Arians: Don’t blame Palmer, other guys haven’t come through

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By any measure, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has declined this year. His completion percentage, yards per pass and passer rating are all the lowest of his four years in Arizona. His touchdown-interception ratio has gone from a stellar 35 touchdowns and 11 interceptions last year to a subpar 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this year. He’s already been sacked more times, fumbled more times and lost more fumbles in nine games this year than he did in 16 games last year.

So it’s unsurprising that a lot of people say Palmer is the primary reason the Cardinals have declined from 13-3 last year to 4-5-1 this year. But Cardinals coach Bruce Arians disagrees with those people.

“They’re wrong on that one,” Arians said. “Carson, he put a lot of trust in some guys that haven’t come through for him.”

Guys who haven’t come through include the offensive line, where starting left tackle Jared Veldheer and right guard Evan Mathis both suffered season-ending injuries. Receivers Michael Floyd and John Brown have both had disappointing seasons as well. So there’s certainly some truth to what Arians is saying.

Still, there’s no question that Palmer has been a disappointment. At the age of 36, he may just not be capable of playing at a Pro Bowl level anymore. Which means the Cardinals may need to begin looking for a new franchise quarterback this offseason.

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  1. .
    From the Belichick file:

    ” If you don’t have an offensive line, you don’t have an offense. ”

  2. Oh it’s not just about palmer, he is just proving to be what he always has been, it’s about you to Mr Ariens and the fact that your act has gotten old.

  3. sorry, palmer has declined and, yes, his offensive line sucks…put Luck (whose offensive line sucks even more and whose defense is much worse) in place of Palmer and you’re a Super Bowl contender…thanks, Grigson…

  4. 6ball says:
    Nov 24, 2016 5:57 AM
    From the Belichick file:

    ” If you don’t have an offensive line, you don’t have an offense. ”

    From that same file:

    “You can only coach the guys that are here”

  5. It’s unsurprising because this is the real Carson Palmer. Look at the gamut of his career and this season is far closer to his par than last year.

  6. The home market media won’t acknowledge it, but hopefully they can see it on a national scale: it IS nearly all about Palmer. Special teams are about the other 30%. Make no mistake, he’s past the sell by date. Lunging in his throws, less heat, and much less accurate (only some of that is on the WRs – if you’re not named Larry, you’re mostly getting scapegoated right now). Defense has been above average, and David Johnson’s a HOFer, if you can’t see that, you don’t know football. Arians’ offense needs a QB that can threaten any area of the field, and Palmer’s not that anymore.

  7. Name one QB who can succeed when his offensive line is totally awful in pass protection and run blocking, his main receivers (except for Fitz) cannot run their routes correctly and keep dropping balls that hit them in their hands, receivers who cannot get any separation from defenders, and a HC who keep calling predictable plays.

    Add in horrible special teams that cannot defend kick and punt returns as well as being unable to successfully kick FGs and PATs, and a stout defense that has not been able to flip close games by creating turnovers or points and you have a terrible team.

    As their record proves, the Cards are a terrible team this season and the blame goes to everyone, especially BA and Steve Keim.

  8. BA is a piece of work. Gets out of the hospital and starts clowning his draft picks by name and now totally excusing Palmer because some other players are all failing him?

    No wonder his team doesn’t play for him anymore. The Cardinals turned into a disaster after being hyped all off-season as the best team in the league…

    Remember the article that said Honey Badger was a better safety than Earl Thomas?

  9. Keim and his scouting staff should get the blame. Name me one QB they have drafted (even dating back to when he was on the scouting staff) that has stuck?

    Now do the same for an O-lineman.

    Keim is a decent upgrade over Graves, but he needs to convince the Bidwills to allow him to hire more scouts.

    I read somewhere that they have the smallest scouting staff in the nfl.

  10. His O-line has been pretty inconsistent this season BUT nobody seems to talk about all the maintenance days off Palmer needs. If you watch the game he is rarely on the same page as his receivers. They either make diving catches or it’s a pick. Just move on from this guy already. The fans knew it after last season playoff run. Hopefully Keim can get someone to replace this stiff.

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