Hue Jackson vows, again, that he will be back and eventually fix the Browns

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After the Browns lost to the Giants Sunday to fall to 0-12, Browns coach Hue Jackson said — again — that he does not worry about his job status and remains focused on the Browns having a much better future.

“I am going to be here, and I have said that to you guys before,” Jackson said, per the team’s official transcript. “That is not what the [postgame] conversations are by any stretch of the imagination. It is not that. Please, so let me go on record of saying that. I have the full support of [team owners] Jimmy and Dee Haslam and [executive V.P. of football operations] Sashi Brown and his crew, and we are not apart or splintered or whatever term you guys want to use. There is none of that going on.

“I don’t like losing. I never have and I never will, and I have had my butt kicked up over my shoulders enough this season that I really don’t need my butt kicked anymore. I have to figure out how to quit getting my butt kicked. It is just that simple.”

The Browns are off next weekend. Jackson said the team will practice for two days, then he will excuse the players because they “need to get a little break” and get away before the Browns focus on their final four games and trying to get a win.

“I have never been through this but . . . I am not going to fall off a cliff or anything like that,” he said. “These guys, these players, this organization, Dee and Jimmy, Sashi and the group mean too much to me for me to ever feel like that. Do I ever get disappointed and frustrated? Yes, I do not want you guys to feel like I do not. I do want you guys to think I do not get mad or sad or disappointed. I go through all of those emotions. At the same, I know what I signed up for. I know through our injuries and the things we have been through this season where we are and where we are trying to go. You can either beat yourself up, and I do that enough, or you can just put your head down and keep fighting and push through this. That is what we are going to do as a football team and as an organization.”

Jackson said he takes responsibility for the Browns being 0-12 and said that “won’t change, even when we win the Super Bowl.”

So, yeah. Jackson really believes better days are coming.

“If you are going to get us, you better get us now because I am not feeling like this next year,” he said. “There is no way. Unh-uh. No. I am a fighter, and we have a bunch of fighters in that room, and I do not lose many fights. I have never lost many fights. We are going to keep swinging. I have lost a lot right now, more than I have ever lost in my life fighting, but we are going to keep fighting and we have to fight the right fight, and that is what we have to do.”

32 responses to “Hue Jackson vows, again, that he will be back and eventually fix the Browns

  1. Though to compete when some solid players weren’t valued and allowed to leave. What’s done is done but can’t help wonder what we might have had with Carson Wentz and retaining most of our O-line veterans and a few other players.

    I’ve been following the Browns too long to abandon them and jump to another team but definitely finding other things to do on Sundays.

  2. That would mean a lot more if the the Browns haven’t heard that every 4-5 years since they were back in the NFL.

    This isn’t the NBA where you can draft one player and turn a franchise around. While I do believe the GM did something right by getting multiple draft picks and trying to figure out who can and can’t play, moving forward. One great player can help make a team good, but it won’t be until the Browns have multiple successful drafts, because it takes a lot of good players to make a team great.

    Most teams should get 2 solid starters and a 3rd “project/role” player. each draft. With the talent the Browns have (as evidence of their record) they need to get 4 starters and maybe more with what they were traded to get this franchise headed in the right direction, and at least 3 more in seasons after if they want to think about competing for the NFC North by 2020.

  3. Interesting to hear him give himself a vote of confidence form the owners. Usually the owners give it, and then fire you after another loss. See what happens in two weeks.

  4. The Browns have come up with some crazy ways to lose games this year. Their roster is talented enough to at least compete and win a couple games. But, they really lack top tier franchise type players that you can build a team around – especially on the defensive side off the ball. All those wasted first rounders have really taken their toll. They really, really need to convert on some of these early draft picks.

  5. Last year I put a play on the Browns against the Ravens some MN or TN, I don’t recall.
    I hadn’t watched them play in a good while, and boy, were they bad. They couldn’t execute the most basic things an NFL team routinely does. Besides having cero talent as well.
    They are asking this guy to make a cake out of a cup of water and some butter. They have fallen of a cliff the last month (no motivation and too many injuries). But the first 5 or 6 weeks they went toe to toe with everyone they played.
    They’ll be ok.

  6. Hue was a good OC in Oakland and Cincy. I think he knows now that HC of the Browns is a loosing proposition. Sorry Browns fans, but its the truth.

    There are some jobs you just dont want, HC of the Cleveland Browns is near the top

  7. The Browns practically own half of the picks in next years draft. Even the worst talent evaluators in the world could hit and find talent on half of them. I guess we will see.

  8. I think you could put the best coach ever as the coach of the Cleveland Dog Piles. This is just not a franchise infused with positive karma and they aren’t going to win regardless.

