Darrelle Revis on Jets future: We’ll see how it goes


The Patriots scored their game-winning touchdown against the Jets on a pass to wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell, who was being trailed by cornerback Darrelle Revis on an out pattern that got Mitchell just inside the end zone.

It was the second touchdown catch of the game for Mitchell and he was being covered by Revis on both of them. Revis said the team’s scheme called for him to protect inside because there was no safety help with the Jets bringing a heavy blitz, but the result continued a season-long trend that’s seen the Jets cornerback on the wrong side of matchups with receivers far more often than in the past.

That’s led to questions about whether Revis will be back for another year with the Jets. They can save $9 million under the cap by parting ways with Revis under his current deal or they could look for a pay cut, something Revis wouldn’t speculate about after the loss.

“It’s [management’s] decision,” Revis said, via NJ.com. “Everyone has their individual decision. That being said, every year there are different roster changes. You have to see. We’ll see how it goes.”

The Jets will have plenty of work to do this offseason with or without Revis in the fold and his play has made it increasingly difficult to see him remaining on the team under his current deal.

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  1. He’s clearly not who he once was, and I think he knew that when he finally signed a multi-year deal with a big signing bonus.

    I have nothing but respect for a guy who bet on himself with yearly contracts for $16-20 million, knowing that somebody would pay him for it. He maximized his value like very few players are willing to do. The Jets should have known something was off when the Pats wouldn’t resign him and Revis was willing to take a long-term deal.

  2. On that particular TD, Brady dropped the ball, picked it up, did his taxes, and then threw to a wide open Mitchell with Revis helplessly trailing the rookie.

    With that, The Patriots thank Revis for helping with Ring #4, and Revis can thank the Jets for irresponsibly padding his pockets because of it. Worked out really well for 2 or the 3 sides involved.

  3. There used to be a time where Brady wouldnt even look at the side where Revis was playing. I guess its safe to say those days are long gone.

  4. …..I would NEVER under esitmate Revis…..the man has parlayed his talent into 4 or 5 monster contracts and for the most part played at a pro-bowl level.(but not this year). He’ll get jettisoned from the Jets this year, but a smart team will bring him in for safety support if he wants to keep playing. Could see him in a Ravens, Cowboys or Chargers uniform in 2017……..

  5. jets will cut him and pats will sign him as a safety for $3M and he’ll get his second ring😥
    Mr. Revis doesn’t even consider getting outta bed for less than 5 Million.

  6. 12coltsfan12 says:
    Nov 28, 2016 11:11 AM
    jets will cut him and pats will sign him as a safety for $3M and he’ll get his second ring😥
    He won’t want to work that hard for $3M, so won’t be playing for the Patriots. The Patriots already have Chung and McCourty at safety and the move wouldn’t make any sense. I’d love to see the McCourty brothers united in Foxboro. If they can sign Jason and a pass rusher, that will put the Pats defense back where it needs to be.

  7. I don’t get why more people are dumping on Revis than are dumping on the Jets. Offering that deal to Revis speaks to how poorly the Jets are run.

  8. Revis seems to be the kind of guy that got by on athletic ability. In other words, he didn’t have to work as hard to be great. But now that he is aging, I think the fact that he hasn’t kept himself in great shape is affecting his play more than declining skills.

  9. Revis had a good career. At this point, unless he is playing with a stud defensive line – he is a huge liability as a corner.

    As someone who was never a big tackler, i don’t really see him moving to safety.

  10. All the teams that people think are going to sign him if the jets (hopefully) release him, keep him. From what he’s show this year injuries and age have caught up to him and he looks disinterested on some plays so have fun with that

  11. He’s grossed over 100 million in pay at this point and seems like a smart enough guy that I bet he still has the vast majority of it.

    If the Jets cut him he has little reason to keep playing elsewhere. He won’t get anywhere near the amount of money he wants to sign with another team.

    And he certainly won’t be going back to the Pats for multiple reasons.

  12. All the teams that people think are going to sign him if the jets (hopefully) release him, keep him. From what he’s show this year injuries and age have caught up to him and he looks disinterested on some plays so have fun with that

    The idea from the last part of your post gave me the chuckle of putting immensely talented Jimmie Collins and his understated athletic drive together with none other than the regal Revis on a brand new blueprint , a resting but bendable defense , a sort pre couch defense .

  13. The Patriots did pretty well by and for Revis

    He got $12 million plus salary for one Super Bowl season and they had the option of keeping him last year for $20 million – but instead spent the $15 mil on other players and took the $5 mil dead cap $ hit.

    Still, for last years performance $20 mil wasn’t outrageous – it’s just that the Pats and the Jets even more so had other needs for that $$

    But this year the Jets overpaid him big time – with what will be a 2 year $40 mil contract.

    The Jets will cut him or renegotiate to avoid the $6 mil cap hit they’ll take cutting him next season – paying him $20 mil a season for 2 years when the Pats wouldn’t pay him that for 1

    It’s fun to mock the Jets but at least they really only truly overpaid for just 1 season.

    Maybe he’ll be cut and come back to the Pats and play Safety at a discount so he can face the ball in his old age and get another ring!

  14. Tom Brady can expect a fine from the EPA for burning trash on Revis Island all day Sunday..

  15. The patriots only had Revis. on a 2 year deal for salary cap purposes–so they could spread out his bonus over 2 years. It was a one year deal with a team option for a 2nd year. The 2nd year option was for $25 million for 1 season. He was not ever going to get that, and the Patriots were not going to keep him for that.

    The Jets moved fast to re-sign him since they needed credibility again. They got it. And the Patriots got what they wanted out of him–a ring.

    Revis has been a great player but he did have an ACL and has been on the decline hard at the end of last year and this year…has not gone well. But with the failure of Dexter McDougle and Dee Milner, it is much worst since their overall depth at CB is terrible.

    They should just play him at Quarterback at this point.

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