Ravens propose a bonus point for kickoffs through the uprights

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The NFL has tinkered with kickoffs in recent years, attempting to reduce the number of high-speed collisions on returns and make the game safer. But now the Baltimore Ravens are proposing a radical rule change on kickoffs that goes far beyond tinkering.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh and kicker Justin Tucker said this week that they want the NFL to adopt a new rule that would give the kicking team one point for putting a kickoff through the uprights.

“A kicker with a strong leg would be in favor of it. The idea would be that if you split the uprights on a kickoff you get a point,” Tucker said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Kickoffs come from the 35-yard line in the NFL, which would be the equivalent of a 75-yard field goal. The NFL record for the longest field goal is 64 yards, so it might seem unlikely that any kicker would make one from 75. But kickoffs go farther for a few reasons: They’re off a tee, rather than off the ground. The kicker places the ball exactly how he wants it, so there are no concerns about a bad snap or a bad hold. With no one rushing, the kicker can get a longer running start toward the ball. And with no worry of having the kick blocked, the kicker can kick with a lower trajectory, which allows the ball to travel farther.

Add all those things up, and Tucker thinks he’d be able to put it through the uprights about 20 percent of the time.

“Maybe one out of every five if the weather’s alright and the field is good,” Tucker said.

There’s never been anything like that rule in NFL history, although the Canadian Football League has a one-point kick of its own, known as a rouge, for a kick that goes into the end zone and is not run out. That’s about the most similar thing to the Ravens’ proposal as has ever existed in pro football. Obviously, Tucker and Harbaugh are motivated in part by selfish reasons: Tucker is the best kicker in the NFL, so the Ravens are the team that would likely benefit the most from such a rule change (although the Broncos would probably lead the league in kickoff points, as the high altitude in Denver would make kickoffs through the uprights easier).

But Tucker isn’t just looking for gimmicks to help strong-legged kickers like himself; he said he would oppose a proposal to make field goals from beyond 60 yards worth four points. And I like the Ravens’ idea for three reasons Tucker didn’t mention:

It’s good for player safety. When the NFL moved the touchback to the 25-yard line, the goal was to reduce kickoff returns. But that rule hasn’t made much of a difference because some teams now kick high and short in an effort to avoid touchbacks. The Ravens’ proposal would certainly reduce the number of kickoff returns: Teams would have a strong incentive for their kicker to kick it as deep as possible to try to get that bonus point, and when those kickoffs fell short of the goal posts, the returners would usually stay in the end zone because they’d be backed up near the end line.

It’s exciting for late-game strategy. Under current rules, we’ve grown accustomed to a seven-point lead meaning a touchdown and extra point can tie, an eight-point lead meaning a touchdown and two-point conversion can tie, and a nine-point lead meaning a two-possession game. This would change things. Now you could trail by seven and take the lead with a touchdown, extra point and kickoff point. Or trail by eight and take the lead with a touchdown, two-point conversion and kickoff point. And a nine-point game would be particularly exciting: You score a touchdown late in the game down by nine. Do you go for two and try to tie the game with a kickoff point? Or do you kick the extra point and try to win the game with an onside kick followed by a field goal?

It could feature an exception to the goaltending rule. The NFL currently has a rule against goaltending on field goals and extra points: A player who jumps up and touches a ball as it is about to go through the goal posts in an attempt to block a field goal is flagged for goaltending, a 15-yard penalty. But that rule shouldn’t apply to kickoff points, because it would be great to reward a kickoff returner who’s athletic enough to leap up and swat away a kick that’s 10 or 11 feet in the air. And in a late-game situation where one point is the difference in the game, a team could put in its best goaltender to try to block a kickoff point: How exciting would it be to see the Seahawks, in a tie game in the final minute, send Jimmy Graham back to jump up and block the kickoff from going through the uprights?

This idea is very, very unlikely to be implemented. But that’s because the NFL is a fundamentally conservative and traditional league that doesn’t like to try radical new ideas. Sometimes, however, radical new ideas are brilliant. This is a rule the NFL should adopt.

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  1. Ravens propose a bonus point for kickoffs through the uprights”

    That’s because the Ravens are stupid!

