Aaron Rodgers: “I feel like we can run the table”

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Relax, everybody, the Packers have got this.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, standing in the middle of the storm as the Packers have lost four straight, said he’s still optimistic about this season, very optimistic.

I feel like we can run the table, I really do,” Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “The offense is starting to click a little bit more; we’ve just got to put together a game where we’re more consistent from the first snap to the last. We’ve been, I think, getting closer to that. We’ve really been clicking, at times, in the last few games.

“But it’s going to be important that we get going early. We had three three-and-outs to start the [Washington] game, but overall on the season, we’ve done a better job of limiting our three-and-outs; we’ve been sustaining drives pretty well.”

Even if they beat the Eagles Monday to start that glorious run, they’d still be two games behind the division leader (since the 6-4 Vikings and Lions play today).

And while the Eagles could be vulnerable, the Packers then finish the season with the Texans and Seahawks, followed by three divisional games.

So it might be possible, but it will be very hard, considering their defense is allowing an average of 1,297 yards and 98 points per game (numbers I just made up but seem right). (Whoa, it’s 356.7 yards and 27.6 points actually, so not as bad as I thought but still an awful lot).

But Rodgers is clearly looking for silver linings, on the day he found out officially that running back Eddie Lacy wouldn’t be back. They did get tight end Jared Cook back on the field last week which helps, but he knows most of the burden falls on him.

“I know a lot is going to be on our shoulders, especially the way we’re starting games out,” he said. “We have to start faster, I have to be sharper from the start and I will be. And I’m confident that if we can get this thing started out a little better each week that we can get on that roll and be tough to stop.

“Now we have to go out and do it. It’s just idle words right now, but I’m confident in our guys and I’m confident we’ll respond on Monday.”

Confidence isn’t something they’ve inspired thus far, but they have gone on hot streaks late in the year before, so Rodgers is going to get the benefit of the doubt. Right up until he doesn’t.

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  1. Sorry Aaron … Long time Packers’ fan here from NE Wisconsin, who has actually gone to games in Lambeau … maintain the optimism and all, but this isn’t happening. Not when the Pack are running the back-ups, back-ups…backups at the corners; have lost two starting ILB’s – and there is ZERO pass rush. Eagles play pitch-and-catch on Monday night.

    Just don’t be embarrassed on National TV again, please. Ahh… forget it…it’s Monday Night Football … nobody watches anyway.

  2. .
    The Packers remaining schedule :

    11/28 @ Philadelphia
    12/4 vs Texans
    12/11 vs Seahawks
    12/18 @ Bears
    12/24 vs Vikings

    Losing all 5 seems a more distinct possibility than winning all 5.

  3. Half full? Half empty? At this point Aaron you’re being half-truthful, as you know your defense is nothing more than a wet paper towel. Not only can you not afford 3-and-outs, you can’t afford not to score on virtually every possession with that D. That’s not happening against the caliber of foes upcoming. Best of luck on your commercials and future Marketing career, but you’d better discount double-check your facts on playoff chances. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS????

  4. Rodgers admitted to a long-running scheme to play with improperly inflated balls and has been poor since being forced to play with regular-psi balls:

    Rodgers’ passer rating 2012-2014 = 108.4, Brady’s = 94.7
    Rodgers’ passer rating 2015-2016 = 94.4, Brady’s = 112.8

    And both teams have had their fair share of injury woes at various other positions during these 5 years, and 5 years is long enough to even-out other vatiables, and thus the passer rating changes are STARK.

  5. far better chance that they lose out than win out. GB has been a below average team since half way through last year. This isn’t a blip, it’s a lack of talent

  6. Run the table?

    The only table you might be able to run is the kids’ table. Happy Thanksgiving, Aarongant.

  7. Delusion at its finest. The offense only starts to “click” after the Pack gets down 14+ and the D backs off a bit. He’s been a really good garbage time fantasy QB for me though:)

  8. I’d take some tips from Eddie Lacy on this Aaron. He looks to be quite proficient at “running the table”.

  9. I prefer the quarterback of my favorite team to think and speak as Aaron does. If it happens, I’ll celebrate. If it doesn’t, I’ll still support the team as best I can, just like I did in the seventies and eighties.

