Luke Kuechly still out of Panthers practice

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The Panthers took linebacker Luke Kuechly with them on their two-week road trip to the West Coast in hopes that he’d be able to play against the Seahawks this weekend, but he hasn’t been cleared from the concussion protocol yet.

Kuechly missed practice on Wednesday while still dealing with the concussion he suffered in the team’s Week 11 victory over the Saints. Kuechly did not practice at all last week either, which indicates he’s still in the early stages of the protocol almost two weeks after sustaining the injury.

The Panthers announced that safety Kurt Coleman is also in the concussion protocol, so their defense may be missing multiple players when they hit Seattle this weekend. The playoffs are all but out of reach for the Panthers, but the Seahawks are working to nail down a first-round bye and the absences would likely help their offense’s chances of bouncing back from last week’s five-point showing against the Buccaneers.

Wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin also sat out with a shoulder injury that he’s been dealing with for the last couple of weeks. Benjamin was able to play a regular role against the Raiders, however, so this may just be maintenance to ensure he’s available this weekend.

18 responses to “Luke Kuechly still out of Panthers practice

  1. When he was down in the game, Al and Cris were initially talking about a possible leg injury… I’m saying out loud to the TV “Leg?? That boy can’t breathe!” The way he was hyperventilating, I thought he may have suffered a lung injury.

    Don’t rush him back – that was scary to watch.

  2. It’s a shame about Luke. There seems to be a distinct and rapid path to retirement via concussions…and sadly he appears to be on that path.

  3. bobthebillsfan says:

    With or without him, I think the results will be the same. The Panthers are just not the team this year that they were last year.
    Actually, I think they are. They just don’t have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year. The Cowboys do.

  4. They should put Kuechly on IR and not risk any further injury to a star player as this team will not make any playoffs this season and are only playing for pride and a Top Ten draft pick in 2017. Tank the season and move on. Nothing to play for here.

  5. If Kuechly and Coleman don’t play, that doesn’t leave many excuses for the 2012s when their offense fails to put up more than 10 points . . . again.

  6. We will beat the Seagags for third straight time. We have some injuries what is the 12th man’s lame excuse for 5 points? What? Seems like just yesterday that we walked out of that quiet Seahawks stadium with W and then finished with W in playoffs. Nice!

  7. Would have been fun watching two of the best MLBs in him and Wagner on the field in the same game, but Kuechly has nothing to play for, he should heal up for next season.

  8. His future well-being is much more important than the Panthers’ status, regardless of whether they have a shot of making the playoffs or not.
    Kuechly is one of those guys the concussion protocol was developed for. He is just too competitive for his own good. I suspect he would be back in there now trying to help the team if it was his choice. I’m glad, for his sake, that it’s not.

  9. This should not be news, Kuechly should take the rest of the year at least to recuperate. Not that it should be material in the decision, but their record should make it easier for management to do the right thing.

  10. I’m tempted to cry over this but I don’t want Cam Cheating to call me a racist for not crying when his oxen butt is treated with the disrespect he’s earned.

  11. Seahawks need to show something Sunday. This is getting old….scoring 5-6 points and putting the D in bad situations. Wilson should have an easier time putting up 3-4 TDs with Kuechly still out….but the national admiration for Seattles rep is in need of being verified.

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