    Say it ain’t so overrated and way way way overpaid Jump Ball Joe!

  2. I like it. But what happens when they swat the ball out of the end zone and into the field of play. Players will be killing themselves to jump on that ball. But it would also give poor field position if they did recover it.

  3. It has happened before. I totally in favor of it being worth a point. Add some value to the kicking game. They don’t want returns to happen encourage the guys to split the uprights. Would be way more effective than moving the touchback line to the 25. Guys like Tucker will be worth more money too. My Chiefs won’t benefit from it. Santos has been a good kicker for them, but his leg isn’t strong enough.

  4. As a huge Ravens fan, I think this idea is coming from the wrong place. Not a great look to try to change rules to bend to your team’s strengths.

  5. Another reason to do it: drawing “8 and 2” in the office pool will no longer be an automatic loss…

  6. Of course the Ravens would propose such a thing, it would give them an immediate advantage since they think they have a kicker that can make it more often than other kickers.

    Rules aren’t changed to favor one team over another unless your QB is named Brady or Manning.

  7. No, no, and no.

    With the exception of almost 40 years ago, scoring has remained the same in basketball.

    Same for baseball.

    Soccer. Tennis. Golf………………..

    Focus on your terrible officiating on bloated rulebook, leave the scoring alone.

  8. You want to make the kickoff more watchable, don’t saddle it between 4-minute commercial breaks. Extra point-commercial-Kickoff (usually for Touchback)-commercial is the worst sequence in football.

  9. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    Basically its the Ravens trying to help only themselves because their best offensive weapon is Justin Tucker.

    Flacco stinks so they won’t get points out of him, so this is Harbaugh trying to find a new way to generate points since their offense can’t

  10. I think it should be worth two points. It’ll help with injury prevention on returns and keep kickers from having their position devalued.

  11. Utterly ridiculous. The fact that it’s a completely uncontested “play” kills the idea immediately for me. Quit screwing around with the rule book and play football. Sheesh.

  12. Based on their inability to score touchdowns this week this should come as no surprise!!!

    Funny how a guy who slammed the Patriots for stretching the rule book Mr Super Whingebag Harbaugh has done nothing BUT stretch the rule book ever since!

  13. I think it’s a cool idea, especially the ability to goaltend. The NFL moved the extra point back to make the game more exciting. This idea adds an extra element of excitement.

  14. Don’t laugh at this idea. Who ever thought you’d have to make a 30 plus yard field goal for 1 lousy point. I’m still not sure why more teams don’t go for the 2 point conversion instead considering the rash of missed extra points this season.

  15. .
    Why stop there :

    TDs in the rain – 2 extra points
    TDs in the snow – 4 extra points
    East Coast safeties – 2 extra points
    Wast Coast safeties – no extra points

    All passes to Polish TE or anyone named Julian are automatically incomplete..

  16. why do I think Tucker is going to shank a field goal chance this week.. cool your jets mother tucker and let’s win the division before proposing crazy rule changes.

  17. “Read the rule book” which became an 18 month witch hunt has turned Harbaugh into a ravin’ maniac.

  18. Utterly ridiculous. The fact that it’s a completely uncontested “play” kills the idea immediately for me. Quit screwing around with the rule book and play football. Sheesh.

    I wish I could give multiple thumbs up for this comment. This is the stupidest idea for a rule change. Giving out points when the opposing team has no chance to be a factor in the play. C’mon man!

  19. In other news, Harbaugh still a whiny, point-grubbing douche.

    Interestingly though, one could note that the change to extra-point kicks was promoted by Belichick. He had a kicker who, he thought, would be as automatic as he had been at the old setup, thus giving the Patriots an advantage. As it turned out, that wasn’t the case and it cost him dearly in the playoffs.

  20. Harbaugh also said it while laughing and said he was mostly kidding, but hey, don’t let that ruin a good “Harbaugh is whining” narrative

  21. When Justin Tucker is on your team… Yeah, you want this to happen and it is the world’s greatest idea.

    If you don’t have Justin Tucker on your team…. this is the worst idea ever.

  22. Yeah it would be incredibly fun to have your team be scored on when you literally CANNOT DEFEND IT.

    Dumbest rule proposal ever.

