Ron Rivera declares Panthers offensive line a “catastrophe”

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The Panthers chance to upset the Raiders yesterday unraveled for good on a sack, which has happened far too often to Cam Newton this season.

There were reasons for that, of course, but Panthers coach Ron Rivera was blunt when talking about the situation with reporters.

It’s about as catastrophe as you can get,” Rivera said Monday, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review.

Only four quarterbacks in the league have been sacked more than Newton, so getting drilled by Khalil Mack to end the game wasn’t that much of a surprise.

But take a deep breath for a second, and let’s recap how the Panthers got to a spot where left guard Andrew Norwell was the only intended starter at his position by the end of the game.

Left tackle Michael Oher went on injured reserve after his concussions symptoms persisted after eight weeks. All-Pro Center Ryan Kalil was inactive because of a shoulder injury, and didn’t even make the trip meaning he won’t play Sunday at Seattle.

So as they’ve done previously this year, they moved right tackle Mike Remmers to left tackle, brought Daryl Williams off the bench to play right tackle and plugged center Gino Gradkowski in the middle.

But then Williams injured his knee, forcing Pro Bowl right guard Trai Turner to move to right tackle, with utility man Chris Scott plugging in his spot. Then Gradkowski aggravated his knee injury, forcing recent practice squad call-up Tyler Larsen into the middle.

Rivera didn’t update their injury situation Monday, as they’re staying on the West coast, and probably because he doesn’t know how to plug all the holes. Realistically, any team that loses a starting left tackle and a player the caliber of Kalil for any amount of time is going to struggle.

And with the avalanche of pressure on Newton, trying to identify which snowflake triggered it also seems futile for a 4-7 team.

19 responses to “Ron Rivera declares Panthers offensive line a “catastrophe”

  1. The pocket collapses around Cam Newton its seems faster than any other QB in the league.

    If the guy wasn’t 6’5 and 250lbs he’d be on IR by now.

  2. Ron Rivera is throwing the oline under the bus in order to save his job. Ron is a joke of a coach and sickening to hear. The catastrophe in Carolina is. ..
    1. Ron Rivera
    2. Cam newton
    It’s that simple. Ron Rivera can’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag.
    Cam newton is overrated, he’s super soft. Misses open targets. Has terrible accuracy, terrible ball placement. Whines and crys to the refs on just about every play.

  3. Give me a break. I bet there’s not a single Vikings fan that wouldn’t take a straight-up trade with the Panthers for their O-line. I watched the game- Newton has twice the time Bradford has to throw the ball.

  4. jeyeeteesjetsjetsjets says:
    Nov 28, 2016 4:14 PM
    The pocket collapses around Cam Newton its seems faster than any other QB in the league.

    If the guy wasn’t 6’5 and 250lbs he’d be on IR by now.

    Probably should watch the Seattle at Tampa game.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm The OL wasnt the major issue in that lost. Talk about Klein and his lack of coverage on Crabtree that sealed the deal with a TD (miss Luke??? Understatement) and again the rookie DBs having their hands full all season. Every team makes easy plays on Panthers secondary. Lets also talk about missed opportunities with 2 pt conversion drops. And Ron lets also talk about you not going forward it on 4th and inches!!! And again the suspect play calling…….. But hey, its the OL ??? Sounds like the entire team is a catastrophe!!! But hey we #keeppounding…………..

  6. You coach what you are given.

    Cam takes a lot of those hits because of the routes and the fact he goes all Carson Palmer and stands in one spot til someone hits him.

  7. The Vikings will trade you T.J. Clemmings and a bag of used jock straps for Carolina’s worst, most inept backup offensive lineman. At least the Vikes will get a better offensive lineman and Carolina gets some used jock straps. Both sides win….

  8. but ron boat, cam is still just scratching the surface.

    this is what happens when you let a child like cam pick his coach.

    he chooses the subhuman who is nice to him, and won’t hurt his feelings.

  9. typical darin, always making excuses for his carolina kitty kats.

    teams overcome non-QB injuries all the time to post better records than 4-7. they got lucky last year and won a ton of close games. this year, not so much. this is who the kitty kats really are.

  10. The catastrophe in Carolina sits squarely on the shoulders of Genius GM Dave Gettleman who has failed to draft or sign a franchise left tackle because he is either too cheap to do so or trades away valuable draft picks like they were candy. He is and idiot who has left this team with no players and no depth. I would fire him if I was Jerry Richardson. Nuff said.

  11. typical darin, always making excuses for his carolina kitty kats.

    Trust me dg hates the panthers. Look at any article before the 2015 season. He was nice because we didn’t lose a game for 14 weeks. He’s loving this don’t worry about him.

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