Jay Cutler expected to miss season with torn labrum

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Jay Cutler’s season appears to be over.

Tests on Cutler’s throwing shoulder revealed a torn labrum that will end his season, according to NFL Network. Cutler will get a second opinion, but at the moment it appears that he’ll miss the final six games of 2016.

The Bears are certainly acting like a team that expects to be without Cutler for a while, signing quarterback David Fales today.

Cutler’s tenure as the Bears’ quarterback may be over as well. Although Cutler is technically under contract through 2020, his contract is structured in such a way that it’s easy for the Bears to get out of it this offseason. He’ll only cost $2 million against the Bears’ cap if they cut him, but he’ll cost $16 million if they bring him back on his current contract.

The 2-8 Bears are likely to look for a new franchise quarterback of the future in the offseason.

50 responses to “Jay Cutler expected to miss season with torn labrum

  1. Looks like the Jay Cutler era in Chicago is now over. Still remember the day that word came across that he was traded to the Bears, never more excited. Wish the Bears could’ve competed better with him but it just wasn’t meant to be.

  2. Let the Kirk Cousins era begin in Chicago. He’s a local kid. I’ve been predicting it for ages. If DC does him wrong, bring him on board in Chicago. Nice to see a nice pastor’s kid get paid! If Daniel Synder was willing to pay Fat Albert, he’ll pay that young man. but if they don’t back up the Brinks truck, Chicago will take him.

  3. Jay’s last drive of his last game is a microcosm of his career here. All the chances and opportunities to be good and win, ruined by fumbling and terrible off the back foot interceptions.

  4. With Culter out the Bears chances for catching the Browns appear very dim.

    Romo would just be more Cutler with a different approach and much better leadership skills.. Don’t spend 15 million or more per year when you have so many other holes to fill first.

    Start building by better drafting please.

  5. I hope the Bear hex is over………they have never been able to develop a franchise QB. I think we are in for some very tough years ahead. With Cutler there was always hope that things would fall in place, but poor drafts have left the pantry empty. Da Bears are dumpster fire!!!!

  6. So, Cutler’slast throw as a Bear will be a game ending interception that may or may not be the outcome of taking a pounding behind a bad OL? Fitting, and sad.

    Somewhat curious in this recent stretch of even worse than usual news for the Bears is the almost total lack of visibility by GM Ryan Pace. I’m hoping it’s because he’s working 24/7 on draft preparations but compared to last year when he and Fox were joined at the hip it raises some questions as to whether those two are still in sync and who’s really in charge at this point.

  7. Let the Kirk Cousins era begin in Chicago.
    I was thinking that the other night too (while watching him fling passes with ease in the cold and wind against the Packers). The thing is, do the Bears really want to get into a bidding war for him because if he keeps playing well his price on the open market will be astronomical and that’s assuming the Skins don’t just tag him. He’s better than a “bridge solution” but is he gonna be a guy that can carry a team for the next 8-10 years, either?

  8. So an intersting question would be: Who is desperate enough at QB to throw money at Jay Cutler this off season?

    He has a proven track record…it’s just that the track record ends in train wrecks.

  9. So in the last week Cutler has lost the locker room AND the use of his throwing arm. Sounds like the next thing he is going to lose is his stadium parking space, endorsements, and maybe a little pride.

  10. Don’t be surprised if Jay still on the team next season.

    Yeah, I said it.

    No matter who they trade for or draft, they’re still going to need a back up vet. If not Jay, then who? No, Romo isn’t the answer.

  11. ‘Tests on Cutler’s throwing shoulder required a torn labrum”

    What kind of test “requires” a torn labrum (other than the obvious “confirmation of a torn labrum” test)?

  12. It’s obvious his O-line couldn’t keep him upright, so how is replacing him going to change that? I’m a Giants fan, but Cutler has always left it on the field. You let his best receiver (Marshal) get away and his best RB (Forte). The only receiver left is suspended. How was he supposed to be successful again?

  13. Hope he recovers well and quickly.

    Enough bashing. He is what he is people…has his ups and downs. Capable of greatness or the costly turnover at the worst time.

    Get well soon Jay.

  14. As a Jets fan this is bad news. It means the Bears will likely draft ahead of the Jets. With Cutler there was hope the Bears could win 2-3 and the Jets go 0 for the season.

  15. Cutler’s biggest issue is he was brought in to be Aaron Rodgers, and he couldn’t be.

    He was always an average/mediocre QB with elite physical talent. The problem is that Bear fans, the Bears organization, and the Chicago media immediately anointed him the savior of the franchise when he got to Chicago in 2009. He couldn’t live up to that, because that wasn’t who he is.

    The guy played hard, competed, and took a beating for this team, and as it ends, you have a coward in John Fox who not only leaves him out there when compromised by injury (second time this season), but doesn’t even acknowledge that he was hurt, and allows the guy to get blasted in the press and elsewhere for bad performances.

    Maybe the team doesn’t owe more than a paycheck to any player, but I think he deserved to be treated better than that, especially after the abuse they put him through with those OTs. Fox is supposed to be a players’ coach, yet he lets them dangle in the wind rather than step up and own the leadership of the team. If Fox is allowed to keep his job after this season, I will lose a lot of respect for Ryan Pace, who is doing a pretty good job early on. You can’t convince players to come to Chicago to play when they see the coaches selling out the players in the press, and not backing the leaders of his own team.