  23. That idea must have been the result of a committee meeting. By definition, a committee is the only way an idea can be adopted that is dumber than the dumbest member.

  24. The stupidest thing to ever spew from a human mouth was when Pharaoh, asked by Moses when he wanted the plague of frogs to end, said “Tomorrow.”

    The second-stupidest thing ever said by a human being was the hack who, during a political panel discussion that included Gary Johnson, said marijuana causes heart attacks.

    This is the third-stupidest.

  25. Other than your goal-tending option, this would be a completely non-defendable play.

    Can you imagine how unsatisfying it would be to see a team tie a playoff game with a few seconds left only to win on the kickoff, while the other team sits by watching helplessly?

  26. This is so typical of the hypocritical Ravens organization. Let’s create a rule that benefits our team, and tomorrow we will complain about some other team using the rulebook against us.

    I am constantly amazed how self absorbed this group is. Don’t they even listen to themselves. This is almost as bad as Harbaugh patting himself on the back for finding a loophole in the rulebook that benefitted him, when just over a year ago he was whining like a baby when it was done to him. I can safely predict the Ravens organization won’t be leading the charge to plug this new loophole. :sarcasm:

  27. It would basically be an uncontested field goal attempt..yea, great idea..let the kickers decide the game with no pressure from the defense.

    If the NFL ever gets serious about safety, they will bring back padding on the outside football helmets. Not that long ago, the NFL allowed padding added to the outside of football helmets and those players who used it say it definitely reduced or eliminated their incidence of concussions.

    Why the media refuses to push the NFL on this subject is beyond me. The NFL is more concerned about their lucrative contract with Riddell than they are player safety.


  28. Why don’t they have a golden ball with wings flying around, and if someone from either team catches it, that team automatically wins the game?

  29. Stupid. Has nothing to do with the game of football. On all other kicks you still need a team working together. Can you imagine a team winning a Super Bowl, or even a playoff game because they have a kicker that can tee-off at the goal posts with no opposition? Awful idea. Worse than shoot-outs in the NHL to decide overtime.

  30. How about this? The team has to say whether they’ll be trying to put the kickoff between the uprights. If they succeed, give them 1 point. If they fail, take away 1 point. In a competitive game, each opportunity should carry a risk.

    They should also take away points for a team that has more than 3 holding calls on the same play.

  31. It has nothing to do with the game as it is.

    Why not give four points to whichever long snapper can snap the ball the farthest.

    Or take away five points from the team that uses the most non-reecyclables on the sidelines.

    Stuck with making the fundamentals as good as can be and leave the gimmicks to the arena league, XFL, WLAF, etc.

  32. No.

    But while we’re thinking about it, hitting the mascot with a kick or pass is worth 3!

    A Running back or receiver knocking over a person holding a parabolic microphone is worth 7!

    If it’s the opposing coach a bonus 7!

    Hitting the parachutist coming in with your beer is worth 10 points to whatever teams jersey that person is wearing!

    Getting your laser pointer pointed at a QB on Live on TV is worth 2 points and an extra timeout.

    Going Cleveland Browns and throwing batteries and snowballs with center surprises onto the field of an 0-16 team loses your first two rounds of draft picks.

    After all if we’re going to turn the NFL into a full banana republic sport, we might as well do it right.

    But I’d say quit messing with stupid stuff.

  33. Gotta love Harbaugh for wanting to author the rulebook to his liking. “I also propose that if you win the coin toss while your team is dressed in black and purple, you get 2 points and an extra challenge ‘

  34. He’s like “I’m so good they should give me extra points for doing this cool thing I did today”

  35. Too many rule changes. Too much bad officiating. Too expensive. The NFL is destroying itself by over thinking what made it great in the first place, and that’s football. SMH

  36. Vegas would like it. That’d be the kind of proposition the average rube would love.

  37. Football is a great game. The best in the world. If you can’t win at football, change coaches, don’t change the rules. We had a rules change last year, did we not? We moved the ball back on extra points. Are TV ratings higher or lower? I don’t know who comes up with these ideas, but they’re not consumers of the game. So they move the extra point back, and now FG kickers have more to do with wins and losses than the players. When was the last time a FG kicker’s jersey was a top seller? We don’t spend our money to watch fluke FG misses determine outcomes. Now someone wants to add another fluke. How about working on blocking and tackling and catching and throwing and running. Did you ever watch practice. All the players and coaches are over here, and the kickers are all alone at the other end of the field. I don’t think most fans would cry if they did away with kickers altogether.

