Cowboys survive Vikings, win 11th straight

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The Cowboys turned in another solid defensive effort and cashed in a key turnover Thursday night as they held off the Vikings, 17-15.

It came down to the final seconds. The Vikings drove and scored their only touchdown of the game with 25 seconds left when Jerick McKinnon caught a pass in the flats from Sam Bradford, but the two-point conversion failed and Jason Witten recovered the ensuing kick to preserve the win.

The Cowboys trailed, 9-7, in the fourth quarter when Cowboys linebacker Kyle Wilber basically took the ball away from Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen on a punt return, and on the next play Dak Prescott threw a pass to Dez Bryant for an 8-yard touchdown that provided the winning points.

Timing was more important than consistency for the Cowboys, who have won 11 straight and improve to 11-1.

The Vikings felt Cedric Thornton should have been called for illegal hands to the face as he closed on Bradford on the two-point conversion, but the Vikings were ultimately sunk by settling for three Kai Forbath field goals and not scoring a touchdown in the first 59:35.

The touchdown was the 65th of Bryant’s career, tying him with Michael Irvin for the Cowboys’ franchise record. The Cowboys only previously led, 7-3, on a 1-yard touchdown run by Ezekiel Elliott in the second quarter following a 56-yard pass from Prescott to Bryant.

Each team turned the ball over once, and the difference ended up being the Cowboys getting a touchdown out of theirs. The Cowboys won despite converting 1-of-9 third-down chances, being outgained, 318-264, and racking up 10 penalties for 78 yards.

Elliott finished with 86 rushing yards on 20 carries.

The Vikings have lost six of seven. They’re 6-6 and are left to root against both the Lions and the Packers in the NFC North race.

122 responses to “Cowboys survive Vikings, win 11th straight

  1. I will gladly admit that the Cowboys were lucky to get out of there with the win. Vikings had their number for most of the night.

    It proves the point that a winning team keeps finding ways to win.

  2. Clearly a missed hands to the face on the 2 point conversion. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good. That being said a win is a win . Great defense game by the Vikings. Your special teams cost you tonight. HOW BOUT DEM LUCKY COWBOYS.

  3. You’re seriously not going to event mention the duplicity of the fumble calls nor the clubbing to the head on the 2 point conversion?

    The NFL is dying, and it come soon enough.

  4. Feel bad for the Vikings. They can never catch a break.

    Can only imagine where they’d be if they had a competent O-line.

    Dallas got away with that CLEAR hands to the face. Go figure, refs decide another game in the NFL.

  5. It was a clear penalty. Not sure it would have made a difference, but it’s silly that can’t be reviewed. Either way one of the better fought Thursday Night games of the season.

  6. nwhawkhater says:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:48 PM
    What other defense do they need to beat to be called legit?
    But everyone will say that the Vikings are only a .500 team now, so the win means nothing. Or something to that effect.

  7. that was an ugly game. defense stepped up until the end, they held vikings to just 9 points–oh well, i’ll take 11-1 (3 wins in last 12 days), the team was tired and it was obvious but they held together and won.

  8. A full hand inside of Sam Bradford’s facemask and Tony Corrente has the nerve to smugly point to his shoulder. Every referee in the NFL should be fired.

  9. Viking fan here. The officials have turned the NFL in to a farce.
    The holding on the 45 Zeke run, the hands to the face on the Hitchen’s pick, and the spot on the Prescott first down were all wrong calls.
    On the other hand, the PI on Patterson, the non PI when 83 pushed Rhodes in the back, and the no call on the MOST important single play of the game reeks of the NFL just wanting a Cowboys win and a close game.
    The Zeke fumble overturn for the Cowboys, and the Theilen fumble overturn for the Cowboys just goes to show the NFL can call many plays the way that works best for their plan, which is a Patriots Cowboys Supemr Bowl. Bet on it. The NFL is like an abusive spouse and we fans are the victims.