    Like it or not, Cutler was selected a captain. He is not being treated like one.

  16. There may not be a bidding war for Kirk. He may get tired of people saying “meh, he’s good but not great”. If he’s going to accept mere good QB money he’d rather take it from a team that’s willing to believe in him. So if DC is scared off by the franchise tag again he can go to the market and take a fair offer from a team that never did him wrong.

  17. Remember, they don’t proofread or fact check these articles.

    ‘Tests on Cutler’s throwing shoulder required a torn labrum”

    What kind of test “requires” a torn labrum (other than the obvious “confirmation of a torn labrum” test)?

  18. Smug, arrogant, thinks he’s better than he actually is. Is aloof to the success of his team. I wonder if Cutler would be like that if his money wasn’t already in the bank. I remember when he was in Denver and Philip Rivers would run his mouth on the field like an obnoxious ass. Only later would I realize it’s River’s way of completing and showing how much he cares. Cutler would trot out onto the field without a care in the world. Two different qb’s who careers have gone in such opposite trajectory. I think Cutler’s act has grown old and no team in their right mind will pay this guy as a starter and I guarantee he doesn’t love this game enough to earn his way back to starting and will not take the pay as a clipboard holder. I’m fairly certain he is going to retire.

  19. Cutler is still better than half of the current starters in the league. What he needs is protection. If not Cutler, then who? Not Romo. He’s like Derrick ROSE. We just parted with one.

  20. Man I’m going to miss Cutler. Until the game earlier this year it was #weownthebears rain or shine. And that game was won by the Bears only because Hoyer was playing. If those were the only two wins the Lions got, at least they could count on those. I hope the few of you who say he’ll be back are correct!

  21. I think it’s pretty lame to blame Cutler for everything that’s gone wrong during his time in Chicago. Yes he’s been a part of the problem and his aloofness doesn’t exactly help his cause from a fan standpoint, but I think you have to look at the fact he’s never really had any continuity with regard to the coaching staff. Also, his O-line through the years has never been all that great, which has led to a lot injuries. That said, it’s time to move on and probably start over. I’m not sure Fox is the right coach for a team that needs a fairly large rebuild. I think they have some pieces to build around but they must find/draft a QB that can turn this around. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but it’s time to move on and see what happens.

  22. Romo to Denver.
    Bears trade for Paxton Lynch.
    Bears use draft to build depth throughout roster.
    Bears (over next couple of seasons) figure out who can and can’t play, keep drafting for depth.
    Bears are decent again, know if Lynch is/isn’t a franchise guy and can pick up free agents to better a good team instead of just plugging holes in a bad one.

    This team is a FAR cry from being good, and none of the QBs in this draft are going to put them in the playoffs. Please, use the Top 5 pick you’re going to have wisely.

  23. As bad as cutler is id give u guys Alex I can only throw behind the LOS smith for him

    Signed a realistic Chiefs Fan

  24. jpiro says:
    Nov 22, 2016 2:59 PM

    Romo to Denver.
    Bears trade for Paxton Lynch.
    Bears use draft to build depth throughout roster.
    Bears (over next couple of seasons) figure out who can and can’t play, keep drafting for depth.
    Bears can’t afford to trade a draft pick to anyone for a QB with all the holes on the roster.

    My prediction? Depends on whether Fox gets fired or not. If he is back, Hoyer is the guy in 2017, and the Bears trade back in round 1 at least one time, if not twice, from 2 (Niners will beat them with Barkley at the helm) to around 17-18. They will draft a CB or S, and hopefully have some extra 2nd and 3rd rounders to use on a WR, TE, and OT. Draft a developmental QB in the 3rd-5th round (Falk, Webb, or Kaaya) and try and get back to respectability in 2017. If Fox is fired, Cutler will be back in 2017, and the same strategy applies, only the QB they pick will be Chad Kelly.

  25. Cutler stole 103million while going 52-52 with the bears…..

    i remember when they got him all the bears fans where soooo happy and i was laughing because i watched him with the donks and knew he was a over rated clown.

  26. One thing about Cutler that was always true was that he was always a class act while he was here in Chicago.
    He never threw anyone under the bus.
    Never got in trouble with the law.
    Good luck to you Jay. We had 8 years where we didn’t have to worry about the QB position.
    I doubt we will find a franchise QB any time soon.

  27. Once upon a time, I heard an NFL color guy say Jay Cutler could throw a football through a brick wall. His problem has been that his passes NEVER REACH THE BRICK WALL! You can guess the rest.

  28. I’m not going to pile on Cutler – he’s done some amazing things, though never lived up to his supreme ability/arm.

    I just wanted to ask everybody who, historically, you would compare him to. You can’t say Marino, because Dan accomplished a lot more. Jeff George seems unfair because Cutler accomplished more and isn’t a hot head. Jim Zorn had a good arm in Seattle, but really over-achieved rather than arguably couldn’t get it quite together. Warren Moon had a great arm but also won a lot more than Cutler.

    I just can’t figure out if there’s a comparison. Maybe Cutler is his own new mold of a prodigiously talented guy, throws a nice ball, creative and tough, but somehow disconnected emotionally and never winning. Despite his great talents, I don’t think anybody over the last 5 years has thought “If we could only get Cutler…”.

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