  38. How about more important issues first, like getting rid of Goddell and Thursday night football.

  39. If you allow the goal tending on these then the team that defends the kick should get a point for successfully defending it.

  40. Of course this comes from the guy who has a strong legged kicker.

    Bad idea since there is an inherent advantage/disadvantage in some stadiums (altitude, winds, crappy field, etc.).

  41. Eh, no.

    More interesting but just as possibly bad would be giving FG points based on length. Inside 30, 1 point, 30-40, 2pts, 40-50 3 pts, 50+ 4 pts.

  42. I really like the idea. I always thought it was awesome when a kicker got a “field goal” through the uprights on a kickoff. I really wish the NFL would try something new and implement this. I juts wonder how it would count for fantasy.

  43. Justin Tucker isn’t THE best kicker in the NFL; he is ONE of the best kickers in the NFL. At a bare minimum, Dan Bailey is up there too (without debate), and Stephen Gostkowski was as well before this past season’s struggles.

  44. Prior to its inception, the majority were against moving the extra point back. Now the majority view it as a great decision because of what it adds to the game. Initially the headline told me no but as I read it is an interesting idea and I would welcome they try it in pre season. However, I do agree that it should have come from a team that didn’t have the best kicker in the game.

  45. I say OK but the opposing team can have one players tand on top of the goalpost and try and goal tend. That would be high drama..especially if he dives and falls off the goal post and lands on his head.

  46. The idea had crossed my mind…when you see a kickoff split the uprights…i say to myself ‘What if that counted for something?’ I don’t think it should be changed though. Then What? We award the punting team if they do the same?

  47. Consult Belichick for any and all rule changes. League waits 5 years minimum after he proposes changes (e.g. moving extra point kick back) in attempt to deny it was his idea.

    Goal line cameras and challenges for any call make sense but they can’t stomach adopting them without dragging their feet.

    And Harbaugh – Bill got you the job, but you’re no Belichick, focus on learning the current rule book before suggesting changes. Suggestion rejected.

  48. @iammrbinky
    People actually like the extra point move?

    I am only in favor of rules that undo recent changes. Starting with the kickoff rule that ended up with boring touchbacks to start the game.

  49. I’d rather see the other team get a point if a team misses a FG or extra point. Though I’d rather have neither.

  50. I’d be in favour if the kicking team has to line up ten yards behind the ball. The receiving team has to line up ten yards from the ball. And they get a chainsaw. If you can reach the ball and kick it through the uprights before the receiving team cuts your left off, you get a point.

  51. Sure,Harbaugh wants this because he has Justin Tucker, one of the NFL’s best kickers. If he had say, Blair Walsh, he’d never open his mouth. It’s a dumb idea anyway. Leave the game alone…

  52. You want to make kick offs more interesting? Here’s your answer:

    Eliminate the kick altogether.

    The receiving team gets one untimed play from their own 15 yard line, where no penalties shall be called for false start or illegal formation. Players can line up any way they want and move at will prior to the snap.

    If you want it more interesting still, add a 5-yard wide neutral zone with the defense lining up at the 20.

  53. Great idea! But move the kickoff spot back to the 40. That makes it a 70 yard “field goal,” and that 5 yards is a big difference. The league will not and should not implement something like this until all teams have kickers who can kick that far.

  54. could be interesting at the end of a game, team scores and they are down by one, 30 seconds left on the clock.

    which do you attempt: On-sides kick or kick through the uprights?

  55. How about putting a cheerleader in a dunking booth and lowering it on top of the cross bar and if the kicker hits the bullseye for an extra point 🙂

  56. I’d be OK with this IF

    1) Teams must declare they’re going for the 1pt
    2) Teams must kickoff from the 30 yard line.
    3) Teams can only attempt 1-1pt kickoff per game.
    4) If missed, the touchback is moved to the 35 yard line.

