Eric Dickerson’s words regarding Jeff Fisher don’t mesh with Dickerson’s actions

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With his mouth, Eric Dickerson says he’s not out to get Jeff Fisher fired. With his fingers, Dickerson is sending a much different message.

I don’t hold a grudge against him,” the Rams Hall of Famer told Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times regarding the Rams coach. “I don’t have a vendetta against Jeff at all. My thing is, when he said to me that I make his players uncomfortable and his coaches uncomfortable, I don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable. That’s not my job. I want my team to play football.”

It’s hard to reconcile Dickerson’s words with his actions. Specifically, with his “retweets” and “likes” at his Twitter page. For most of the time since the story first emerged, Dickerson has been implicitly approving of tweets that take his side in the squabble over Dickerson’s access to the team — including multiple tweets that openly call for Fisher’s ouster and/or Dickerson’s hiring as the team’s next coach.

So, basically, if this is how Dickerson goes about not trying to get Fisher fired, what would he do if Dickerson actually were trying to get Fisher fired?

As noted by Farmer, Dickerson took aim elsewhere in the organization when discussing the situation on ESPN.

“Very disappointed in [Rams executive] Kevin Demoff,” Dickerson said on SportsCenter. “I told Jeff Fisher this at the beginning, I said, ‘This didn’t come from you, this came from Kevin Demoff.’ And he started laughing.  So I said that’s how I feel about this whole situation.”

That’s fine, but Dickerson hasn’t declared that he won’t attend Rams games as long as Demoff is still running the team. Dickerson has said he won’t attend Rams games as long as Fisher is coaching it.

And so while on the surface this story is about the not-so-interesting question of whether Dickerson will or won’t be at games played by the Rams, the real story here is that Dickerson has decided to try to get Fisher fired, regardless of whether Dickerson is willing to admit that he’s trying to get Fisher fired.

Which highlights one of the dangers of a team getting too cozy with former players. Opening the door and welcoming them with open arms means welcoming their opinions. But those opinions can carry significance with the fan base, especially if those opinions are given credence by the team.

The Rams thought sidelines passes and other gratuities would help them curry favor with former players, simultaneously allowing the franchise to use the former players as marketing props and ensuring that they won’t lash out if/when the team underperforms. As to Dickerson, the Rams have badly miscalculated, resulting in a P.R. mess that has endured multiple spins of the 24-hour news cycle — and that could make it harder when the season ends for owner Stan Kroenke to give Fisher a new contract.

18 responses to “Eric Dickerson’s words regarding Jeff Fisher don’t mesh with Dickerson’s actions

  1. Using Twitter or other forms of social media to make a point is cowardly. Why don’t these two “men” just sit down and talk about it?

  2. Dickerson doesn’t need to try and get Fisher fired. Fisher is doing a fine enough job of that on his own.

  3. I’m no fan of Jeff Fisher, the coach, but it seems to me that Eric is making this worse in an attempt to stay relevant. Would a new coach want Eric around knowing this could be his fate as well?

  4. For most of the season now PFT has poked fun at Fishers 7-9 quote from Hard Knocks. For most of the season PFT has wondered out loud how in the world Fisher could possibly be given a contract extension. Now when a former superstar for that organization comes out saying the same things you’re taking Fishers side!?

    The fastest way to get the LA fan base to not care about Rams football is a couple of losing seasons.

    Also, I doubt very much that Stan Kronke is combing Eric Dickersons twitter page trying to gauge the pulse of Ram nation.

  5. This puts things in a very different light.

    It’s one thing to criticize your former team out of concern for their performance; it’s quite another to do it because you covet the Head Coach’s job.

    Ulterior motives.

    Fisher is still a DB, but I wouldn’t want a guy who’s after my job, on my sideline either

  6. So he went from one of the baddest men to ever play, to a 13 year old girl over night. He seems pretty petty and lame at this point. Is he wrong to want a different coach? No, he’s entitled to have that opinion, but c’mon man. I feel like the interviews put the public firmly behind him in this squabble, now that he is becoming juvenile about it changes that

  7. “It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.”

    It was a mutual use that didn’t work out well, that’s now being used by one of them to increase his profile. Just more of the WWE/Kardashianizing of the NFL, so glad there’s a team back in the nation’s capital of banality. (sigh)

  8. Did everyone forget how Dickerson left the Rams in 1987? It was over a contract dispute, and it resulted in a trade. So why would anyone think Dickerson would just be the smooth, harmonious person that wasn’t worried about himself first.

    Did I miss the part of the show where the L.A. Rams don’t have any other significant players in their history beside Eric Dickerson? Go embrace Jack Youngblood, Larry Brooks, Tom Mack, Henry Ellard, etc.

  9. Distraction and egotistical…he isn’t the first former player to have his credential revoked…won’t be the last. He’s a selfish person, just stay away. That coaching thing will take care of itself. Mr Seven and Nine is on a short leash.

  10. Eric D did a lot more for the Rams than Jeff Fisher has. Of course he had a great O Line too. QB, not so much.

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