    The saving grace is the Vikings are in nearly the same boat. They aren’t very good either. The Viking fans are desperate to win the division two years in a row. That’s huge for them. That’s all that matters. Don’t believe me? Ask them. They gave up on the dream of a real SuperBowl long ago. Beating the Packers is their SuperBowl.

    Go Lions!

  10. I’ve learned over the years not to get too high or too low, especially when there are enough games left to turn a good season bad or a bad season good. Otherwise, a guy would be liable to turn purple and go insane.

    I’ll count Rodgers and the Packers out when they’re mathematically eliminated and not until. I’m not overly optimistic at this point, as I normally am, but I know better than to count Aaron Rodgers or the Green Bay Packers out.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone. Especially those of you in Detroit.

  11. “I feel like we can run the table, I really do,” Rodgers said…

    Drugs can do funny things to the mind.

  12. Not with a historically bad defense for a franchise that has historically bad defenses. There’s an old saying Aaron, and it’s not “check down, stat padding QBs win championships.” I believe it has to do with defenses.

  13. AR, welcome to the world of Tony Romo, for almost his ENTIRE career!! It takes a TEAM! Look no further than your GM, for having no TEAM; however, at least you are not getting bashed without any mercy! But, Romo did NOT throw everyone under the bus, when he had every reason to!! Also, injuries may be around the corner, if you try and carry the entire TEAM on your back!!!

  14. I’m sure it’s been addressed above, but not reading the comments. Not with the Packers secondary you aint.

    But what else is he going to say. He will remain a very good but no longer great quarterback for the next 2-3 years until he loses his escape ability/mobility. If the packers don’t turn it around next season, I hope they deal him before 2018 season when they’d suffer no cap hit.

  15. Rodgers…… you’ll go 1-4 the rest of the way. At best, 3-2… look at the schedule you buffoon! Your not running the table with remaining teams. Seattle will win, philly will win, mn will be a 50/50 game, same with Texans. But you should beat the bears. And all the fudgies that disagree with me, lay off the sauce!

  16. Most Packer fans just cringe when they see this. For the most part, we are realistic when we watch our team, we see the holes, we see their weaknesses unlike seeing the world thru purple colored glasses like the fans to the West.

    I would settle for them just to win ONE game and then lets talk. This sort of gibberish of running the table sounds like the nonsense we hearing about a certain team winning the Superbowl for the last 55 years. Just idiotic talk.

  17. Why would a Packers fan disagree with this at all?

    I dont think they have the personnel to “run the table” but I wouldnt want Aaron Rodgers to feel any other way.

  18. Aaron Rodgers: “I feel like we can run the table”.

    Ya, the crap table….

    You can win “your” Super Bowl against the Vikings, only because they are more injured than you are!

  19. It was an interview, what else was he supposed to say?
    Do you really expect something along the lines of, “I just hope we can avoid a losing record.” ??

  20. Mike Florio also agrees that the Packers will run the table…

    …and THIS is the week the Packers turn it all around and get back to their winning ways.

    Mike Florio will say this again, watch.

  21. mlhigh says:
    Nov 24, 2016 9:40 AM

    Meanwhile, Rodgers is thankful he has excommunicated all his family. Heartless bisterd!


    FYI – There are three sides to every story.

  22. Hopefully GB will lose all 5, which will maybe help to give Ted Thompson his walking papers.

    TT is as inspiring as a wet dishrag.

    He shops at the Dollar Store and expects Nieman Marcus quality.

    It’s long past the time for him to go.

  23. this is what i am thankful for, between him and his coach, can’t decide which is more hilarious…oh and i did want to add that in the background of this interview, McArthy was overheard shouting, “gator dont play no sh!t, you FEEL ME, never been about that!”

  24. What do you people expect him to say? That the Packers have no chance so don’t bother watching us???

  25. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even want his parents at his table and they did absolutely nothing to warrant that cold shoulder. When you say, “money changes people”, you would have never thought it would make you turn on your own parents. #COWARD

  26. 6ball says:
    Nov 24, 2016 7:30 AM
    The Packers remaining schedule :

    11/28 @ Philadelphia
    12/4 vs Texans
    12/11 vs Seahawks
    12/18 @ Bears
    12/24 vs Vikings

    Losing all 5 seems a more distinct possibility than winning all 5.
    Last time I checked, there are 6 games left. Pack also has the lions.