  57. Another stupid change being supported by people who know nothing about football. Surprising. Can’t wait for the endless articles supporting this.

  58. some more ideas:

    1 point to the opposing team for each player that kneels or sits during the National Anthem

    change the coin toss to rock/paper-scissors. you flinch you lose. (this won’t happen, no commemorative coin to sell later)

  59. Bad idea, now at every kickoff the kicker is gunning for the uprights as oppose to having punt returning any opportunity of a run back! This aint soccer!!!

  60. I said this back when they wanted to modify the kickoffs.

    There is another benefit…any stupid penalty after a score (that gets assessed on the kickoff) could lead to a higher percentage of scoring on that kick.

  61. I’m not in favor of adding another scoring play, but you could still provide incentive that benefits the kicking team without awarding points and improves player safety.

    Regular touchback – receiving team gets the ball at the 25 (same as today).

    Kick the ball through the uprights – receiving team gets the ball at the 15 yard line.

  62. ooooh and then we could add on 3rd downs, a QB, if no receivers are open, can opt to throw the ball through the goal posts and get 4 points!

    SHAADDDDUP!! You are a KICKER!! In 2-3 years, kickers will be obsolete in the NFL the way it is going, this silly attempt to stay relevant isn’t going to help!

  63. vikingsftw says:
    Nov 29, 2016 12:11 PM

    I say OK but the opposing team can have one players tand on top of the goalpost and try and goal tend. That would be high drama..especially if he dives and falls off the goal post and lands on his head.

    Shhh. We’re pretending to be concerned with player safety, remember?

  64. There is another solution to this, that solves a number of problems.

    1-If the kicking team kicks the ball OUT of the endzone, the touchback is enforced at the 40. A missed attempt at this kick would then give the receiving team an advantage. If a kickoff out of bounds is penalized this way, why wouldn’t preventing the team from returning it at all? If you make the kick through the uprights, your reward is 1 point. Your risk is field position. It also puts a premium on penalties on scoring plays. If you COULD get an extra point because of a roughing the kicker penalty on an extra point, why NOT penalize the offending team.

    2-If the receiving team chooses to take a knee after successfully fielding the kick, the touchback is enforced at the 25 yard line. There is no disadvantage or danger to player safety.

    Watching teams kick off from the 50 yard line following personal fouls on scoring plays would now have a LITTLE more tension to them, right?

    Teams would then have to decide about what type of play they were going to put in place to restart the game. Strangely, football is the ONLY game that allows a restart where the ball is not ACTUALLY in play. That, in itself, is stupid.

  65. ….Why not?……the ORIGINAL NFL is looong gone…..might as well keep changing the game for the younger generation. While we’re at it, why don’t we install electronic sensors in the footballs so when the crosses the goal line massive fireworks go off in the stadium to signify a touchdown !!!!! ….

  66. This wasn’t a real proposed idea people. It was no more than all of the stupid ideas you are proposing. It was a comment made to reporters most likely as a joke so RELAX. However, I did like the idea someone posted about instead of it being a point that it gives the ball at the 15.

  67. Where did Harbaugh propose this? I see/hear Tucker on a radio show. That’s not exactly official process for NFL rule proposals. Talk about making something out of nothing for the sake of “news”.

  68. Let’s make a giant paper triangle and put up big fingers and try to flick it through from the other side of the table. About as ridiculous. Maybe try something like CFL – 1 point to the kicking team if the receiver takes a knee. Make everything have to be run back. Then don’t have kick-offs at all – start every drive at the 20. Why waste the time with a kick-off. It only opens commercial time before and after that we all have grown to love.

  69. If this were implemented this could make post TD or extra point penalities more interesting. A celebration penalty could move the kick back and out of range or a defensive unneccary roughness could move it forward and make the kickoff try easier. Not a terrible idea but kick off returns are more exciting than watching kickers blast it out of the end zone

  70. Sure, and while they’re add it, how about giving teams an extra an extra point for field goals that carom in off the upright?

    Or go the other way, and make kicks that carom off the upright only worth 2 points?

    Or they could introduce some new kind of ball, one that doesn’t travel as far, and allow the option of kicking that ball instead, for extra point?

