After false Castro claims, Kaepernick will hear it in Miami

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Fidel Castro is dead, and tensions are high in Miami, where hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans view Castro as a brutal dictator who tore apart their families and killed or imprisoned their relatives.

Colin Kaepernick does not view Castro that way. Kaepernick wore a shirt with Castro’s image on it during an August press conference in which he explained why he would not stand for the national anthem. Although that shirt didn’t get much attention at the time, he was asked about it last week by the Miami Herald‘s Armando Salguero, who fled Cuba for the United States when he was a boy and wanted to know why Kaepernick would want Castro’s image on his chest.

Kaepernick at first attempted to dodge Salguero’s questions, but he eventually answered that Castro deserves credit for focusing more on education than prisons.

“One thing Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we’re fully capable of doing that,” Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick’s comments about Castro’s Cuba are false.

Although Cuba does have a high literacy rate, it does not have “the highest literacy rate.” A country’s literacy rate can be measured in different ways, but multiple sources find other countries with higher rates than Cuba. World Atlas cites six countries with 100 percent literacy rates, and Cuba is not one of them. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization says 12 countries have a higher literacy rate than Cuba.

His claim that the United States spends more money on its prison system than on its education system is also incorrect. A study by the Brookings Institute found that total spending on prisons and jails in the United States is $80 billion a year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounts to $620 billion a year. Add in the $517 billion spent on postsecondary education, and the U.S. actually spends about 14 times as much on its education system as its prison system.

Reliable data on prison spending vs. education spending in Cuba is hard to come by because Cuba doesn’t offer the kind of government transparency that allows its citizens to know how the country’s wealth is being spent. It is true that Cuba spends a relatively high proportion of its gross domestic product on education, probably more than it spends on prisons.

Of course, according to Human Rights Watch, Cuban prisons “are overcrowded, and unhygienic and unhealthy conditions lead to extensive malnutrition and illness. Prisoners are forced to work 12-hour days and punished if they do not meet production quotas, according to former political prisoners. Inmates have no effective complaint mechanism to seek redress, and those who criticize the government, or engage in hunger strikes and other forms of protest, are subjected to extended solitary confinement, beatings, restrictions on family visits, and denial of medical care.” Prisons like that are cheap to maintain. Is Kaepernick really praising Castro’s Cuba for not spending a lot of money on the prisons that are full of malnourished prisoners?

Now, I happen to agree with Kaepernick that the United States imprisons too many people, especially for non-violent drug offenses. In fact, I care enough about the issue that if I lived in California, I would have voted for Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use in the state and will allow some people currently imprisoned for marijuana possession to get out of jail early. Kaepernick, however, couldn’t be bothered to vote.

All of that is to say why tensions among Cuban-Americans in Miami toward Kaepernick will be so high. It’s not only that Kaepernick wore a shirt. It’s that Kaepernick made false claims in an attempt to make Castro sound better than he was. That will rub people in Miami raw.

So when the 49ers take the field against the Dolphins in Miami today, Kaepernick will likely face louder boos than any NFL player has faced in any visiting stadium this season. And many of those boos will come from people who know far more about Castro’s Cuba than Kaepernick ever could.

62 responses to “After false Castro claims, Kaepernick will hear it in Miami

  1. Wow this guy protests during the National Anthem (his right) but does not vote. He respects Castro but doesn’t really understand all the facts.

    I guess that is what happens when you come from a life of privilege.

    All mouth and no substance. Hope he grows up or perhaps gets a radio show with Johnny Football.

  2. Geez, I spend one night off PFT drinking with friends and this happens. Hope Kaep gets an earful. Of course, he’ll just spin that into a new complaint about how racist Cuban-Americans are.

  3. Yes, too many NON-VIOLENT people pay steep penalties that are just not merited. I don’t get that.

    Put the people in the clink who are vicious, mean-spirited, malicious, violent, etc. (and that includes white collar criminals too). But those non-violent drug offenses should be way down the list of priorities.

