Eric Dickerson’s beef is with Jeff Fisher, who claims Dickerson is “always welcome”

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Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson said Monday night that he was banned from the sideline during Rams games by head coach Jeff Fisher.

Earlier Monday, Dickerson said on his radio show that he had been banned from the sideline over his criticism of the team. Monday night, he appeared on FOX Sports Radio and said Fisher was responsible for removing him from the sideline.

I’ll never come to another Rams game as long as Jeff Fisher is head coach,” Dickerson told Jason Smith of FOX Sports Radio.

The entire interview can be heard here.

At his regular Monday meeting with reporters, Fisher said he had “a really good conversation” with Dickerson last week and didn’t know why Dickerson had said what he said Monday.

“He’s always welcomed, yeah,” Fisher said, per the team’s official transcript. “I’d welcome him in the building. I’d love to have him come in. I’d love to have him come to practice. I’d love to have him in come in the meetings. [Former Titans running back] Eddie George has been in my meetings more than Eric Dickerson has. I’d love to have him here.”

Initially Dickerson had said, without naming anyone, that someone “from upper management called me and said I make the players feel uncomfortable about some of the stuff I say on the radio . . . they don’t want me on the sidelines. They don’t want me at the games.”

In trying to keep with Fisher’s summer Hard Knocks theme of eliminating 7-9 type of, um, stuff, Rams COO Kevin Demoff tweeted Monday that he reached out to Dickerson and wanted to clear up a “miscommunication.”

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  1. I don’t buy that he makes the players feel “uncomfortable”. I would buy that he makes the head coach feel “uncomfortable” because the players probably have much more respect for him and agree with his opinions much more so than Captain 7 and 9.

  2. Don’t worry about it Eric… Fisher won’t get his extension and won’t be coaching after this season so your place on the sideline is just fine.

  3. As a Ram’s fan since ’77 I can tell you that the ‘organization’ is a cesspool culture.

    It never ends …. Frontiere, Shaw, Demoff, Fisher……look what they did to Kurt Warner…..and now Dickerson.

    ….just a putrid culture.

    The losingest coach in NFL history is telling ED not to come to games.

  4. Jeff Fisher seems extremely thin skinned when it comes to criticism. Jeff Fisher isn’t a Ram legend. In fact he’s been nothing but a perennial loser in his 5 seasons with the team.

  5. After the way Fisher classlessly handled Steve McNair at the end of his time in Tennessee, this doesn’t surprise me.

  6. Dickerson is a p.o.s., that is why he was traded to the colts in the first place. He was a caustic locker room presence. Now he’s a sideline caustic presence for the Rams. Go to Indianapolis, that’s where you belong. You are not a Ram.a great back with a chip on his shoulder.

  7. I really have no doubt it was Fisher, and now that it blew up in his face he is playing dumb.

    The funny thing is, Fisher never has to “play” dumb.

    He has never gotten it done with the Rams, and his hand-picked defensive coordinator got burned by the Saints big time.

    I think they will look to get rid of him at the end of the year. I’m not sure what coach is out there that is more…LA.

    Maybe Mike Shanahan? He has been desperate to get back into coaching.

    Fisher is over-rated and pretty awful. He is sure to be the next coach of the NY Jets.

  8. Jeff Fisher must be blackmailing Rams ownership in order to keep his job. He is utterly incompetent and you don’t have to be football fanatic to see it.

  9. Watch Fisher wind up in Santa Clara next year. He has ties to the organization, and nobody else will want to work for Jed – but Fisher won’t get any other offers, so he’d no doubt jump at the chance to coach that train wreck. Oh well, at least he wouldn’t go 7-9 or 8-8 any more – he’d be lucky to win 2-3 games.

  10. ramrene says:
    Nov 28, 2016 11:59 PM
    Don’t worry about it Eric… Fisher won’t get his extension and won’t be coaching after this season so your place on the sideline is just fine.

    Next coach of the Buffalow Bills!

    I hope…

  11. ““I’ll never come to another Rams game as long as Jeff Fisher is head coach,” ”

    So then stop crying about it. You criticize his team (rightfully so), but then expect him to welcome you to the sidelines?

  12. Why does Dickerson need to be on the sidelines of a team he DEMANDED to be traded from. The Rams fans hated him for his selfish self serving ways. He doesn’t belong on the sidelines. Fisher is horrible but, why would any coach let a FORMER player around his team who does nothing but criticize

  13. I have no dog in this fight but I do remember many stories about Dickerson being a supreme ahole that had no one liked in LA or Indy,then you have the useless Fisher who’s still somehow riding the I won a super bowl in Chicago and was 2 feet away from winning 1 in Tennessee as a coach train.
    They’re a match made in heaven

  14. Dickerson held out half of his career, now he’s holding out for attention. I’ll never understand why they put him in the HOF in the first place. The most selfish athlete of his generation.

  15. Fisher is the luckiest coach of all time. That or he’s had the dumbest GM’s and owners of all time for him to have a job this long.

  16. Holy mackerel, I’ve just about haddock with all the whining. Something smelt fishy about this from the start.

    I suppose there are a lot of people that have a beef with Fisher, for whatever reasons, maybe even just for the halibut. Sounds like Fisher took Dickerson’s bait, now Fisher is trying to skate on this. Dickerson could have a whale of a time with this on his radio show, even if his sole reason is to rub it in. We’ll see if Fisher clams up or tries to mussel his way out.

