Baldwin, Burfict fined for obscene gestures

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Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin and Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict were each fined for making obscene gestures in their respective games last week, PFT has confirmed.

Those were some expensive fingers. Both were fined $12,154.

Burfict went with a double-barreled salute towards the crowd during the Bengals-Bills game. Baldwin’s was directed at his own sideline, but the ensuing play ended in a touchdown and all involved laughed about it later.

Burfict is familiar with the league’s fine and disciplinary system. He was suspended the first three games of the season for repeated on-field rules violations.

8 responses to “Baldwin, Burfict fined for obscene gestures

  1. Burfict is the dirtiest player in the game. It was that ankle twisting thing he got caught doing a couple times that put him at the top and everything he’s done since then just makes him worse. He’s just a lifetime ban waiting to happen. So, of course he flipped off the crowd, it’s perfectly in character. Well of course he did!

  2. The Cleveland Browns are an obscene gesture to the game of football. Why aren’t they being fined every week?

  3. Burfict is simply a wild animal playing a game that actually has rules. He is too stupid to figure out how to play and act within reason.

    He should be banned from the NFL.

  4. “The Cleveland Browns are an obscene gesture to the game of football. Why aren’t they being fined every week?”

    Sorry. Penn State is an obscene gesture to the game of football. Baylor is an obscene gesture to the game of football. The Browns are just the unluckiest team in football. They walk around under a dark cloud and continuously snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I kinda feel for them.

  5. Classic, Baldwin gets fined for throwing a TD and flipping off his OC Bevel for calling the play in the Red Zone. NFL=No Fun League. Goodell and his kronies must go. So bull excrement!

  6. The good news is that the NFL will no longer have to worry about the safety of the players. The bad news is that the players are trying hard to make football as unappealing to the fans as possible. With fewer people deciding they’ve got better things to do than watch juvenile delinquents, revenues will fall and the owners won’t make money, and thus can’t afford to hire spoiled brats.

  7. C’mon NFL, Baldwin was jokingly figuring to his oc coach and nothing more. And to which he was successful.
    Absolutely asinine.
    This was about the absolute’in’house’ jesture someone can ever make and someone makes something out of it.
    C’mon NFL, you can do better to make a statement.

  8. Burfict giving a double barrel finger to Bengals fans –
    now how rich is that?. This comes after these fans spent
    the entire offseason defending his crazy azz, after
    that crazy stuff he pulled in that unforgettable playoff loss
    against the Steelers.

    Burfict… just giving back what Bengals fans deserve.

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