  10. After watching numerous Cowboys games this season it seems it’s Jerry Jones turn this year. Could they make it anymore obvious? The officiating is laughable. The NFL is rigged. Bet on the Cowboys if you want to make some free money

  11. Cowboy haters bitching about the refs.

    Guess you guys never caught that playoff game vs Green Bay.

  12. As much as you hear fans complain about how protected QBs are and how much it takes away from the physicality of the game naturally there will be an about face since Dallas is involved

  13. It is always the refs fault for Vikings fans. They never look at why their teams are in those positions to begin with or what their team could have done differently to not put the outcome of the game in the refs hands.

  14. chino1985 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:48 PM
    Eleventh strait win you mean. That’s what happens when you let the bottom feeders do the headlines.
    This is the headline

    “Cowboys survive Vikings, win 11th straight”

    Straight is primarily (1) an adjective meaning extending in the same direction without curving, and (2) an adverb meaning directly. (It does have some rare noun senses, mainly referring to straight parts of roads and straight lines.)

    Strait is almost always a noun. It means a narrow channel joining two larger bodies of water. It also has a few mostly archaic adjective definitions, but these are almost never used.

    Don’t give up your day job to be a grammarist.

  15. Yeah it was hands to the face, but it didn’t affect the play….pass was out before he got hit. It sucks but if Bradford had kept that pass in play you guys wouldn’t be whining about a missed call to give you a second try.

  16. Please the cowboys got jobbed on a 42 yd run an int , a first down to witten and big catch to twill all taken back on questionable questionable calls…..

  17. Anybody complaining about the 2 overturned fumble calls may as well quit watching because you obviously don’t understand the rules anyways and are much happier playing the “rigged” card. Get a grip and learn the game otherwise shut up and return to the safe spaces from whence you came where all goes how you wish and crying gets you your way

  18. Perhaps there’s no controversy at all and the ref just didn’t see it from his angle. It happens. Happened to Rodgers in the playoffs, sucks for sure but there’s no grand conspiracy…the refs are human.

  19. Tired of the whiney Viking fans – always complaining about the refs. Seriously, your team is just not that good, especially your offense. Quit whining and accept your miserable reality!

  20. Where’s Contra and his excuse for the officiating?

    I suppose it’s easy to forget about #78’s dumb penalty on the conversion. If that blockhead wouldn’t have moved, no one would be talking about the last play. Self inflicted wounds killed the Vikings, end of story.

  21. Everyone is complaining about the no call on the 2 point conversion. Watch that play again and you will see the false start on LT 68 that was not called. Play shouldn’t have happened and moved back another 5 yards.

  22. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:45 PM
    NFL gift wraps another win for the Cowboys. I’m done watching until Goodell and Blandino and every ref are fired.
    Right…and of course you will be back watching this weekend. And the next…and the next.

  23. As a vikes fan I’m not blind. The purple offense is so limited by lack of running game and terrible o line, they just don’t score enough points. The defense played lights out and still has to walk away with a loss.

    As usual the refs made terrible calls throughout the game which helped to decide the outcome, but it happens every week in every game, not just the vikes. I’m convinced that some players get the benefit of more calls than others, the vikes have no such players. The obvious hands to the face not called for Bradford, would have been called instantly for other QB’s in this league and we all know who those players are. Such is the NFL.

  24. Oh my god. First, they spend all day crying about their injuries and now, they’ll spend all night whining about the refs. Did you ever notice what a bunch of whiny crybabies viking fans are?

  25. There is a missed call in EVERY game it just depends, when it happens, of course this one will be magnified.

    There ALWAYS will be. Fans can mad about that, but you better be livid that the offense can’t put up more than 20 points without help from the Defense or K/P return teams.

  26. So when Dallas gets 10 penalties for 78 yard as opposed to the Vikings getting 8 penalties for 57 yards, the refs must have rigged the game? There is a reason the Vikings have lost 6 of their last 7. You are what your record says you are. And when your QB air mails the ball on the most important play of the game, you aren’t going to win anything.

