Todd Bowles says no decision on next week’s quarterback

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Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t turn the ball over until the very end of Sunday’s game, but his late fumble was the final nail in the team’s coffin in a 22-17 loss to the Patriots.

Before Chris Long stripped the ball from him, Fitzpatrick had turned in one of his best performances of the season. He ended the game 22-of-32 for 269 yards and two touchdowns, which supported coach Todd Bowles’ assertion that Fitzpatrick gave the team their best chance to win in Week 12.

Bowles wouldn’t say whether Fitzpatrick would be back in the lineup for Week 13, however.

“I’ll evaluate everything this week going forward,” Bowles said, via “I’m not going to make a decision today, or a rash decision one way or another. … For the most part, he was efficient. He didn’t turn the ball over until the very end. Offensively, we moved the ball. We just need to find more ways to score one more touchdown than they did.”

The Jets aren’t making the playoffs this season, which makes giving Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg time in the offense an appealing prospect because they are both under contract for next season. We’ll find out in the coming days if it is appealing enough for the team to put Fitzpatrick on the bench.

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  1. Apparently Bowles is unaware of both Fitzpatrick’s propensity to turn over the ball late in games and that the Jets season is over. Starting Petty or Hackenberg will have no effect on his job.

  2. The Patriots played a very vanilla defense and any decent quarterback would have piled up stats yesterday against them. There is no good reason for the Jets to start Fitzpatrick (ever) again.

  3. Let’s not act like that was Fitzpatrick’s fault. Left tackle got trucked and Chris Long just ran free at the QB.

  4. In typical Jests fashion, they don’t do anything to help themselves. Fitz will not be back next year, and they are not making the playoffs. Why not see what you have in players you thought enough of to draft? the coach wants to win every game, but is that the best thing for the team? Not at this point. So the Jets will probably win two or three games, ruin their draft position, and waiver position, and still have no idea if either of their young QB’s or other young players are keepers. I am sure they will try to get another veteran retread QB (RGIII), and sign some expensive free agents, and be back right where they are now same time next year. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  5. Leadership must be non-existent on the Jets. As veterans, they have to know if Petty, starts its a look toward the future. Bowles is afraid the vets will lay down, if Petty starts anymore games.. They have to play hard, for him, and themselves.

  6. .
    The Jets are the poster child for what happens when you constantly have regime changes. You end up with :

    A. Three QBs who are very limited, and are unlikely to lead the team into the playoffs.

    B. A 17 million dollar CB who can’t cover and won’t tackle. On the Patriots game winning drive, they successfully attacked Revis by land and air.

    C. An offensive line, receiving corp, secondary and running game that mainly consist of flotsam and jetsam picked up at a yard sale.

    D. A team in need of regime change, oh wait.

  7. I cannot recall more attention paid to a guy and a team that matters as little as they do.
    The Jets are irrelevant, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect QB for them.

  8. Most truly do not understand the PATRIOT dynamic,,not one dam bit!!
    The reason the PATS can get by with virtually ZERO superstars other than (BRADY/GRONK) is they require their everyday run of the middle NFL players to give 200%,, anything less and you are gone. T-E-A-M first last and always…no second consequently they never run into payroll issues (ala Collins, jones etc)…the jets spend 17 million on a tired shutdown corner (revis) the Pats spend 1 million on a kid from west Alabama (butler) who takes revis’s lunch money…as he did yesterday with the punch out fumble in the second qtr….T-E-A-M

  9. At a certain point reality has take over. Even winning out (ain’t happening) isn’t getting the Jets to the playoffs.

    It’s time to see what Petty’s got and what every other young reserve player can do.

    This year is done time to see if “the next man up” is next year’s man.

  10. duanethomas33 says:
    Nov 28, 2016 8:45 AM
    Leadership must be non-existent on the Jets. As veterans, they have to know if Petty, starts its a look toward the future. Bowles is afraid the vets will lay down, if Petty starts anymore games.. They have to play hard, for him, and themselves.
    Lol! That would be a nice sentiment if NFL players had guaranteed contracts and were reasonably assured of seeing that future but this is a league where you can literally signed a monster contract and be released the next year for any reason.

    Players almost always want to win and want the best chance to win every game. That’s not lack of veteran leadership or whatever you want to call it….that’s the reality of the NFL system of non guaranteed contracts. It’s also the reality of respect and earning your keep. What does it look like playing someone who hasn’t earned it either in the practice field nor during game action when he got his chance?

  11. There was nothing in Fitzpatricks’s game yesterday that would force that decision, he had his 2nd best game of the year. But Fitz is Fitz and he has pretty well shown this year that last year was the abberation and he isn’t taking them to the promised land. If they decide to look at Petty or Hackenburg it’s simply that, evaluating them under game conditions with an eye to the future. And at this point that might not be the worst thing they could do with the rest of the season. As for Bowles, it’s hard to justify having the guy that did a good job with a soft schedule and a career year out of his journeyman QB last year walk the plank when had a down year with a much tougher schedule, a struggling QB and a weaker roster. Pulling the plug under those circumstances isn’t going to inspire any of the better HC candidates to choose the Jets over a team they feel is more patient.

  12. Remember when Bowles was the hottest coaching prospect in the NFL? Neither his current team nor his previous team is relevant right now.

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