    I mean, since we’re proposing new, ridiculous, nonsensical, random ways to score.

  71. how about something a little less dramatic; like imposing a penalty for kicking the ball past the back of the endzone. more balls will either be targeted near the front of the goal line or in front of it and more likely to be returned.

    i can’t stand watching the ball kicked behind the endzone. complete waste of time. heck a commercial is more fun to watch.

  72. Use this rule and eliminate the XP. After a TD either go for 2 or try to get it through the uprights on the ensuing kickoff. #eliminate FGs

  73. Ugh, here we go:

    Point 1: had the NFL listened to fans or anyone who knows anything about strategy, they would have realized that kickers were going to pop it up in order to avoid a touchback. Many commenters said the very same here on PFT. If anything, the NFL needed to start the ball at the 15 yard line, which would have incentivized kickers to put the ball in the endzone.

    Point 2: No, no, no. The point of football is to score TDs and get the ball as close to the endzone as possible. Basketball has ruined their game with the implementation of the 3 point shot. The goal is to get close to the rim not chuck from 25 feet away. You would be rewarding teams that can’t move the ball. And then teams would take penalties on 3rd down to get into 4 point FG range. Please no.

    The goal of the NFL should be to greatly reduce kicking from the game. Not remove it altogether (keep FGs) but make sure that the kicker isnt the 2nd most important player on the team anymore. And change XPs to 1 point from 2-3 yard line and 2 points from 8-10 yard line, they must be run or passed in like normal football.

  74. I cannot stand the Harbaughs. Just completely obnoxious, especially now since Ozzie and Harbaugh will use the Comp. Committee platform to cheat.

    Just a disgusting organization from top to bottom, full of sideline whining, post game whining and support of murderers and wifebeaters.


    Good work, Goodell.

  75. I have proposed the very idea for years.

    I also don’t think that a team that makes that extra point should give up the ball. If they are good enough to make the point, they also get the ball back.

    There is no reason a hot team should be forced to give up the ball just because its fair to the team that just choked.

    Let’s do as the Patriots tell us is right – it is your job to stop us; if you can’t oh well.

  76. Like the guy said above a one handed TD catch extra point.

    why not add

    1) QB run for TD extra point
    2) pick 6 extra 1.5 points
    3) onside kick recovery that was declared extra 0.75 points
    4) Making a 1st down on 3rd and 20 or longer extra timeout.
    5) Kick off return for TD in which at least one pitch of the ball was used 20 seconds can be added to or taken from the clock at the team who scored request.
    6) The team with the ugliest uniforms get a five yard penalty at the beginning of the game.
    7) Team with the most famous QB gets three free penalties that they can call any time of the game PI, late hit, and holding regardless whether they happened or not.

    Keep it up with the rule changes and the NFL will be like Hockey in 20 years.

  77. This is a horrible idea. This is completely unfair for outdoor teams. Outdoors, where real football is played! Save this crap for the arena leagues. Except for maybe the Browns. I’d be willing to give them a handicap.

  78. It’s funny you hear about Jump Ball Joe and Reg Season Joe but how can you forget the most important Playoff Joe where he’s at his deadliest you and you president lie his numbers don’t.

  79. No point/points can be given because the play is undefendable, PERIOD… but from a pure Dumbass Roger Goodell viewpoint on player safety, maybe a risk reward thing where you’d have to call the attempt beforehand and then if he makes it, the opposing team starts from say, the 10 instead of say, the 40 if he misses. It’ll basically be a 15yd. bet on the kick either way. And if the kick is short, the return team can always attempt to run it back if they so choose, and the ball would be spotted wherever the runner is tackled, plus the 15yds.(any penalty by the return team would be upheld and walked off and the 15 bonus yds. would be negated/any penalty by the kicking team would be upheld and walked off, plus the 15 bonus yds.). Risk/Reward, Player safety is upgraded and you can’t win or lose the game on an undefendable play.

  80. This new rule would be worth it for two reasons.

    First, it would irritate the right people — people who resist every change, in every form, anywhere. They’re killing us as a species.

    Secondly, this would change all the math on how to approach the end of a game/half. That’ll be hilarious.