    Anyways, for the Rams, what is the porpoise of keeping Fisher around after this year, do they really think eel improve this team? Do they really think he won’t flounder again next year? Should they kick his bass out? Send him down the pike? At some point the players are going to tuna him out. Maybe they already have.

    Walleye think about it, for Dickerson…..he gets on the hornpouts about it. Talks like his perch is pretty high. Cod it be he misinterpreted what the ‘upper management’ caller said?

    I guess time will tell. Me? I should stop being a crab about it.

  17. sbmcintosh36 says:
    Nov 29, 2016 9:04 AM
    …the useless Fisher who’s still somehow riding the I won a super bowl in Chicago and was 2 feet away from winning 1 in Tennessee as a coach train.

    Actually, it wasn’t even winning. It was 1 yard short of *tying* the Super Bowl.

  18. TV ratings for the Rams in LA are very low. Now they are caught in a feud with one of their all time great. Horrible PR. Their honeymoon season couldn’t be going much worse. Bad and boring football along with PR mishaps. St Louis got the blame for not supporting this operation. LA will also get blamed for not supporting it. The problem is this is one of the worst organizations in all of sports. Fan support is earned not given. They have done absolutely nothing to earn it.

  19. Biggest bunch of whiners in the NFC…I propose we re-align and form a new division comprising of the Rams, Steelers, Colts & Ravens.
    Call it the Trail of tears.

    I promise, I love a Rams loss as much as you babies love it when the Pats lose

  20. This the Rams way. Not what they did or have been accused of by ED , but the way they handle things. First and foremost , don’t believe a word that comes out of the mouths from anyone in the Rams organization. Especially Fisher and Demoff. When your COO goes on twitter to try and save face , there is something wrong. Wouldn’t a face to face meeting be a better choice if it is that big of a deal ? Shouldn’t someone take charge from the Rams and tell people in the organization to stop talking publicly about this until they settle whatever the beef is ? On one hand ED can say whatever he wants and the Rams can react to whatever he says in the manner that they want. If they don’t like what he is saying , they don’t have to bend over backwards to accommodate him. Im not sure everyone loves ED in LA like he thinks. I know the comments he made about STL are not what people in STL wanted to hear. The first season back in LA is turning into a nightmare for the Rams. Low attendance. Low TV ratings. Wanting the coach fired. Now is LA a bad football town like Stan said STL was for the same reasons or maybe its the Rams organization . Different city , same results. One ex coach of the Rams said ,” Wait till LA gets a load of this organization.” Well , LA , you are finding out just how inept this bunch is from top to bottom.

  21. hgamatt said:

    “After the way Fisher classlessly handled Steve McNair at the end of his time in Tennessee, this doesn’t surprise me.”

    There are a number of credible reasons to criticize Jeff Fisher. But that statement is completely clueless and couldn’t be further from the truth. Steve McNair is my all-time favorite player and was my favorite Titan from the moment I met him his first days in Nashville. … Frankly, McNair had no greater advocate than Jeff Fisher–even after the QB put on a Ravens uniform.

    Consider that team owner Bud Adams waited until Fisher and the GM were on a West Coast trip to give the stunning order that McNair be locked out of the Titans’ facility. That’s how the controversial Ravens trade began. … On a related note, one of my most cherished memories was attending Steve McNair’s memorial service in Nashville and hearing Jeff Fisher emotionally reflect on his dear friend.

  22. While we’re on the subject of ED. I AMA Rams fan lifelong and think that Fisher should be fired. Chuck Noll was 1-13 his first year and five years later won his first ID four Super Bowls and had drafted 9 hall of famers. Jeff is a nice guy, but he is spineless and less than mediocre. belichick will school him this week cause his mediocrity offends the hooded one. HOWEVER Eric Dickerson complained about his contract every year after his rookie season, until he got traded. And if you recall he sat out the second half of a Nonday night game against the redskins because he wasn’t able to renogtiate his contract during the season. He is a POS. The most talented and MOST SELFISH football player I ever saw in my entire life. He put himself before the team every single day, so who gives a flying duck if he’a around or not. HE could my teach anybody anything because he was so talented. And it would surprise me if he’s in Todd Gurley’s ear and that’s the reason his effort has been so lacking this year. He shouldn’t be around any players. He’s an awful influence.

  23. 72DolphinsStillUnmatched says:
    Nov 29, 2016 12:44 AM
    Its always important to have has beens around their former teams…

    There’s a world of difference between a ‘has been’ and a HoF’er, one would expect with a userid harkening back to something from 44 years ago you might understand it. That said, Dickerson has a well deserved reputation for being a richard and Fisher is Fisher. There’s at least 3 sides to every story and neither of the 2 we have heard holds much water.

  24. I stopped following Dickerson on Twitter, which he’s using to make himself look like the biggest jackass ever. Flooding the feed with re-tweets of idiots trying to get cool with him.

    We know Dickerson got paid, by a school he didn’t even play for, and has no qualms with that. So he’s not exactly the most integrity focused dude, not that he’s a bad guy, but come on, he’s cool with things that make him look good or help him out.

    So this whole thing is really stupid. Just shut up Eric. You’ve burned ANY sympathy I had, or anyone else tired of a cry baby athlete demanding people kiss his ass.

  25. It will be Fisher on the sidelines . The Rams don’t need ED. ED needs the Rams. He says he doesn’t have his hand out , but he does. How does ED make money ? He has a radio show. What does he talk about ? Football and the Rams. If he is not around the team , not much to talk about. He thinks the Rams owe him something. All he is doing is making Fishers and the organization life miserable. They don’t need that.

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