    As for Kaepernick, he sucks as a human being. People who can’t even go to the minor inconvenience (at worst) of voting – earn no voice to air grievances. Not only that, he’s uninformed, ignorant of the issues, and sows hatred and divisiveness. If I’m the 49ers, Kaepernick is turning in his playbook immediately (or like 2 months ago if it were me making the call).

  4. That’s what you get from snotty little kids who think they know everything. They buy into the propaganda and spout it off as if it’s the gospel truth, see Jane Fonda and her Vietnam propaganda. The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Sic him, Miami.

  5. Terribly ignorant and making claims without even doing the research. Smart guy, this one.

  6. Fact checking Notepad is about as useful and necessary as fact checking an 8 year old. We all know he has about the same IQ.

  7. Finally the media is starting to realize what Kaepernick is, a fraud. He wears cartoons of cops being pigs on his socks, makes false claims like “you need more training to be a cosmetologist than a police officer” then doesn’t bother to vote because the ‘the whole system is corrupt’ all while media like ESPN praise him a a champion of “social justice”

    This was all about him trying to be cool, get more Instagram likes, grow an Afro and be a social justice warrior.

    He has proven time and time again to be a misinformed person who hates his country.

  8. He is so typical of people with his leftist view. His points are not backed up by facts and when proven wrong he doesn’t accept the the reality of the situation. After the past year I have learned from these people that they believe that statistics are racist.

  9. I hope the Cubans boo him off the field. Kaepernick is your typical ignorant celebrity. He makes statements that are completely false or based on his opinions, which are obviously formed by his racist views. But because he is seen as a noble leader, his supporters believe the crap he says and does.
    The problem is, the media eats it up and gives him exactly what he wants — publicity.
    I refuse to watch any game Kaepernick is involved in. He is an absolute disgrace and if the 49’ers owner had any guts, he’d have cut him when he refused to stand for the National Anthem.
    The worst part of what he has done is he has sent a message to thousands of black kids all across the country that cops hate them and are all bad. It’s the biggest lie there is, but as we saw a couple of weeks ago, black kids in a pee wee football league chose to kneel during the National Anthem before their game. Is that the message that we want these kids learning? Doesn’t that increase the likelihood that race relations will not get better, but worse?
    For decades, we have seen all these social programs designed to raise the standard of living for blacks and other minorities fail miserably. They will never work because when you tell any group of people that they are not capable of climbing out of their hole by themselves, they believe it. And when you take from hard working people — many of whom came from disadvantaged backgrounds themselves — that we are penalizing you by taking from you to give to those who don’t want to work hard to better themselves, it magnifies the stupidity of the whole ideal.
    Kaepernick thinks of himself as some kind of martyr, when in fact he is nothing more than a rich football player who is an ignorant racist. The sad part to me is that so many blacks — and even whites — blindly support his misguided acts.

  10. It was the Castro shirt that had me laughing at that clown talking about oppression in the first place. How could anyone take that seriously? To further illustrate his appalling lack of knowledge and self awareness he brings up prisons, without considering not only the conditions in them but what put many people in them, political dissent/promoting civil unrest. In other words something his oppressed butt is free to do here that would get him an up close look at the prisons there.

  11. Kap has a right to that opinion. I mean, my gf goes to Cuba for religious reasons every couple of years, and she says the Cubans there are all pretty happy, their problems are mostly stemming from the US embargo. “White” Cubans (those who left), to the darker skinned Cubans who remain, are often racist and elitist, that’s what Castro fought against. Yeah, people were killed, but that will happen in any type of revolution. We killed a bunch of English guys with lives and families back in 1776, and we cheer about that and shoot off fireworks once a year. I’m just saying it’s all about perspective. Who’s to say who’s Luke Skywalker and who’s Darth Vader? But America tells us they’re bad because of rivaling geopolitical interests. If you think it has anything to do with America caring about the well-being of non-Americans, guess again.

  12. He is not an educated man. I almost feel sorry for the fate that’s about to come his way. Almost.

  13. If he were on the team I supported, I would have a real issue continuing to support the team and maintaining my Season tickets. But I guess in a city like SF, this stuff flys.

