Rob Gronkowski done for day with back injury


The Patriots won’t have tight end Rob Gronkowski’s help as they try to break a 10-10 tie with the Jets in the second half.

Gronkowski left the game in the first quarter with a back injury and the Patriots announced early in the third quarter that Gronkowski will not return to the game.

Gronkowski came into the contest with a chest injury suffered against the Seahawks a couple of weeks ago. It kept him from playing last week, but he practiced leading up to the game with the Jets and got the nod to play after being listed as questionable.

It looked like things might get worse at tight end for the Pats when Martellus Bennett limped off the field in the third quarter. He was out for a couple of plays before returning to action.

14 responses to “Rob Gronkowski done for day with back injury

  1. I’d post something ridiculous and negative here about Miami for the obsessed-and-tormented-by-the-Patriots-success guy, but because the Dolphins have been irrelevant for so long, it just wouldn’t seem fair.

  2. I’m sure tom brady will get (at least) 4 sketchy calls to keep the patriots in the game.

  3. Not so much as an injury as it is that Gronk has lost his nerve. He hasn’t been the same since he gushed all over twitter about the Seahawks crushing his chest in and puncturing a lung.

  4. I am a HUGE Pats fan. Some of you won’t like this but if I am BB I trade him this off season while we can still get something of value back for him. He is always hurt, plays recklessly and to rely on him on a game to game basis is a crap shoot. Sign Bennett, trade Gronk and draft a quality tight end in the next draft . Some team will give up a 1 or 2 round pick for him.

  5. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Nov 27, 2016 7:58 PM


    You wear your fear of him all over your posts. He’s coming for you and will be a huge factor in the big game if Seattle makes it to the Super Bowl this year. You might need to get your fragile team healthy enough in order to get there though.

  6. Time for Gronk to think about retiring while he still has his health. While he still one of the games best players, his body is telling him to get out.

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