  27. Good win by the Cowboys. 3 big plays made a HUGE difference earlier in the game:
    -Long pass to Dez
    -Special teams fumble
    -TD pass to Dez

    Vikings got too many 3’s instead of 6’s and squandered field position early in the game. Teams cannot waste chances to put them in position to win. This is the reason for the lose. Defense played well enough to win…..again.

    That said, anyone who says the “missed call” hands to the face was not a big deal is biased or on something. No way that happens to Brady or Rodgers.

    Belichek is right: all plays should be reviewable. Perfect opportunity for a red flag.

    Either way, hats tip to the Cowboys.

  28. Are Vikings fans kidding. Look at the Cowboys penalties on replay.
    Calling Scandrick for a hit to the head was an extremely liberal view
    of the rule …his hand hit the side of the Vikings blocker….really tough
    call that overrules an interception. Gavan Escobar’s alleged clip ..
    look at it on review ..he might be called for a hold ,.maybe …but he is so soft ..I wouldn’t even call it a hold.
    The Vikings clearly got the benefit of the calls ..both teams played like
    crap and we have another poorly played Thursday nite game ..even the
    refs looked like crap. No wonder the Cowboys played Poorly…3 games
    in 12 days …..oh wait the NFL puts player safety ahead of all!!!

  29. Wow Vikes fans, quit complaining! Seems every Vikings loss starts with a healthy dose of posts blaming the refs, the refs love the Packers, Cowboys, Bears, etc. Get over it. There is a direct correlation between officiating complaints and the lack of understanding the NFL is a series of football games.

    Now if you really want to gripe, do so at Bradford. Had he taken a clue from Rodgers he would have turned to the ref with chinstrap on nose, and he would have gotten that call. Because he’s Aaron. And a Packer. And refs love him and all Packers so they get special treatment.

    So there.

  30. It was a bad call at the end, but the Vikings got some calls throughout the night that were pretty nit picky. Ugly game by the Cowboys and we got a good call to go our way. That call did not decide the game though.

  31. BTW- was it just me but…..McKinnon dancing in the end zone? Making fun of Zeke’s stupid “feed me” dance? Down by 2pts with 25 seconds left & you are dancing?

    Really? You did not even tie the game or create a chance to put a Kicker into tie the game.

    I’m not a fuddy-duddy “no celebrate” guy, but that is no time for dancing bro.

  32. I will admit, we got lucky on the 2pt hands to the face non-call but if he had never hit Bradford it wouldn’t have mattered. He had thrown the ball before he was ever touched and it was way overshot. He might had gotten another chance for the 2pt but who honestly had confidence in Bradford actually making the next throw count being in the red zone?

    And that was an ugly game and hard to watch all of it.

  33. Dean Blandino and the party bus are ready for the playoffs. Biggest rob-job in NFL history. NFL teams should refuse to play. This league is undoubtedly fixed.

  34. It is always the refs fault for Vikings fans. They never look at why their teams are in those positions to begin with or what their team could have done differently to not put the outcome of the game in the refs hands.

    Good point, I guess they could have not had a QB in on the play in which he got drilled directly in the face causing an overthrow.

  35. Wow, bunch of babies crying about the refs. Every game has multiple “missed” calls. Get over yourself, the refs aren’t perfect, and many of the penalties that were called could have been a no call.

    U think giving the Vikings another shot at the 2 point attempt would guarentee a win? Yes, it could have been called, no… it was not a flagrant penalty. A fairly weak slap to the face mask and side of the helmet. Ugh, that didnt change the game, didn’t give an unfair advantage to Dallas. It was just contact that would never cause injury, that happened because that is what happens in football.

    So the official didnt see it, just like officials call back long gains on really questionable holding calls, or other ambiguous hands to the face? It is football, just because your team lost doesn’t mean the officials planned it that way. A hard close game that broke for Dallas because of a really close fumble. They one, Vikings lost. Done….

