Clay Matthews upset about “cheap shot” from Allen Barbre

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Packers linebacker Clay Matthews isn’t happy with a former teammate, who he thinks is to blame for his shoulder injury.

Matthews was upset about what he felt was a “cheap shot” block by Eagles right tackle and his former Packers teammate Allen Barbre. Barbre cleared Matthews out with a blindside block on an end around in the first quarter, and Matthews clearly wasn’t pleased.

I wasn’t a fan of it,” Matthews said of the block, via Rob Demovsky of “I mean, I’ve got a lot more to say about it, but I’m going to say it behind closed doors. It was a cheap shot, but it is what it is. I hate it.

“Unfortunately, I landed on my shoulder, and that’s kind of what I’ve been dealing with since.”

Barbre wasn’t penalized and Matthews said he didn’t know if it was legal, but that didn’t seem to matter to him.

“I don’t know. They didn’t throw a flag probably because I wasn’t a quarterback,” Matthews said. “I know all about that.”

They’re hoping he’s able to return this week to play the Texans, and they need him. He had to shift to inside linebacker because of injuries to Blake Martinez and Jake Ryan, and was only able to return to the game because of a pain-killing injection. They had to use safety Morgan Burnett at the position while he was getting treatment.

“I’m in some pain, no doubt about it,” Matthews said. “There’s some swelling [and] bruising, but we got an X-ray and nothing’s broken so that’s good. So we’ll see moving forward the progress I make going into this game. That’s ultimately the goal, but we’ve got some work to.”

Perhaps as a result of all the injuries, the Packers didn’t hold practice Wednesday. Coach Mike McCarthy said it was built into the plan with a short week and having played back-to-back night games.

50 responses to “Clay Matthews upset about “cheap shot” from Allen Barbre

  1. Ice up son.

    Head on a swivel.

    It’s football, you’re going to get hit. What was the tackle supposed to do, let up?

    Would Mathews hold up on a blind side sack and take it easy on the opposing QB? No, no he wouldn’t.

    He would level the guy as viciously as he could and try to knock him into next week.

  2. Hahahahaha, that was the funniest headlines I’ve read all day. Mathews complaining about a cheap shot is like….well, Mathews complaining about a cheap shot. He should watch tape of his spearing of Brian Hoyer, where he intentionally broke an opponents arm with his helmet, for a clear illustration of cheap. No penalty though. Unlike the other night where Rodgers got sacked and was given a free first down and 15 yards after he did his patented crappie flop to draw a flag.

    Packer football.

  3. The packers are a bunch of babies. The packers get more calls from the refs then any other team. And yet here is another example of a packer player crying to the media to try and get even more calls on what many considered to of been a clean block.


  4. What that play showed me was how little heart the packers defense has. The block was legal. It wasn’t necessarily a cheap shot either. However, for a defense to let a dude get away with something like that without an equally measured response by Green Bay’s defensive players is bad on the pack’s part. Barbre needed to get got after that play. It’s similar to in baseball when a batter shows up a pitcher by doing the slow trot after a home run. Dude needs a fastball to the ribs the next time he is in the batters box.

  5. If that block was cheap or illegal we all might as well stop watching football. Mathews was in position to make a play and block freed the runner. That’s classic good football.

  6. I guess he doesn’t remember the cheap shot he gave to Russell Wilson.

    What a pathetic excuse of a football players. Grow some. You’re being paid how much money and can’t ever stay on the field.

  7. Packer fan here, and he could not be more wrong. Just like the Warren Sapp on Chad Clifton play … it only looks dirty and looks like a cheap shot, but in fact, it is not at all. Perfectly legal. Clay is making himself look like an idiot, by complaining about this.

  8. (Her)His team has been using cheap shots against AP since AP has entered the league and ran all over that team. (S)he has no right to complain at all. Legal block, legal hit, pull up your skirt and play some football Mr(s)!!

  9. Wow, cry baby much? Even if he thinks it really was a cheap shot he has to know nothing good can come from complaining about it publicly.

  10. Looked pretty clean to me. Barbre wasn’t flagged, and I’d be surprised if he was fined. If CMIII is gonna dish it out, he should be man enough to take the same medicine without whining about it. You do have to give him credit for playing the game through that injury though.

  11. “I mean, I’ve got a lot more to say about it, but I’m going to say it behind closed doors. It was cheap shot, but it is what it is. I hate it”

    After saying “cheap shot”, I’d like to know what more could be said about it behind closed doors…

  12. As a GB fan you never want to see players from your favorite team hit like that, especially one dealing with injuries, but just Cuz you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean it was dirty.

    Just cause Matthew’s knows the play wasn’t designed for an Oline men to block 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  13. Isn’t this guy the master of the cheap shot? The Packers won Clay no need to be upset about a good clean block. Then again Clay always loves the attention.

  14. It appeared legal to me as well but Clay never saw it coming and Barbre could easily have blocked him out of the play without trying to kill him.

    Defensive players would get flagged and fined on that nearly every time.

  15. I loved it. It was one of the best blocks I’ve seen all year. Oh, it’s OK when its one of your own throwing a block like that. I Freakin Loved It……. Best Block Of the Year……….

  16. ariani1985 says:
    Nov 30, 2016 4:38 PM
    Coming from the dirtiest player in the NFL, ok fabio! “Eyes roll”!

    Top 20 maybe. Burfict, Harrison, Ward, Suh, Talib, Incognito, Munnerlyn and many others say hello

  17. Clearly showing early signs of withdrawal from PED’s –
    In these early stages the patient will become emotional & easily upset especially if they feel slighted, bullied, feeling taken advantage of. They will also endure lonely bouts weeping in the dark wondering “what went wrong” ? …..
    LOL…He’s just going soft without his juicey juice!
    Just a hack player that’s best known for his girly hair & cheap-shots complaining ABOUT getting completely blown up on a LEGAL block!!

  18. Getting his bell rung was his own fault. He might not like it and Packer fans don’t either, but it was legal, in my opinion.

  19. The block was textbook and Matthews is being a girl. Legally took out a defender who was about to make a tackle. The type of block that should be put on the “how to block” tape.

    Does anyone remember Matthews’ kill shot on Russell Wilson in the NFC Championship game a couple years ago?

    I member.

  20. Goldilocks got clocked…

    it’s football!! for once Mathews was on the receiving end of a hard but clean hit and he whines about it.

  21. Poor Dirt Matthews – getting played the same way he plays others. I’m only sorry he doesn’t suffer a career ending injury so that other players will be safe.

  22. Thought he’d enjoy being forced out of the game vs the shame of pulling yourself out for being out of shape.

  23. Total clean hit and I am a Packer fan. Everyone has seen him dance on the edge of what is clean and he is complaining about this? Time to cut this fool.

  24. I thought that used to be a clean block but who knows with all the stupid rules under Blandino and Goodell.

    I cant remember if it was a college game or NFL game but someone did the same exact thing and got flagged for it

  25. Barbre is probably going to get fined for that.

    There was zero reason to throw that block like that unless you wanted to injure someone.

  26. It reminds me of the Warren Sapp cheap shot on Chad Clifton years ago. It may have been “legal,” but it was not necessary, it was cheap, and it was done only because Sapp is negatively-influenced idiot.

  27. It was a cheap shot and didn’t need to happen.
    Nice to see the Queens fans don’t let us down with their anti-Clay comments. You are nothing if you aren’t predictable.

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