  14. Castro was a monster and the world is better without him. What’s amazing is that our leftists take the voiced opinions of people living under his tyrannical system at face value. You do realize they disappear into secret death prisons if they say anything bad, right?

  15. When things are not going my way, the first place I look for a solution is in the mirror. Nobody else is going to solve your problems for you.
    Be a man. Stand up, admit your situation is your own damn fault, and begin the hard work it is going to take to right the ship. Because when you finally do succeed, it is going to be that much sweeter knowing that you did it yourself.

  16. “Seems as though Kaepernick didn’t make the best use of his free ride college education.”

    He didn’t have a problem with “The Man” when he was too busy to try hard to excel in his free education.

    Colon Krapernick needs to stop listening to his gf and BLM. The stats he quotes are completely and utterly wrong.

    I celebrate every 49’er loss, I cheer every mistake they make on the field. I cannot wait until Krapernicks 15 minutes of career are up.

  17. If Kaepernick pulled the stunts in Cuba that he is pulling in San Fran, he would get a first hand look at just how wonderful the Castro regime and his prisons really are.

    Of course, we know that cowards like Kaepernick and these other campus snowflakes wouldn’t dare protest in an environment where true oppression is going on. They only do it in their safe spaces on campus or an NFL sideline where their only loss is public perception.

  18. I See how blind many of you are Kaepernick is fighting a just cause despite some in the media trying to twist things and divert from the real issue

  19. Not to mention that speaking out like Kaepernick did would have gotten him imprisoned in Castro

  20. Maybe Kaepernick can tell us all how the 100k plus murdered by Castro is a false number. Or the number of dissidents that just plain vanished or were vanquished to prison. Better, maybe he can wear that tee shirt on a visit to the Little Havana section of Miami.

    After all, oppression and stuff.

  21. I don’t mind athletes getting involved in politics, they have every right to.

    That said, if you’re going to do so you might want to actually educate yourself about the facts instead of making a total horse’s rear end of yourself.

  22. I’ll just resubmit this since it doesn’t violate the TOS and is relevant to the article. I swear, sometimes I say stuff that’s just too real for people and they try to unjustifiably shut it down…

    When I read responses to this whole Kapaernick thing, I’m disappointed and a little frightened that there’s such a groupthink mentality in America, and it’s always the lowest-hanging fruit conclusion. I’m not necessarily trying to say what and who is right or wrong. Honestly, I don’t involve myself in this stuff, I just stand on the sidelines and laugh and do color commentary for the resulting chaos with everyone who does. But there’s just so much lazy thought process, and taking what you’re taught and told as concrete fact. “I don’t like X about America.” “THEN GET THE HELL OUT!”….seriously, bro? What a brilliant take, I can’t believe you look so fresh after being up all night coming up with such astute wisdom. Look, most of us here over 35 are Cold War Kids. I was beaten over the head in school and society with “communism = evil; capitalism = all that is good and right with the world”, just like you. Look at the antagonist “Ivan Drago” in Rocky 4 for crissakes…you gotta be kidding me with that casual propaganda. I’m not saying anything beyond please stop and think about things in a vacuum, free from bias and allegiances, and make up your own mind, don’t just think stuff because the government or the news or your fellow citizens say you should, and the easiest thing to do is go with that crowd, or not look into the matter in the right way or deeply enough and just spout the lazy, obvious rhetoric. I don’t mind disagreeing, but at least show me you’ve thought it all the way through.

  23. How much time does Colin spend in the inner city, addressing the very issues that have created the high crime rates. His current program of spinning on his heals and pointing fingers at everyone else hasn’t solved a single problem. Too bad, total misuse of his platform.

  24. Guys like this make it hard to be sympathetic when they do have a couple worthwhile points. Too many extremists in the world and not enough people willing to look at things critically and acknowledge when we’ve got it pretty good and where things could be better.

  25. To shadywarrior; Are you trying to suggest that your vapid diatribe was developed in a vacuum? Everyone develops attitudes and impressions based on their environment, including you, so save us your greater than thou rhetoric and move on.