  36. btg1911 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:46 PM
    You’re seriously not going to event mention the duplicity of the fumble calls nor the clubbing to the head on the 2 point conversion?

    The NFL is dying, and it come soon enough.


    Watch the play again if you wanna cry about the refs. The LT clearly had a false start that wasn’t called. Refs call that the hit to the face never happens and it’s a try from the 12. Educate yourself before complaining.

  37. Refs missed calls ALL night….

    Time for innovation and valued added Referees in the NFL. Change needs to occur now or the NFL will be overtaken by Soccer…..

    Signed – A Former Roman Warrior –

  38. Bad no call, but I don’t blame the refs on losses….however I will say this, the NFL clearly doesn’t believe in protecting all QBs.

  39. Vikes got screwed on the two-point conversion. Even Packer trolls can’t deny that. Vikings should have had one more shot from the one-yard line to send it to OT. The refs in the NFL are BS.

  40. It wasn’t a well played game, but Dallas still gets the win. There was a lot of mistakes by Dallas and the Vikings couldn’t get anything going. It seems that Thursday night football just isn’t going to be played well because of its not what the players are use to playing.

  41. Now the argument for the refs doing terrible is they are not full-time employees……..

    To that I say

    You really want to reward ineptitude?
    If you suck at your job you usually get fired or demoted at the very least but no not in today’s America we must give everyone a participation trophy and we need to reward inadequate work.

  42. Finally an entertaining game on Thursday. Tough missed call on the game clinching play. It’s difficult when good games end that way. It may seem like the NFL wants certain teams to win, I think the NFL wants certain teams to lose but there is no mandate for officials to screw up in order to achieve this. It’s a hard game to officiate and the leadership group has been too slow or reluctant to use technology to get calls right.

  43. Two teams traded 1st rounders for that absolute joke of a qb. No surprise both of these teams have nothing in their trophy cabinets but dust bunnies and mice drippings.

  44. And the crying commences by Viking fans and the Cowboy haters……..

    It was an obvious missed call at the end, but as the saying goes, you play well enough so a bad call doesn’t affect the outcome.

    The Vikings could score only FG’s, their punter was a complete disaster, and their offense was handled easily by the Dallas D until the very end of the game. Even with the gift of a fumbled snap by Prescott and the ensuing punt that gave Minnesota the ball back kate was was why Minnesota was even in a position to tie the game – you’re welcome Vikes fans.

    The Vikes D is very good, and kept the Vikes in it, yet Dallas played a sloppy game and still won. That is what good teams do – they find ways to win.

  45. Just looks more and more like certain teams are being helped by the media and the NFL. The “officials” are obviously more like WWF stooges. NFL rating are tanking and they appear desperate.

  46. If the game was rigged for the boys explain the hold on Free wiping out Zeke’s run or the late flag on the Hitchens int that was not even close to a chop block on Escobar. If you need guidance just listen to Michaels and Collins worth as they see the replay. If they say “I guess they could call x on any play” that is a clue for you

  47. I hate the Cowboys, but beating the Vikings only helps the Redskins wildcard chances so we can get a third crack at that tough Cowboy team in the playoffs.

  48. Vikings defense was outstanding. Offense was below average, but it was their special teams sinking to a new low that cost them. Good teams play all three phases of the game at least fairly well. This is not a good team. 8 and 8 is probably a stretch.

  49. Are you guys calling fix really that stupid ? Of course this game was rigged as hell, but did you not know that it wasnt rigged for dallas to win, it was rigged for them to not cover the spread. vegas could care less who won the game. the spread was dallas to win by 3 points. the fact that the vikings magically score a td with ease with 1min left , and to come within 2 pts of the spread, could be seen from a mile away.
    the ref had to literally be blind to not see the obvious facemask call on the last play of the game. 70-80% of the bets tonight came in on dallas -3 because who wouldnt see a 10-1 team facing a 5 straight loss vikings and thinking they cant win by 3 points. vegas laid the trap and cashed out BIGGG time tonight. games are decided on point spreads, doesnt matter who wins or loses.

