Franco Harris, other Penn State alums appalled by DeAndre Levy

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Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy said recently that he wasn’t serious when he called breaking the late Joe Paterno’s leg in a sideline collision his proudest moment in football, but not when he called the former Penn State football coach a “dirtbag.”

In a column for the Detroit Free Press, Levy, who played for Wisconsin when he ran into Paterno, wrote that “any person or institution, Joe Paterno included, that turns away from or fails to act against sexual assault is a ‘dirtbag.’ Paterno was the head coach at Penn State when Jerry Sandusky abused children during and after his time as an assistant coach at the school and multiple people testified that they made Paterno and others involved with the program aware of Sandusky’s actions without any action being taken.

In an email to the paper, 21 players who played for Paterno at Penn State, including Pro Football Hall of Famer Franco Harris, responded to Levy’s column and earlier comments.

“We find the recent statement by DeAndre Levy about Coach Paterno appalling, along with the silence that has accompanied it. To joyfully and proudly take credit for hurting a defenseless human being is sad, in and of itself. But, to couple this gleeful statement with a willful ignorance of the facts and circumstances surrounding our coach speaks to a complete lack of character and moral integrity on the part of Mr. Levy. Mr. Levy’s comments reflect poorly on him, his university, the Detroit Lions and the NFL, and are certainly deserving of vocal condemnation.”

Lions coach Jim Caldwell worked for Paterno as an assistant from 1986-1992 and said he disagrees with Levy’s assessment of the man but not his right not share it.

47 responses to “Franco Harris, other Penn State alums appalled by DeAndre Levy

  1. proudly take credit for hurting a defenseless human being is sad………………………………………

    But what about the countless boys that Sandusky raped and Paterno turned a blind eye to. Lost all respect for Franco and anyone else defending a pedophile enabler.

  2. Well Mr. Harris, what’s appalling is that Coach Dirt…Paterno knew about children being raped and did nothing to protect his program. I love Levy’s comments and wish the victims could all stand up and break his leg over and over again….

  3. Did they really just use the words “character” and “moral integrity”? Joe Paterno turned a blind eye to the rape of children. That’s all you gotta know.

  4. Dirtbag is the nicest thing to say about Paterno. I agree though that Levy saying he was joking about breaking Dirtbags leg being his proudest moment. It shouldn’t be his proudest. It should be his most remorseful. He should feel remorse for not doing more damage. Did Paterno smoke in life? Cause he probably is now based on where he is.

  5. Paterno is a dirtbag who enabled a child rapist. Had he done the right thing and acted on the knowledge that Jerry Sandusky was a predator he could have prevented the rapes of children. That should be Paternos legacy, he’s a piece of garbage

  6. oh boo freakin hoo

    settle it on the field. between the lines.

    psu grads in the nfl should go after levy. if not then he gets away with what he said.

  7. If Paterno didn’t know what was going on, it’s because he didn’t want to know. The old ‘plausible deniability’.
    Really, how could he not know? If he was that unaware of what his right hand man was doing right under his very prominent nose, how could he properly coach or mentor his players? Where’s the greatness of such a clueless person?

  8. Hogwash! Levy was spot on with his comment! Paterno should have stopped Jerry YEARS ago but decided not too.

    In my opinion, I know my opinions tend to be a bit extreme, they should dig up the corpse and let Levy break his leg again. And be sure to have the TV cameras there to catch ol sonny boy Jay Paterno as a tear rolls down his face!


  9. I’ve got news for you, Franco….NO ONE outside of theHappy Valley Family is going to condemn Levy’s words!

    And why not?
    Because it then implies that Paterno was also a victim
    That he had no idea of what was happening
    And thus didn’t deserve the broken leg, in some sort act of karma

    So…,you and your fellow clueless Nittany Lions are alone on this one, Franco!

  10. refreshing to see the comments sticking up for Levy. Appalling what Paterno and the rest of the 40lb heads did (or lackthereof in this case) during the time these kids were being ruined for life

  11. Here’s the problem..’multiple people testified that they made Paterno and others involved with the program aware of Sandusky’s actions without any action being taken.’ which of course is a false statement, or at this point a lie.

    They reported this to Gary Schultz, who according to the Freeh report was the head of the PSU police department, which is the police department in University Park, Pa. He has testified it was reported to Child Youth Services, the proper agency to handle these things. They also reported it to the Second Mile, Jerry Sandusky’s employer, and regulated by the State of PA. They too, could have handled this matter. As the lead investigator on the case (Frank Fina) said relative to a cover up, ‘I did not find any evidence of that’, meaning, there was no cover up. I understand your anger, but it should be directed to the State of PA and not Joe.