  26. The high dropout rate of minorities is the greatest thing holding them back. Sadly,they would rather not look in the mirror and blame somebody else for their own problems.
    Lack of education oppresses the possibility of anybody succeeding in life no matter what your race or skin color is! Then again, look at how an education held Obama back and didn’t allow him to be elected President for 2 terms???
    Give anybody an excuse to fail, and the failures are the ones who buy into the excuse and Kap is providing food for the failures to believe they can’t succeed!

  27. He plays in the perfect place for his rhetoric.

    SF is as unAmerican a city as there is in the world. Hurry up and secede so we can bomb the hell out of it. Hopefully the rest of the liberals move out there first.

  28. What a parade of imbeciles. The level of ignorance in this thread is hilarious. And the mockingbird dildo who wrote this article, is worse than all of the little idiots who parrot him. He may have made a grammatical mistake, when he said highest, instead of higher, but the point remains: THAT THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE FAR BETTER THAN WE DO. FACT!!! It’s not only their education, but also their medical coverage, and social programs. All of the mutant morons in this thread are cluessless bozos, who want to mock someone who has thoughts that go beyond, PLAYING WITH EACH OTHERS BALLS!

  29. fmckenney says:
    Nov 27, 2016 1:02 PM
    To shadywarrior; Are you trying to suggest that your vapid diatribe was developed in a vacuum? Everyone develops attitudes and impressions based on their environment, including you, so save us your greater than thou rhetoric and move on.

    Well, I think there’s plenty of truth in what I said. Just because you say it’s vapid doesn’t make it so. Whether you agree with what I say or not, I think I articulate myself as well as anyone who regularly comments here, and better than the vast majority, commenting from their Budweiser-and-Fritos-scented recliners, so let’s not act like I’m a moron here.

    But what I’m saying is just that: OF COURSE everyone develops attitudes, etc. The difference between smart and stupid is largely the ability to step outside of that and just give as honest of an opinion as you can, that you and you alone developed. I’m not saying I’m the smartest guy in the world, but I do consider myself a little more enlightened than most in the sense of being able ignore outside noise and be a free thinker.

  30. Cuban literacy rate = 99.7%
    American (US) literacy rate = ~86%

    Just saying, but I know ya’ll hate facts.

  31. slick50ks wrote “SF is as unAmerican a city as there is in the world. Hurry up and secede so we can bomb the hell out of it.”

    Now that is the current “flavor of the day” in this country. Bomb the hell out of anyone who disagrees with you, and then you’ll prop it up as fighting for our freedom. And Cubans are brain washed????????

  32. Thanks PFT. It took a few months but finally someone is holding Kaeps feet to the fire and really asking him hard questions.

    I don’t think that Kaep is a bad person just ridiculously uninformed about much of what he is talking about.

  33. markeyh says:
    Nov 27, 2016 10:04 AM
    He has a right to his uninformed opinion…

    FTFY. I was actually pleased to see there weren’t any posts above yours stating that he did not have a right to his opinion. The issue most of us have had with him is not with his right to an opinion but rather how he abused his celebrity platform to spout an uninformed hypocritical one. If he wants to present uninformed nonsense as as a viable argument in a discussion with an adult that’s fine, just be prepared for the ensuing embarrassment. Spewing it out for the consumption of impressionable kids is another thing altogether. There were ballot initiatives in CA involving prisons, sentencing, judges and the decriminalization of pot but he couldn’t be bothered to vote due to ‘corruption.’ He actually used his pulpit to advocate disenfranchisement, think about that for a minute. To whom much is given much is expected of.

    Guys like him are part of the problem not the solution.

    @ shadywarrior, you are hardly alone when it comes to resubmitting something well thought out. I’d like to think they just get dumped because they are longer than 3 sentences rather than for editorial reasons.

  34. What is wrong with him besides the fact that he is an idiot?? We didn’t hear much from him for about the first 3 years of his career, now this guy is constantly saying STUPID things.

    How many times can a person be WRONG so many times before someone tells him to SHUT, THE HELL, UP!!