  50. Glad we held on for the win but let’s not lose site the officiating was bad for BOTH teams 8 ways to Sunday tonight. The patheic truth is all we can hope for as fans is that the refs either are CONSISTENTLY Good OR CONSISTENTLY Bad during the course of a game cuz the calls will even out…

  51. I’m not seeing any dominant performance from the cowboys.. they get bailed out by the officials week in and week out. I have yet to see a close call this season not go in their favor. They say these things even themselves out but I have yet to see it. You still really wondering why the ratings are down? Cowboys fans are quick to call out ppl for complaining about officiating but it’s drowned out from all the cries of how that was a catch last year

  52. Attended the game and really enjoyed it. The officiating continues to be a hot mess, but it’s a hot mess both ways. The Vikings are legit when healthy. The Cowboys are legit now. That said, Dallas will need to play better than they did tonight to make a SB run. That’s not sour grapes coming from a Vikings fan, that’s a fact. I wish them well. Dak and Zeke are fun and should only get better.

  53. Well obviously if the Vikings had the Raiders wide receivers they woulda won. I saw Bradford throw some nice passes to no one that could catch them.

  54. So if they do call it a penalty, do the Vikings automatically win?…. Based on the comments in here, I assume so. Cowboys pretty much emptied the clip in their own foot and still walked away with a w. Vikings were lucky to be in it at best. Definitely not deserving of a self proclaimed “should’ve been a w”

  55. Cowboys have been hosed by the refs game after game after game during this 11-game win-streak. None of you ever complained about the refs when the Cowboys sneaked away with a win when all the calls went against them, now they get a few calls and the crying won’t stop. Hilarious.

  56. Man there are some girls on here tonight.

    Yes, after 20 years of thriving without the Cowboys being successful the NFL has decided they so need the Cowboys to win they are cheating for them. Or, more likely there are some missed calls in games. There was an obvious missed call on the 2-point play, should have been called, half the distance and retry. No guarantee they make it the second time or win in overtime but that’s the play that cost the Vikings the game, right?

    I’ll point out that on Thanksgiving, with the game outcome still in doubt, a flag was thrown and then picked up for a personal foul against Washington that would have really helped the Cowboys but the NFL didn’t cheat for them then? So they pick and choose when to favor the Cowboys? And that logic makes sense to you fools?

    With a young line, Dak, and Zeke you Dallas haters are in for a long couple years!

  57. everyone complains about “rigged” games. duh. then stop betting on them. dallas won, like it or not. personally, i prefer the subjectivity of a ref over incessant video reviews.

  58. Keep crying about the 2-pt conversion while ignoring the OBVIOUS false start by the LT on that play, which went uncalled. Haters’ tears are DELICIOUS!

    11-1. HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!?!?!?

  59. I’m at a loss – there is no way the Danish ham is even a 1-11 QB – he does nothing well except have luck. This guy is not a good QB under pressure – all he can do is run – his passing stats are horrific – he simply is not a good QB.

    This team is a mirage.

    It’s defense is horrific.

    And that running back they have is 90% of the time ineffective.

    And that is what you have – a team that maximizes the 10% of the time it has its collective head outside of its body.

    And that means this team is like a paper plate – at some point it will no longer work because you’ve over used it.

    This is a team that is built on hype and good luck.

    But it cannot sustain itself.

    This is the 2016 version of the Carolina Paper Tigers. And we know what happened the year after the mirage disappeared with them.

  60. As much as I’d like to blame the refs for the loss , it isn’t the refs that can’t make catches, miss holes or can’t block. With any offense at all the Vikings would have had the game put away.