    If you think it’s fun to watch Jim Caldwell stare at the Jumbotron and look like he’s lost his keys amidst a pile of keys, remember that he’s this clueless with the end of game procedure mostly locked-down for what coaches should do. The choices are limited.

    Now imagine Caldwell in the same situation, but he’s trying to carry the one and divide by pi and figure out whether to go for two or kick it through or both.

    Multiply that joy you’d feel seeing him do this times the number of teams with clueless coaches, and multiply that number by 16.


  81. The fact that this idea came from Tucker and the Ravens would be like Jason Garrett suggesting TDs scored by rookies should be worth two extra points.

  82. For those who do not like the idea of not being able to defend this type of play, this type of play already exists. It is the free kick. It might not be used much, but it is in the rule book.

  83. Instead of adding points, make it about field position.

    Through the uprights = Offense starts at the 2 pt conversion line.

    But, it the ball goes over the end line in the air = Offense starts at the 35.

    Ball bounces through end zone = Normal touchback at 25.

  84. Fine but if the kicker misses, the receiving team gets the ball on their own 40 to start the drive. Or we can just go back to returning kick like the old days. These guys get paid a lot to assume the injury risk.

  85. NO. The kickoff is intended to give the other team a chance to get the ball and run with it. This harebrain idea would change the whole concept and meaning of the kickoff, where the kicking team just had their offensive turn (and scored), now it’s the other team’s turn at offense- not stand there and watch the other team score again.

  86. Justin Tucker is probably the best kicker in the league. However, his ego is so huge, it boarders on sickening. Watched him in Sunday’s game and after he made his 50+ yarder, his arms were up in the air like he was some sort of God.

    You are only a kicker dude and if your quarterback was worth his salt, you’d only be out there for an extra point every now and again.

  87. I’m a strong proponent of making a two-posession lead a 10 point difference and not the current 9 point margin between the 2 ballclubs. A game considered out of reach for the losing team is currently a 17 point difference, or 3 possession game. This would bump that up to a 19 point lead. I could be in favor of this therefore! It would need to be implemented properly. A- teams can only try this starting in the 2nd half. B- teams have to declare when they are attempting it. C- if missed, it can be returned for a touchdown(6 points) plus the missed kickoff point conversion(1 point) plus the receiving team gets a normal try after touchdown. D- a kickoff conversion is attempted from the 30 yard line not the current 35 yard line making it a difficult 80 yard kick. E- if missed through the end line and not returned, its treated like a kickoff out of bounds and brought to the 40 yard line. F- if missed but caught by the returner and not returned, he simply needs to down it in the end zone and its brought out to the 40. G- Not a fan of the goaltending rule in any sport. If you are trying to score on me I should be allowed to block it regardless of anything. All kicks should be allowed to get blocked. A 2 posession game should be 10 points, double digits, not single digits or 9 points, this is a good rule addition.

  88. Four more points: H- This will help to keep the foot in football, which is vital. I- It will place even more importance on having a great kicker, the 2nd most important player on any football team after the quarterback. J- This should only be allowed as an option after touchdowns or with the kickoff to the 2nd half/overtime, no trying this after field goals, on any punt, or any free kick, or during the 1st half. K- This would allow a team to lose a game with only 1 point, I like that!!! Say a 50-0 woodshedding but the losing team converts a kickoff conversion to start the 2nd half making it 50-1. No other scoring the rest of the game making the final 50-1. Nice! … But yes, I would vote for this enthusiastically!!

  89. zygizag says:
    Nov 29, 2016 9:14 PM
    Like the guy said above a one handed TD catch extra point.

    why not add

    1) QB run for TD extra point
    2) pick 6 extra 1.5 points
    3) onside kick recovery that was declared extra 0.75 points
    4) Making a 1st down on 3rd and 20 or longer extra timeout.
    5) Kick off return for TD in which at least one pitch of the ball was used 20 seconds can be added to or taken from the clock at the team who scored request.
    6) The team with the ugliest uniforms get a five yard penalty at the beginning of the game.
    7) Team with the most famous QB gets three free penalties that they can call any time of the game PI, late hit, and holding regardless whether they happened or not.

    Keep it up with the rule changes and the NFL will be like Hockey in 20 years.

    #7 is already being used.

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