David Johnson makes history for hapless Cardinals

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The Cardinals aren’t good this year. Cardinals running back David Johnson, in contrast, is really good.

The gap widened on Sunday, when the Cardinals lost again but Johnson generated more than 100 yards from scrimmage in each of his first 11 games of the season.

Via the NFL, Johnson matches former Colts running back Edgerrin James as the only players in league history to accomplish that feat. James did it twice, in 2000 and 2005. (And, yes, in honor of James — maybe — we’ve mentioned Johnson’s accomplishment twice.)

For the year, Johnson has 921 yards rushing and 613 yards receiving. He also has 13 total touchdowns. But the Cardinals are 4-6-1.

Appearing earlier in the week on PFT Live, Johnson explained how he reconciles individual success with team struggles, and plenty of other topics.

8 responses to “David Johnson makes history for hapless Cardinals

  1. Come on, the Cardinals are at the end of a run that saw them never quite become anything. The shellacking they took last season on the NFC Championship game was a pretty obvious indication of things to come.
    Talking about never-were’s, these guys thought they were going to win a Super Bowl with Carson Palmer? C’mon man.

  2. Maybe they should fire someone? It wold be easy cuz they have an owner and wouldn’t need to jump through hoops.

    Arians is a great coach, every team has down seasons, some just have more than others.

  3. Here’s your problem, folks:
    Carson Palmer
    Palmer has only 13 TD passes, but also has 10 interceptions. Houston, that’s a problem! His QB rating is 83. He is past his prime. You better draft a new QB next year. Just run the ball. You’ll be better off.
    Maybe Palmer will do you a favor and quit at the end of the year and try to find a new team. He quit on the Bengals also.

  4. Doesn’t he live in Georgia? They could have saved on airfare by firing him right then and there.

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