    That said, Huey is not ever going to be the answer.

    He’s as clueless as I’ve ever seen.

  9. Hue has mixed up the play calling.Now he was the RT lining up as a WR instead of Joe Thomas. If I owned the Browns I would insist that he not call plays next year just because of this stupid baton twirling crap. (and stop throwing to the FB too !!!)

  10. Hue Jackson is the best thing the Browns have. The Browns Front Office lack of leadership and talent evaluation is the sole reason the Browns are consistently terrible. Give Hue Jackson some talent and he’ll turn it around.

  11. Nobody, not even NE, wins without a QB. 0-12 or 6-6, it doesn’t matter. And these idiot critics forget how many close games the Browns were in at the beginning of the season. But at the end of the day if you don’t have a capable QB, OL, and Defense, you can’t win in the NFL. How many of these critics root for teams that are currently under .500 and have no chance to make the playoffs? Stop the hypocrisy.

  12. Jimmy Haslam bought a team that had been horrible for many years. I think Jimmy put too much pressure on himself to win right away. There were a lot of so-called “football guys” that probably sold Jimmy a crock, and he’s gone through a bunch of them. Maybe he will give these guys five years. The other way sure wasn’t working. I know Hue can coach. We’ll see if Sashi and friends can scout.

  13. I count 4 or 5 keepers on that roster: Thomas, Pryor, Collins, Kirksey, and Massib. You have to wait and see with the rookie recievers, but Coleman looks like he hit a wall despite being out a month, and Higgins and Lewis might develop into good depth guys. There are a few more holdovers that could be depth guys, but they shouldn’t be starting for anybody. Also, Haiden has fallen off a cliff. He got turned around multiple times by Beckham today and that happens on a regular basis now with many receivers.

  14. It’s all an act. He knows very well that the new management has torn the team down and is starting from scratch. They are doing what the Raiders did four years ago and what the Cubs recently did in baseball. It’s going to be a long three to five years going forward and he was hired to bridge the gap. I believe he has job security going forward as long as he can talk the talk. This is exactly what management wants him to say.

  15. Potential 0-16 seasons tend to make owners like Jimmy a bit impatient.
    Kinda like when Newman told Costanza that he would hate to see Steinbrenner hungry, “I hear he can tend to be a bit erratic.”
    Cleveland’s motto where it comes to coaching should be “Next Man Up”.
    Couldn’t happen to a better guy than Huebris.

  16. By far, the biggest part of the equation is the QB, and the Browns don’t have one yet. Look at the teams like Oakland and Tampa Bay that got a QB. A team can look pathetic, then get a QB and everyone in the organization becomes a genius overnight. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  17. r502 says:
    Nov 27, 2016 9:26 PM
    Potential 0-16 seasons tend to make owners like Jimmy a bit impatient.

    Unless getting the first overall pick is the game plan. The Niners aren’t making securing that pick easy, the Browns may well have to go 0-16 to get it.

  18. i’ve been watching the browns for decades. for the life of me, i cannot understand why fans have so much faith in hue. he has shown nothing to deserve that faith.
    this is by far, the worst browns team i’ve ever seen fielded.

  19. The people that cart off injured Browns QB’s need a raise. So does the Punter. Their original Punter, Andy Lee, was smart to dog it in pre-season. He knew if he stayed his leg might fall off.

  20. jag1959 says:
    Nov 27, 2016 11:06 PM

    Unless getting the first overall pick is the game plan. The Niners aren’t making securing that pick easy, the Browns may well have to go 0-16 to get it.

    If getting high draft picks is that big of a concern, maybe they shouldnt have traded out of the second spot last year.

  21. I’ve read some very dumb comments on this article. The front office went out of their way to put the worst roster in the NFL on the field. All of their amazing research told them the best way to build a sustainable winning franchise is to get a franchise qb. I’m sure it also told them the highest percentage of getting one was with the first pick. With what is on the field, hue has done a pretty good job of staying competitive in some games and keeping the guys fighting. I do think he’s the guy to turn it around but the browns have to put NFL players on an NFL field. Every game, over half of your starters are late draft pick, undrafted, or rookies and second year players. No coach would have more than a win or two with this roster. Still, if the browns kicker hadn’t been hurt during a walk through, they’d have at least a win. I’d rather watch young guys play hard and develop, then watch again veterans quit on a 4 win season. Keep fighting hue.

  22. The Cowboys went 1-15 in 1989, but amassed draft picks to jump start a rebuild.

    We have the picks. The real question is whether we have the right people in place to use the best judgment in drafting.

    0-16? Embrace it. You have to die to get to heaven.

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