Antonio Brown’s three touchdowns lead Steelers over Colts

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Steelers receiver Antonio Brown caught five passes for 91 yards and three touchdowns as Pittsburgh rolled to a 28-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night.

Brown scored on passes of 25, 33 and 22 yards and Le’Veon Bell scored on a 5-yard touchdown run to lift the Steelers to a win and at least a temporary lead in the AFC North. Roethlisberger completed 14 of 20 passes for 221 yards and three touchdowns.

A Colts offense missing Andrew Luck was unable to match Pittsburgh’s blows.

Scott Tolzien played decently in spurts in relief of Luck. He passed for 205 yards with a touchdown and two late interceptions for Indianapolis. However, the Colts were twice stymied at the Pittsburgh 1-yard line and held without points after failed fourth down attempts for the end zone.

The Colts only touchdown of the night came on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Tolzien to Donte Moncrief.

Pittsburgh now takes a half game lead over the Baltimore Ravens atop the AFC North. The Ravens host a battered Cincinnati Bengals team on Sunday.

27 responses to “Antonio Brown’s three touchdowns lead Steelers over Colts

  1. Watching this game the colts need to blow this team up Mathis is toooo old they have no pass rush there o line is a joke and grigson needs to go asap

  2. Yay Steelers u beat Scott tolzien! U r winners! Smh
    I’ve yet to see a team refuse a win because of who their opponent is. It’s one in the “W” column, and that’s all that matters.

  3. That’s what happens when u spend a 1st Rd pick on a small wr Phillips Dorset when u have ty Hilton already and needs on defense and o line….Grigson needs to go

  4. whathaveyou55 says:
    Nov 24, 2016 11:56 PM
    Yay Steelers u beat Scott tolzien! U r winners! Smh
    I’ve yet to see a team refuse a win because of who their opponent is. It’s one in the “W” column, and that’s all that matters

    True, but losing 4 straight to “real teams”. Then winning against my pathetic browns and a colts team who doesn’t have a defense and bad oline, while missing Andrew luck can’t inspire too much confidence no?

  5. You can really see how horrible the roster is without Andrew Luck. He inherited the obvious #1 pick in the draft. Other than him, he has drafted horribly and it isn’t even close

  6. Pagano and staff should be Pa-GONE-o after that “effort”. Even before the game they were posting how over the last few games against the Colts it’s been the Antonio Brown show all day every day. Think MAYBE someone should have double-teamed and taken your chances elsewhere? Think MAYBE putting 8 guys on the line in a blitz-fake, leaving 1 on 1 helpless defenders was the way to go? THREE TIMES from the same position on the field. That was flat out awful coaching and it falls to Chuck Pagano, pure and simple. Buck stops at the top.

  7. Ever since the Colts tossed Payton Manning to the curb I have wished them nothing but BAD luck! So far so good!

  8. Gee, maybe Grigson should have had his buddies check the PSI in those balls. I guess you only get to use that scam once in a lifetime.

    Red faces on PSI truthers.

  9. Tolzien played fairly well. Colts made too many mistakes and the Steelers red zone d was awesome. Looks like the Steelers have found their identity. The defense is being more aggressive and it’s paying off. Brown is unstoppable in one on one situations and Bell is a Swiss Army knife. Oh yeah, and Ben is the toughest QB ever! Lol…..all the way to the playoffs.

  10. hello3987 says:
    Nov 24, 2016 11:31 PM
    This is how Grigson’s colts look without Andrew Luck.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    This is how Grigson’s colts look WITH Andrew Luck.

  11. The steelers played just good enough to win. The dancing penalty hurt. It gave the volts excellent field position to score. As a lifelong steeler fan, I was happy for the win but that’s about it.

  12. I’m sorry? Did I miss something here? The Steelers’ won, Ben, Bell and Brown were impressive. The defense, who has struggled most of the year held on two goal line stands to stop the Colts from getting in.

    What, because the backup QB for Indy was the starter, we shouldn’t take the win? What more do you want. I could understand the commentary after the Browns’ game, but this is ridiculous.

    Take the win and shut up.

  13. The Colts have been stinking up the NFL ever since the refs started checking the pressure in their footballs. Coincidence? I think not…

  14. A wins a win and that’s all that matters. Once again, the Steelers can beat anyone in the league when their offense is on. Unless the raiders fold, I expect the Steelers to take the 3rd seed.

  15. What Browns fans know about pro football can be put in a shot glass and still have room for 1.5 oz of booze. Go back to your factory of sadness.

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