  27. For all you morons who thinks it’s because Rodgers can’t throw a properly inflated ball: Rodgers admitted to going up to the max then letting the refs test the footballs. So try again.

  28. Big deal, he has to think that way. It’s unrealistic and unlikely, but admittedly commendable.

    If he’s wrong, cheesers can try to minimize their disappointment by reverting to their tried and true back-up plan noted by several commenters above — rooting against the other teams in the NFCN that actually have winning records.

  29. usdcoyotesfan says:

    For all you morons who thinks it’s because Rodgers can’t throw a properly inflated ball: Rodgers admitted to going up to the max then letting the refs test the footballs. So try again.

    You’re assuming the balls were checked.

    And Aaron knew that they frequently weren’t.

  30. What do you parents think about this?…oops, you don’t talk to them. Anyone that doesn’t have a relation with family and especially their parents is a person with questionable character…

  31. Good luck with that Aaron. Because unless you have found a different defense and a new play caller, it’s not going to happen. As a Packer fan, this season has been painful to watch and I don’t see that changing.

  32. They are so decimated by injuries, especially on defense, that they may soon be forced to place an ad in the Green Bay Press-Gazette for anyone willing to take ‘a seasonal position with a century-old local firm. Heavy lifting required’.

  33. Did Aaron mean he might have the runs after he gets up from the table?

  34. Fans are so arrogant. The guy says what any pro athlete should say which means he isn’t giving up, and idiots slam him for it.
    If I were a pro athlete I wouldn’t sign an autograph for any fan any time. Because most of them only like you when you win. But the true measure of any pro is how he reacts when he’s losing. As usual, Rodgers is showing class, unlike some fans.

  35. What a breath of fresh air, as unlikely as it is to becoming reality. But it’s a helluva lot better than if he’d said “We’re just going to take it one game at a time.”

  36. These next six are no more than 2017 preseason games to see if all these UFA’s and rookies are worth keeping around.

    Rodgers is trying to boost the confidence of his mates.

    But he knows with zero running game and possibly the worst defense in franchise history, the team is done.

  37. People need to get off his back for his family relationships. None of us know what has been going on there, not really. And while family is afforded more slack and second chances than anyone else, it isn’t (and shouldn’t be) unlimited. Sometimes it is best just to walk away than to keep the pains going and growing.

    Besides, it isn’t any of our business.

  38. Rodgers is D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L

    Rodgers is now a Liberal Diva who ignores the reality that the Packers have too many injuries, too many players, including himself, who are woefully underperforming, and just like the Cards, have found out that their valued reserves cannot play up to the levels of the starters they have replaced.

    Just like the Cards, the Packers are DONE for the season and both teams have had the LOSER Fork stuck up to the hilt into them.

  39. As moronic as it sounds that they could run the table…. there’s more morons on here that the NFL has a 15 game season. There are 6 games left, not 5.

  40. The problem is that the Packers are just not a good football team team ….they are not capable of beating many teams….especially not the Seahawks….

  41. Saw an Aaron Rodgers commercial today during the Vikings game where they show up and his house is on fire so they have to call the fire department.

    I was thinking a dumpster on fire would be more relevant.

  42. Want to know what it takes to turn a franchise into the Browns? Just read this comment section.

    There is a reason why most people here will never qualify for a job in the NFL.

  43. We’re not entitled to know what is going on in celebrities’ personal lives. And people wonder why so many actors/musicians/athletes overdose and/or commit suicide? I’m 98% sure if I was famous I would have ended up in a mental hospital or rehab center by now.

  44. Can’t even say it was a good run, a team given two HOF QBs like Favre and Rogers covering a span of 25 years and they manage one SB for each of them. With those QB’s you start with 8 wins and just needed an average def to get you 2-3 more. Yet in 25 years they get 2. The Giants won two with Eli Manning. What a waste of a TWO once in a lifetime quarterbacks. Get used to looking up from the bottom.

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