  35. jspyle says:
    Nov 27, 2016 1:43 PM

    Cuban literacy rate = 99.7%
    American (US) literacy rate = ~86%

    Just saying, but I know ya’ll hate facts.
    Hey js, if a Cuban citizen spoke out against the government and the country like C Kap has against the US, what would be the survival rate of that Cuban citizen?
    That’s the fact that you and others like you ignore!

  36. An uninformed idiot just posted, “THAT THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE FAR BETTER THAN WE DO. FACT!!!”


    Have you ever heard the word “propaganda”? That’s why you would say something like that, YOU DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH!!

    If “their people” are taken care of better than we do ours, how come the Coast Guard is continually pulling people off rafts that are barely afloat in the Gulf between Cuba and South Florida??? Are those rickety rafts full of Americans looking to go to Cuba for the “utopia” that Fidel has brought there?? Or, is it Cubans who are leaving a despotic regime for FREEDOM? I think we all know the answer.

  37. Clearly, the solution is to send kaep to Cuba. Anyone want to start a go fund me? Does Havana have a football team? No? No big deal, neither does San Francisco.

  38. Higher literacy rate than the US and that’s something Kaepernick is right about. America needs to quit pretending to be holier than other countries just cause as a nation we have the ability to screw other nations with impunity and no fear of reprisals.

  39. Too bad this wasn’t played at the old Orange Bowl (which is where Marlins Park is now), which was located in Little Havana. He would have trouble getting out of there unscathed.

  40. “Higher literacy rate than the US and that’s something Kaepernick is right about. ”


    Here is a question for you; how do we know what the REAL literacy rate in Cuba? Theirs is a CLOSED society and everything is controlled by the government. No free speech, no free press, nobody to make them tell the truth about ANYTHING. So, this idea of 99% literacy is really spurious at best. Saying that ANYTHING of a human behavior is 99 out of 100 is really questionable, to say the least.

    Here is a question; why are people in Cuba still driving American cars built in the 50’s? If they are so much better educated than us in America, why haven’t they designed and built their OWN brand of automobiles?? I’m not saying 4 or 5 different companies, but just one state company producing 4 or 5 different models? They don’t have to build millions of them a year, a couple of thousand a year and making them available to the population.

    Makes you wonder about this “we’re smarter than you are” attitude that they have tried to sell to people.

  41. Kapernick’s ignorance is alarming although unsurprising.

    What bothers me is how many of our politicians, some of them in the highest levels of office have the same view of Castro as Kapernick does.

  42. To footballfan72; Talk is cheap, give specific examples for your “holier than everyone else and able to do anything they want” Oversimplifying the US role in a global world cries for explanation, can you give me the names of countries that have done more to help developing countries than the US?

  43. Typical red state mentality to lump in all liberal thought with one idiot who can’t keep his mouth shut. Oh wait did I just do that too? Yes, but it holds true. You all parrot the same dumb things without ever applying a moment of critical thought. Kaep is WAY more like you than he is like me. He hears something that sounds like what he wants the truth to be, and believes it to be true. Just like you and all your ilk.

    Enjoy your President Trump. After he screws you over in every way imaginable, I am curious who you will blame.

  44. fmckenney says:
    Nov 28, 2016 1:10 AM I didn’t say anything about other countries helping more than the US, but how many third world countries have the economy to do what the United States does? And how many countries have poor countries invaded in the name of democracy to benefit from that countries natural resources?

  45. Regardless of what this idiots views on Fidel Castro are, wearing that t-shirt to a press conference in Miami is insulting. This guy seems to feed off the negative attention he attracts. Leave the political stuff at home, this is football. Fans pay big money to go to the games, buy merchandise, etc. You alienate a large portion of the fan base when you act this way. the NFL is crazy if they dont think theyre losing the casual fans at this point because we dont want to support these clowns

  46. So if the U.S. allegedly spends that kind of money on education, yearly, why is there so many schools in urban communities either in such horrible shape structurally, with supplies and equipment and educationally? I’ll wait…🤔

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