Dak Prescott goes viral for picking up trash, because of course he does

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As it turns out, Dak Prescott got more attention for the pass attempt he didn’t connect on Sunday, because he was able to clean up his own mess.

The Cowboys rookie quarterback added to his legend by becoming an internet star, with a video of him missing a trash can with his cup of sports drink and then collecting his litter and disposing of it properly went viral.

And since everything else is going his way, people have drawn the conclusion that it was a sign of great character and manners.

That he’s a neat freak,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett replied when asked what he thought, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I would say that’s a positive story about Dak. Yes.”

That’s practically the only kind there are at the moment, as he’s led the Cowboys to nine straight wins and played so well they’ve forgotten about Tony Romo (the guy they built this offense for). And with things going so swimmingly, the attention to his refuse makes it easy to connect the dots to their research of him prior to the draft.

“Well, we have so many great reports about him as a person from the people around him at Mississippi State,” Garrett said. “We could see a lot of the things that everybody could see as a player on the field. Their endorsements of him as a person, as a leader, as someone who’s had such a positive impact on that program. They were really strong. Everybody we talked to down there. That was a big part of his attraction to us. We talk a lot about the right kind of guys and the right kind of guy at the quarterback position is critical to your organization. The best part about it is we’ve gotten a chance to see that up close.

“Again, you’ve heard me say this a number of times, but we saw it right from the start when he came to Valley Ranch and we had a chance to spend time with him and then once we drafted him when he came in for the first rookie minicamp. Just handled himself the right way. A professional, a natural leader, prepares really, really well for every opportunity. So it’s been great to have him. There’s no question about that. A big part of his success has a lot to do with who he is as a person.”

Or, he’s just a guy who likes to pick up after himself. But that’s OK too.

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  1. Has anyone noticed how at this time last year all we heard about was how Cam Newton was going to be the NFL MVP, but this season with Dak as the obvious favorite there’s almost no talk at all? All I remember is one poll on here a few weeks ago that actually included Brady when he had only played two games, which was an eye roll moment.

  2. As a fan of a division rival who despises the Cowboys I find it difficult to dislike Dak Prescott.

    Ezekiel Elliott, on the other hand…

  3. Cowboys faithful here but the day he gets a parking ticket he will be crucified. Has not done enough in my opinion to be thought of so highly. Deep into playoffs yes Super Bowl champs maybe not this year….sorry cowboy fans but I’m a realist….

  4. Tony Romo did the same thing. However, the shot missed bounced back and hit him in the head. He’s out 6 weeks with a concussion.

  5. The viral message was little things point to a larger picture about someone, although this could also point to the overall laziness of Americans society that this was noticed.

    The reason it is important is bc most players NBA, NFL, MLB allow the people the team pays to maintain the stadium/field clean up after them. Ya know, while they continue to do their job and play football.

    Sorry you didn’t pick up on it when you saw it live, or simply just trying to be different.

  6. scoops1 says:
    Nov 22, 2016 9:13 AM

    at least he doesn’t eat out of the trash…like George Costanza

    Well, it was on top of the trash can and only had one bite missing…. : )

  7. Wow, what is the world coming to when a guy picking up his own trash, after he missed the trash can in the first place, and putting it in said trash can is actually a news story??? To me that’s what you’re supposed to do! I guess in this society, with people of Dak’s age range at least, picking up after yourself isn’t the norm?

  8. With all the premadonna’s that we see now in all sports both college and professional, its very refreshing to see someone like Dak.

  9. In an age without manners, even the smallest act of decency is welcome. Kudos to Dak for being a good guy. I hope his success continues.

  10. I’m dropping the Jags until next year and for the rest of the year I’m going to be a Cowboys fan. I’ll get relentless news and commentary, and best of all, a winning team!

  11. symxfan says:
    Nov 22, 2016 9:49 AM
    The fawning over the Cowboys is going to get sickening .. I can tell it’s going to be unbearable.


    No rookie QB has ever made a Super Bowl. Hang your hat on that for now.

