New Jeff Fisher, Les Snead deals may have one-year void provisions

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With the Rams five games away from concluding the five-year contract signed in 2012 by coach Jeff Fisher, league insiders continue to suggest that Fisher already has a new deal in place, along with G.M. Les Snead.

As one league source explained it to PFT, the theory/hypothesis/rumor currently making the rounds is that the contracts will cover multiple years, but will give the Rams the ability to void the contracts after one year.

If true, this means that the deals will actually be one-year Band-Aids masquerading as multi-year deals, giving the Rams the flexibility to cancel the arrangements without financial penalty after 2017.

The Rams consistently have said that there is no update regarding the contracts of Fisher and Snead, both of whom will become free agents absent new contracts. Recent comments from COO Kevin Demoff have been interpreted as a strong hint that Fisher will indeed be back.

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  1. Yeah just keep pushing things down the road. Fisher hasn’t coached a winning team since 2008, he hasn’t coached a .500 team since 2009. He won’t all of a sudden find his magic again if he is brought back for another year, so in doing so they’re just giving the Rams 1 more year at 7-9 before they make the change.

  2. Demoff telling us how awesome Fisher is is not new. He’s been doing it for five years.

    Part of his job is to feel the pulse of the fanbase. He’ll never be able to sell “Well, you have to disregard wins and losses” to season ticket holders and he knows it.

    Barring a miracle finish, it’s real hard to see Fisher back; as HC, anyway. This is about how seriously Kroenke takes his new investment in LA.

    Rams don’t have a team president. Most of what they like about Fisher doesn’t have to do with coaching. This is a potential promotion/job he could actually be good at.

  3. ‘No update’ doesn’t mean no contract, it also doesn’t breathe any new life into this dead horse you continue beating.

  4. All the silly people that think Kroenke cares about what the fans think or whether they actually win. Owning an NFL franchise is a liscense to print money no matter how good or bad they are. Any decision kroenke makes is to benifit him and the team not winning going to effect his bottom line. Who knows, maybe he is getting some enjoyment out of this.

    lol at the silly people

  5. As a Rams fan, please don’t let this be true.

    If it is true, it just shows that Kroenke puts no stock in winning. Shame there will be no-one in the stadium to watch the Rams lose.

    The Colesium was going to be less than half full for the rest of the season already. Next year it just gets worse.

  6. When the team was in St Louis this sort of incompetence was largely ignored by the national media. Now the team is in a big market this stuff gets attention. St Louis isn’t just a baseball town, it’s a town that had a horrible football team for years. That’s why there were empty seats near the end of their run. Now the team is in LA and you will see empty seats. Bottom line, it’s not the fans fault. It’s not the city’s fault. It’s the teams fault. This is an incompetent organization and it’s finally getting national attention. 4 winning seasons in 27 years.

  7. Fisher is a freaking magician. How the hell else do you explain keeping this job despite NEVER winning?

  8. 7/9; 7/9; 7/9; 7/9; 7/9! And still no new contract announcement? Just Trick or Treat teases? Okay-I get it. So is what they are really telling us is that if Fisher goes 6/10 or worse this year, he’s fired? Keep your fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed For losses LA fans. Or you’ll be stuck with another 5 years of 35/45.

  9. I’ll believe this only after I see it actually happen BTW. I’d lay 10-1 odds (in favor) that Jim Harbaugh is the new Rams Coach & GM in 2017. And Kroenke will back the Brinks truck up to his door in Ann Arbor to get him! If the Rams can’t lure him out in 2017 I believe 100% it will be a handshake deal for 2018 & beyond with Harbaugh. Which will let Harbaugh make a big run for the NCAA Title game in 2016. And that may be the only reason how Fisher may stick around in 2017.

  10. Jeff Fisher must know where the bodies are buried. Otherwise, 6 winning seasons out of 22 as an NFL head coach and anyone else would be unemployed by now.

  11. Fisher took the Redskins, showed no class, and made nothing of it. Then, he stupidly made the same kind of trade for Goff. Classless fool.

  12. .
    Big celebration at the house of Sports illustrated’s, Peter King, who doubles as Fisher’s de facto agent and Rams media apologist.

    Let’s see, both Fisher and King are represented by Marvin Demoff, the father of Rams COO, Kevin Demoff, so we know that everything is on the up and up.

    Someday, some inquisitive journalist, is going to do a story on the rampant nepotism and the incestuous relationships which are prevalent throughout the NFL.

  13. Will we stop referring to him as coach 7-9 if he ends up 5-11 this season? I think his glorious 7-9 days have passed him up already. He’s a double digit loss coach now.

  14. This group will be around for awhile. This is the reward for helping Stan get to LA. You can believe it or not but that’s the reason. Stan does not care about winning. Stan couldn’t care less about the fans. Stan doesn’t care if the stadium is half empty. He will make a fortune either way. If he did care , don’t you think he would get rid of these boobs and get a real COO , GM and HC ? Maybe model your franchise after a proven winner ……… say like NE or Pitts ? Hell you were in STL Stan , you had a model franchise down the street. They are fan friendly , have a winning tradition , big in the community ,make a ton of money. They have figured it out. Fans can only surmise that you are not interested in any of that except for the making money part.

  15. BTW………. The only way to get a big time coach to come to the Rams is give him complete control. That does not work. Its what Fisher has now. They will need a new COO , GM and HC. You hire the COO first then the GM and they hire the HC. A GM that is in charge of the HC and drafts the players. The Rams set up is Fisher has complete control of the football side of the franchise. Its too much for one guy. You need a HC that coaches with input on players he thinks he needs to win. The GM gets the players. The COO should get out of the way and take care of the business side . The HC reports to the GM. Its not like that with the Rams. The HC reports to the owner.

  16. I wonder if K. Demoff is represented by M. Demoff. It would be interesting to know how many Rams are represented by M. Demoff. There was a local TV sports guy that was doing Rams preseason games when they were here was let go by Kevin Demoff for criticizing the Rams play and was replaced by a guy that was represented by ……………… you guessed it ………..Marvin Demoff. Funny how this all works.

  17. bostoncollie says:
    Nov 30, 2016 5:20 PM
    50-50 that the deal is voided after year 1


    I’d put the odds more at 7-9, myself…

  18. Wouldn’t you love to know their plan ? Is it just muddle through this first couple of years until the stadium is complete ? Or we love Jeff Fisher and he is our guy no matter what ? Or we have no plan and we think everything is fine the way it is . Fans are dumb and they will come and support us no matter what we do. We think we have a good young team with a good young QB and we will win soon.

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