the amount of capital it will take to privately finance a stadium”
    I wish this was the case for approximately 32 NFL stadiums. All should be privately financed.

  9. Artie Jr is still bitter about those days when he was a kid, and the raiders had the upper hand , until the immaculate deception….it’s ok Artie, Mark Davis does not care how you vote, or what you think….

    Go Raiders…..need to Change the Raider Nation to the Raider World after watching 90% of the stands in Mexico City.

  10. The NFL’s popularity is already in decline. If the NFL wants to remain on top of the American sports landscape, owners like Davis (and Stan Kroenke) should think a bit longer and harder before abandoning existing fan bases.

  11. No owner approval, Vegas pulls the public funding. They have already demanded an answer by January or else they will commit the public stadium money to public roads and highways. Marky can sue all he wants but he will be on his own to fund the stadium, assuming Vegas still wants him.

  12. Oakland is stupid. Here they have a franchise that’s been in the dump for over a decade that’s finally not only showing promise, but showing to be a serious contender with young cornerstone players. The revenue this team is going to generate over the next 10-15 years is gonna be crazy.

  13. He’d better hurry. The Supreme Court of tomorrow will likely decide cases in favor of the highest bidder. Antitrust schmantitrust.

  14. Too late Oakland. At this point you’re going to have to really wow the team and league. Compelling him to relinquish even partial ownership is a non starter though I would think.

  15. To be on point, Adelson isn’t just donating $650m to the cause. Why would he sink that kind of cabbage into a venture that might bring him 2 or 3 mil at most in profit per year? So he can wait a hundred years or so to recoup?
    He has terms. He’s already said that his terms are what they are. Take them or leave them. The terms probably involve an ownership stake in the team.
    He wouldn’t dump hundreds of millions in a stadium without that. Stadiums are crappy investments.
    Davis should listen to Oakland, at least, and not get fleeced by that crocodile in Vegas. He’s gonna try to screw him out of the team.

  16. between South Point and the M resort on south las vegas blvd. in vegas plenty of wide open real estate to build a new raider’s stadium!!……also better traffic access vs the congested Strip area…………great locations!!…..

  17. Why do people keep saying that Davis “needs” 24 votes to move? Al proved a long time ago that that’s not the case. He can do whatever he damn well wants and the precedent has already been set that he can do it. Rooney and Mara will just have to deal with it.

  18. In order for him to break even on the stadium itself, it would have to bring in over $178,000 every calendar day of the year for ten years. Zero dark days. To break even. 365 paid events per year.
    Not gonna happen. The only way he makes money is via an ownership stake. A large stake.

  19. Mark Davis will get the necessary votes to move. Mara and Rooney are out of touch with the times. The league denied Davis L.A. last year. Denying him again when his team needs a new stadium badly would he wrong.

  20. I don’t if this is crazy talk or not, but I could see this scenario playing out.

    January owners meetings:
    Chargers move to LA
    Raiders are denied Las Vegas
    Raiders move to San Diego and get Mission Valley stadium the Chargers wouldn’t settle for

    …I feel dirty just thinking about it.

  21. Why does Davis need the leagues permission? Because he still has to come up with 300 to 500 million to go along with the state and Adelson’s money. He dosent have it. Without the leagues grants & loans, he is going nowhere.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like what Russel Wilson is doing trying to bring back the Sonic’s. A group of investors trying to revitalize sports culture in their city. As a life long Chiefs fan playing in a tough division is the best thing that can happen to a team. Makes everyone better and you see that in the AFC west.

  23. Oh little Marky. You are not your father. I can’t wait until January, for the other owners to block the move, and you come running back to Oakland like a damsel in distress.

  24. You kidding me? The 13th hour “play” is still playing. It involved making SURE of a Raiders win in Mexico. In my 40 yrs of NFL, never seen such BS. Raiders MUST win or no stadium deal. Utter BS on Monday Night Football. Couldn’t spot the ball, couldn’t stop a ref from spaz whistling, COULDN’T bust a fan with a laser when they can pinpoint it from 10 miles if you shine it at a cop copter. BS.

  25. This is too bad. Oakland has some really dedicated fans and Davis just uses them.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  26. If Eric Grubman wants them in Oakland they will stay in Oakland. He wanted the Rams in LA and got his wish. After the Rams to LA debacle it’s not like the league can point to its relocation guild lines as reasons the Raiders can’t move when they ignored all of them to move the Rams to LA.

  27. How does this sound, “The Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas”, or “The Oakland Raiders of San Diego” or “The Los Angeles Raiders”?

  28. I hope the Raiders stay in Oakland. The NFL needs to step up their offer and donate more money for a stadium. The NFL’s holding cities hostage for stadiums has to take a toll on the popularity of the game as well.
    The sooner they recognize this the better. I think all professional sports need to stop with this tactic. I would be interested in the drop in NFL viewers in Saint Louis is this season.

  29. As a BALTIMORE Colts fan, I feel for Raider Nation. This makes me dislike the NFL and billionaire owners even more. A day closer to not caring about NFL anymore.

  30. Why does the Bay Area need 2 teams? No one ever explains that.
    The Raiders are a national brand, it doesn’t matter where they are located as long as it’s somewhat western so they can still play the Chargers, Chiefs, and Broncos. Move them to LV, SA, STL, doesn’t matter as long as they still wear the silver and black.

  31. I, also, was a Baltimore Colts fan. Davis’s father spitting in the face of the NFL and moving to LA was too much for the league. That is why weakling Roselle looked the other way when the Colts left. Spineless.

  32. Too bad there is not a brand new stadium 42 miles away from Oakland that is empty every other Sunday.

  33. The Raiders are proof that the turd doesn’t drop far from the arse. But I thought the NFL had an anti-trust law exemption. Maybe they should give it up. Bet this turd doesn’t want that to happen. he wants it both ways. Move to LV, it’ll be funny watching your players throw games to score big for Sheldon Adelson and Lord Cheeto’s buddies

  34. Oakland dithered for YEARS on the stadium issue and so the Raiders have played in a literal sewer and a freaking baseball diamond in the middle of the field! They don’t deserve the Raiders, and this is coming from a 40+ year fan who lives in NorCal. Heck, going to see a Raider game would be an added bonus to visiting Sin Cjty! Just move like your father would, Mark! And for chrissake, get a better bowl for that god-awful haircut!

  35. The above “AL” emblem with a representation of Al as what, an action doll?, might be the cheesiest thing ever! Wow. embarrassing. Double wides and orange shag carpet forever!! LOL!

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