Jerry Jones not worried about overworking Ezekiel Elliott

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We’re getting to the point in the NFL season when rookies are playing games beyond what they would play during a college season, which can lead to concerns about diminished returns as players hit the so-called rookie wall.

One player who could be the subject of such concern is Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. He’s run the ball more than anyone else in the league and is on pace for 353 carries, which would be the second-most for any running back in a season since the start of the 2010 campaign.

Elliott said earlier this month that he isn’t worried about the cumulative effect of his workload and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has the same opinion.

“Not at all. The more we can give Ezekiel the ball the better,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.

That’s not a particularly surprising statement from Jones as DeMarco Murray posted the most carries since the start of 2010 when he ran 392 times during the 2014 season and Elliott’s play has been essential to Dallas’ success this season. The Cowboys let Murray walk away as a free agent that offseason, something that obviously won’t happen with Elliott, and they have Alfred Morris on hand to take work in the backfield, although neither of those things appears to be impacting their plans in the backfield.

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  1. Elliott rushed for 246 yards and four TDs in the 2015 National Championship game, which was in January. Only a select few get stronger as the season gets longer. Elliott appears to be in that select company. They don’t come around all the time. Enjoy it while he’s here. As Prescott gets more and more experience, the Cowboys will transition into more of a passing team, which will require less carries from Elliott. This isn’t coming to an end any time soon. How bout them Cowboys!

  2. Of course Jerrah will have all sorts of excuses when his team goes one and done in the playoffs. But you won’t hear him say that he ran his rookie running back into the ground.

  3. This old, senile fool wants to be a coach so bad he can taste the Johnnie Walker Blue in his mouth….

  4. nhpats says:
    Nov 29, 2016 10:15 AM
    Why is Jerry Jones the only owner that continually usurps the team’s coach by speaking on behalf of the team?
    Jerry Jones is on a weekly talk radio show in the Dallas area, 105.3 The Fan, and has been for years!! After the talk show, ALL of the media outlets seem to post at least 1 or 2 segments of questions he was asked on the show. Thus, one gets…JJ said this or JJ said that, and that is why it seems likes he “usurps” JG! This has been going on for YEARS, is part of the Cowboys’ marketing by JJ, and it works, for the most valuable sports franchise, now in the WORLD 🙂 This “old, senile fool” has done quite well for himself 🙂 And, now he is a nominee for the HOF!!!

  5. He may not be worried but he’s a running back. All that leads to a short career unless he has an A++ off-season work ethic of training and stretching to relieve tension.

  6. cowboylover says:
    Nov 29, 2016 10:28 AM
    Because Jerry was asked the question on a radio show.
    All the owners get asked questions, he’s the only one that yaps like that though.

    He should say to ask the HC, but he loves himself some Jerrah.

  7. Why do you people care so much what Jerry says about the Cowboys? I don’t care one bit what the GM/Owner of any other teams says but for some reason all the non-Cowboy fans love to have an opinion about Jerry. It has no impact on your life…. well, except now he is the GM of the team leading the league in wins. Maybe his team beat your team and your fanny is a little sensitive?

  8. John Elway (Broncos), John Schneider (Seahawks), Ozzie Newsome (Ravens), Ted Thompson (Packers), are constantly quoted concerning the roster. Reason being that they are the General Managers and have oversight of the entire football department, answering only to the team President and/or owner. What people tend to lose sight of (or simply aren’t aware of) is that owner Jerry Jones is also the G.M. as well as the team president, and not ‘just’ an owner owner.

    It’s an oft taken bitter pill to us Cowboy fans. But after a quarter century of on-the-job training, he’s coming around to what most successful companies do – he’s surrounding himself with a capable staff and relegated more control to guys like Stephen Jones, Will McClay, Jason Garrett & staff, and let them do their jobs.

    He’s no longer the sole voice of roster building, and the results are starting to show on the field. But in the end (unfortunately) as GM/Owner, he answers to no one. Prying his fingers away from his toy is a process, but he’s coming around. The trade off is we have to live with the fact that he’ll knock over anyone to get in front of a camera or microphone and Sports Radio talk shows been providing us with embarrassing gaffes for some time.

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