  12. Joe Paterno is just as big a piece of garbage as Sandusky and possibly bigger because pedophiles like Sandusky cannot operate as long as he did without someone like Joe protecting them. I agree with Levy 100%.

  13. Paterno wasn’t a good person. He was a good football coach. Let’s not get the two confused.

    The statements from Levy aren’t friendly, but they are far from appalling given the horror of what went on under Paterno’s nose.

  14. What do you expect someone from Ped State to say? The only people who insist he did nothing wrong are either Ped State alums or live in Pedophile Valley.

  15. Joe Paterno: sub-human dirtbag of the first magnitude. I hope his gravesite is defaced for decades to come and that everyone who turned a blind eye or otherwise enabled the horrific child raping at Penn State burns in hell.

  16. sluggo72 says:

    “I understand your anger, but it should be directed to the State of PA and not Joe.”

    Are we not allowed to direct our anger at both? Why are they exclusive of each other?

    I understand your tactic. You are in fact, trying to dilute Joe Pa’s guilt by naming other things to scorn at. These are the same arguments by the Happy Valley Kool-Aid drinkers who say the scorn should be at Sandusky instead of Joe Pa.

    Yes we should be mad at Sandusky. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ALSO blame Joe Pa, the guy with the most power and influence to stop that activity.

  17. allmy x’s- you didn’t read the rest of the comment?? My God- they did report it!! The Freeh report says as much. Problem was nobody listened. What do you do then? PSU did everything they legally could, kept Sandusky off campus etc, he just moved to the HS. And the HS too reported him. The only problem was the State of PA took 3 more years to investigate. I understand the anger at Sandusky, but not at Joe. The state of PA is who failed in this case, but it is too hard to get your mind wrapped around a state, but they did do a good job of defecting the anger!

  18. @sluggo72

    The Freeh report that you cite also stated that Paterno was aware of allegations at least as early as 1988. I will give him credit for the fact that he apparently did report them up his food chain but Sandusky still had a job 20+ years later.

    As an aside, based on broad experience with campus police departments, I doubt that State College police doesn’t have jurisdiction along with University Park. Students with problems that might affect a school’s image always should report to local authorities also.

  19. You have your years wrong. In Freehs report, which btw both he and PSU trustees now admit , it was only Freehs opinion, there is one vague email Freeh uses to conclude Joe knew and The year you want is 1998 not 1988. So let’s say he did? So what ?? The state of PA fully investigated those allegations and concluded there was nothing there. That was the state, who concluded that and if PA wanted to they could have stopped him at that time. But they didn’t.
    Relative to the police department even Freeh concluded that the PSU campus police wAs the proper authority. There really isn’t a university park Pa. and therefore locAl police, it exists as a zip code

  20. sluggo72,
    You, my delusional friend, are everything that is wrong about this atrocity. Anyone who has any knowledge of Happy Valley knows that, for decades, only one man held absolute power. This wasn’t something that happened in the Music Department genius, this was in the FOOTBALL PROGRAM. To deny that Joe Pa did not know about stuff going on in that department is pure bullcrap.

    Instead, you and Franco Harris and Anthony Lubrano et. al. rely on technicalities and deflection to avoid discussing the BIG PICTURE. The classic (fallacious) arguments you use:

    1) Joe did what was legally (and minimally) required of him. As if the most powerful man in the state of PA was only a locker room attendant and only had minimal responsibility for something in his program.

    2) Others are more to blame; don’t blame Joe Pa. Classic deflection attempt. Don’t shine the spotlight on Joe when others are more guilty. What this is really trying to do is to say don’t blame Joe at all. It’s not a question of how guilty Joe was; he was accountable as the leader of the program.

    3) “But Joe has done so much for the University.” How does this absolve him of anything? The criminal activity sticks regardless of a person’s philanthrophy. Ever realize that maybe Joe’s head was so far up PSU’s behind that he’d do anything to protect it? Aren’t you doing the same?