  12. touchdownamericasteam says:
    Nov 22, 2016 10:00 AM
    Still can’t believe we lucked into this kid. The thought of where we would be with cook or lynch under center makes me glad that things fell the way they did.
    A blind squirrel (Jerrah) found an acorn (Dak). At least you admit it but this article and others which gush about all the “research” the Boys did on him make it seem like they were targeting him all along when the reality is Jerrah was publicly lamenting on not pulling the trigger to trade up and get Lynch. Sometimes the best trades are the ones you never make. Someone just needs to corral him to stop wasting 2nd round picks on known addicts, players with career threatening injuries, etc.

  13. Picking up after yourself is a basic function of society.

    Shows the state of decay our own society is in when picking up after yourself is seen as a form of inspiration.

  14. Jerry also made the call to take elliott when the concensus was that you don’t take a back that high. Jerry gets a lot of deserved criticism (mcclain, gregory, hardy) but also deserves some kudos that he doesn’t get for the hits ( elliott, murray, bryant, jones). But then again the same can be said for just about any nfl front office come to think of it.

  15. What does it say about the state of society that a guy picking up his trash is surprising? My parents would have smacked me up the side of the head if they saw me leaving trash on the ground. You don’t even need decent upbringing to know that leaving your trash on the ground is just wrong.

  16. factschecker says:
    Nov 22, 2016 10:54 AM
    Picking up after yourself is a basic function of society.

    Shows the state of decay our own society is in when picking up after yourself is seen as a form of inspiration.


    I’d say you have it backwards. People used to throw their styrofoam Big Mac containers out the car window. We are getting better.

  17. Hey it’s the same thing around my house when someone shoots at the garbage basket and misses. Get your rebound and dunk! Otherwise coach takes away your green light from the 3 point line and you’re stuck shooting only in the paint from now on.

  18. Good grief. And the media wonders why no one trusts or respects them any more. This is what we report on?

  19. Dak is having a great rookie season and has displayed great character for a few years now.

    However… MVP talk is a joke.

    Best offensive line in football? Cowboys.

    What do defenses focus on stopping when playing the Cowboys?
    The run game.
    Cowboys were 5th in ypc in 2015 with McFadden and Randle toting the rock, while Cassel, Weeden, and Moore filled in at QB. They can run the ball even when the defense has zero fear of the QB.

    Dak has the Cowboys ranked 16th in the NFL in passing. He is rarely facing long yardage 3rd downs, and is rarely asked to make full field reads. He has been able to play with a lead almost every, so he has rarely had the pressure of throwing when the defense EXPECTS him to throw.

    Who is the Cowboys team MVP?

    You will likely get almost a 50-50 response split between Dak and Zeke. That should tell anyone that neither player should be the NFL MVP.

    How about the defense?
    The Cowboys are 4th in scoring defense.
    That is largely helped by the running game controlling T.O.P., but also keeps the pressure off Dak to throw in obvious passing situations.

    And… the schedule.
    Dak currently has 1 win over a team with a winning record. ONE. Uno.
    Cowboys have 4 games against teams with winning records to finish the year, plus play at 5-5 Philly in week 17.

    Who should win the MVP at this point?

    Russell Wilson.

    Yes… the Seahawks have a very good defense.
    But it has not been great like years past. They have given up only 16 fewer points than the Cowboys at this point.

    Russell Wilson didn’t put up huge stats early in the season. Trust me, I traded him off my fantasy team. But he did stay on the field and got them to a 4-2-1 record with a high ankle sprain and a MCL before looking healthy.
    Now he has reeled off 3 straight wins, including at New England. Again… AT New England.
    Wilson has the Seahawks ranked 8th in NFL in passing offense despite playing hurt most of the year.

    Offensive line.

    The O-line has been terrible for much of the year.
    Wilson’s injuries limited his mobility, making it even more impressive that he stayed in those games and kept winning games.

    Running game.
    Seahawks were Christine Michael, who got cut by Dallas last year, while Rawls was out. Take Zeke Elliott away from Dak and see how that works out. Wilson has had to carry the team without a running game (28th in NFL).

    Russell has 3 wins over teams with winning records so far. Also had to play at New Orleans and at Arizona, which are great home teams even when they have losing records. Looking ahead, the Seahawks could run the table and finish 13-2-1 on the season.

    It is not even close.
    If fact, Derek Carr and Matt Stafford deserve the MVP more than Dak Prescott at this point.

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