Mike Zimmer on Adrian Peterson: “He’s probably ahead of schedule”


The first sign of hope for the Vikings came with reports that Adrian Peterson was running on the side at practice today.

It didn’t take long for Vikings coach Mike Zimmer to fuel the fire.

Via Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said the words Vikings fans longed to hear ever since their star running back had knee surgery.

“He’s doing good. He’s doing good,” Zimmer added. “He’s probably ahead of schedule, I guess. I don’t know.”

Zimmer said it wasn’t the first day Peterson had run, before retreating to the safe ground of: “I don’t know, I’m not in charge of the rehab.”

Of course, that’s far from a declaration, and Zimmer may come to regret optimism depending on the pace of Peterson’s recovery. But any news stands as good news for an otherwise good team which can’t run without Peterson on the field.

The Vikings are last in the league in rushing and have lost five of their last six, but they’re still second in the division, so they’re clearly hoping for a Festivus miracle.

15 responses to “Mike Zimmer on Adrian Peterson: “He’s probably ahead of schedule”

  1. It doesn’t matter if Peterson comes back, the O-line is horrible, and Zimmer is a terrible coach.

  2. This makes two knee injuries AP has recovered quickly on. After his first one he had a career year, off an injury that ruins careers. Smells like HGH to me.

  3. Have you ever heard the expression “sea change?” That’s what you can expect from Peterson returning; a distinct reversal of expectations.

    He’s cooked.

  4. I still can’t believe the people of Minnesota root for this piece of garbage.
    Seriously, how important is it to you to have the Barneys post an 8-8 record?
    Soulless creatures, every last one of you.

  5. Don’t bring y our kids to the game!! Should be sharing a cell with Sharper. Proves the NFL is hollow about whom they hire. As long as the individual can play football, they can rape women and beat on little kids ….. This is unfortunate for the many, many players who are upstanding human beings and give to their families and community to have to work and look the other way.

    Gee, and TV ratings are falling. All NFL = ALL $$$$ regardless, right, Roger??

  6. Heeeees Almost Baaaaaack!
    And look at all the cheeeeeesers posting like a bunch of cry babies!!!
    Obesessed much?

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