  21. Glad to see you all get your news from the Mainstream media. I guess you haven’t learned based on this past political season how the media lies and will report anything for ratings. If you want the real facts of the Sandusky case, try reading the court documents. Until you do, you are just spreading all the lies the media spreads. And please don’t quote the Freeh report as that investigation (if you want to call it that) has already been proven to be one sided and just an opinion piece. I’m a person about the facts. Until you can show me facts that Joe Paterno did anything to enable this monster, you are just continuing to spread lies. If you look, you will not find, b/c to-date there are no facts to prove this. Sandusky was not even a coach at the time the incidents took place. the BOT allowed him access to the facilities for his charity after he was done coaching. So how was Paterno supposed to know when it had nothing to do with the football program.

  22. And the only reason Penn State people are defending Paterno is b/c the Penn state people are the only ones who are doing the research into the court case and documents and not listening to the mainstream media for their facts.

  23. “a willful ignorance of the facts and circumstances surrounding our coach speaks to a complete lack of character and moral integrity” – Now remember… Franco and friends never mention that Penn State’s own insurance company PROVED that Joe Paterno was personally informed that Jerry Sandusky was molesting young boys years before any action was taken during a settlement trial. People can believe what they want, but the truth is the truth.

  24. the delusional part is to think Joe had absolute power in State College. If Joe was so powerful, then why did they build a baseball stadium in his football teams parking lot over his objections?
    The most powerful line is another Red Herring.

    Again there is no evidence of a cover up, because there was no cover up. It was reported plain and simple. It’s the state of PA that cant withstand the light, so they deflected it elsewhere.
    Add in the head of the state police, Frank Noonan, he is the one with the grand standing line of doing the ‘minimum’. There is no minimum or maximum, you reported or you didn’t, they did. The PSP cant stand the light either.
    The BOT of PSU made Joe the fall guy, it’s a shame people like yourself perpetuate the myth that somehow Joe was responsible.

  25. ANYONE who thinks that Paterno was ignorant of Sandusky’s actions is doing the exact same thing Paterno did, being willfully ignorant.

    Paterno was literally the BIG MAN ON CAMPUS and ran the athletic department, despite titles. The evidence for that is conclusive, in fact, Penn State football team was doing mediocre and there was loud talk of getting rid of Joe for that, but he wouldn’t budge and they couldn’t make him. Pretending that Paterno didn’t know what was going on at PSU is saying the man was a moron, stupid, beyond ignorant, and none of his supporters will ever say or believe that. He willfully chose to ignore Sandusky and when confronted, did the absolute minimum, which is disgusting, weak, and perverted. He chose his legacy over children, he chose money coming into the program and school over integrity, honesty and right. He sold his character, morals, ethics and soul, and let children be raped. There is no defending him, there is no honoring him. He is a vile accomplice and deserves to be removed. However, Penn State chooses to remain Pedophile State, and honor the main accomplice to a pervert

  26. masher1965 I would agree with you if Paterno actually witnessed the act. He didn’t. McQueary did and he was vaque in what he told Paterno. Paterno did exactly what NCAA guildlines now say he should have done. Paterno didn’t want Gerry to have access to the facilities. The PS BOT overruled Paterno. The PS BOT used Paterno as a scape goat. read the court documents. You will learn a lot.

  27. masher65 none of what you said is close to being accurate. As mentioned, the ‘Big Man on Campus’ had a baseball stadium put in his parking lot over his objections. I would love for you the share the conclusive evidence, you wont of course, because there is none. PSU football was 8-1 at time of Joe’s firing. You don’t have 1 fact correct, yet you go off on denigrate someone without even knowing 1 of the facts!! The State of Pa loves people like you, as it keeps the scrutiny off of them, wake up and find who really failed these kids, as Joe didn’t. But keeping it about Joe keeps the light shinning at the wrong target.

  28. I’m glad Levy didn’t back down to all of the Paterno apologists. Most people would have caved but good for him to sticking to his guns.

  29. The state of PA applaud people like you, by keeping the light on Joe,the real failures to catch Sandusky like the State Police Child Youth Services all agencies of the state, who had reports of Sandusky behavior and did nothing!! Keep the light on Joe who by the reported what he knew that way we’ll never find the person who failed these kids

  30. sluggo72 says:
    Nov 23, 2016 10:02 AM
    the delusional part is to think Joe had absolute power in State College.

    He did. He even had a statue.

  31. So explain why he was over ruled and a baseball stadium was built where he didn’t want it doesn’t sound like he had any power
    See guys like you help the state of PA out. As long as you believe Joe is the bad guy here, the state gets to skate on their responsibles and more kids get harmed Joe wasn’t the problem you are for naively believing the current native

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