  61. vikinghooper says:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:54 PM
    Viking fan here. The officials have turned the NFL in to a farce.
    The holding on the 45 Zeke run, the hands to the face on the Hitchen’s pick, and the spot on the Prescott first down were all wrong calls.
    On the other hand, the PI on Patterson, the non PI when 83 pushed Rhodes in the back, and the no call on the MOST important single play of the game reeks of the NFL just wanting a Cowboys win and a close game.
    The Zeke fumble overturn for the Cowboys, and the Theilen fumble overturn for the Cowboys just goes to show the NFL can call many plays the way that works best for their plan, which is a Patriots Cowboys Supemr Bowl. Bet on it. The NFL is like an abusive spouse and we fans are the victims.

    The pick would have been a TD so that was huge call and really changed the outcome of the game. The Dak slide was correct, the QB is down from where the slide starts not where it finishes. The no call on that play was the missed false start and thus the play should have been blown dead. These refs missed a lot of calls including the face mask on Beas, and a hands to the face on Dak in the first half. Overall the poor officiating kind of was a wash as there were several bad calls and several non-calls that were on both sides.

  62. Anyone who complains about the hands to the face on the 2 pt cnv clearly missed the fact that the Vikings commited a 2nd consecutive false start on the play (LT). So the fact that they let that slide (combined with the Cowboys getting called for penalties all night) flies in the face of any idea that the refs were in favor of the Cowboys

  63. vikinghooper blathers:
    Dec 1, 2016 11:54 PM

    The Zeke fumble overturn for the Cowboys…

    That was the right call on that one, as he clearly recovered his own fumble.

  64. Love all “the refs gave the game to the Cowboys” comments. I guess you were taking a piss when the Cowboys forced turnovers, made big plays on offense and had other drives killed by “suspect” calls against them. The hands to the face should have been called, but how in the world can you conclude that the Vikes would have made the conversion anyway?

  65. Hate the Vike’s, but they played a good game. They need to get TD’s instead of FG’s. I’ll leave the officials part to every one else.

  66. Let’s get this straight, many of us who aren’t Cowboys fans actually like Dak and Zeke. They are fun to watch. It’s like hating the Lakers but still being a fan of Kobe all those years.

  67. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 2, 2016 12:26 AM
    It is always the refs fault for Vikings fans. They never look at why their teams are in those positions to begin with or what their team could have done differently to not put the outcome of the game in the refs hands.

    Good point, I guess they could have not had a QB in on the play in which he got drilled directly in the face causing an overthrow.

    The ball was already gone BEFORE Bradford was hit. Stop making excuses. Face it, the Vikings are not very good. Deal with it.

  68. I find it funny how much Vikings complaint about the officiating after every loss but are quick to jump on the Packer players or fans for doing the same. First they complained about the fumbles which was clearly obvious, but quickly make no mention of the weak penalty on Elliott long run in the 1st half and Hitchens interception. Also they will constantly complain about the non call on the two point conversion, but the play wouldn’t have counted as your turnstile left tackle should have been called for false start on the play. But by all means if complaining about every single thing make your lives better than go right ahead but it won’t change the outcomes.

  69. One thing for sure from game is that Boys are in trouble when they go up against a good defense , Hawks will destroy them

  70. Yes, the hands to the face should have been called. No, we don’t know if it would have changed the game. Rewind the tape of a game and change something and let it run 10 times and you will get 10 different outcomes. Miss the holding call on the Cowboys on that great Elliot run and the game out have been over long before that final drive. The mistakes generally even out. (And if you think the NFL rigged it for Dallas to win, the refs WOULD have missed that holding call).
    What Dallas has to sorry about is playing down to the level of the opposition. If you want to be a great time, you need to show greatness every week.

  71. Crazy complaining by Viking fans. The reffing was horrible but it was both ways – probably impacted the Boys more – weak call on the interception and the long run in the first quarter. Both of those flags should never have been thrown. The overturned spot on the Dak slide is bad interpretation of a bad rule. Should never be reviewable it is so judgemental ( if pass interference is judgemental and not reviewable why is the when or where he starts to slide not??)
    In any case Vikings lost and they whine – get on your party boat and have fun – Always love it when they start 5-0 or 8-0 and then end up out of the playoffs.

  72. About a year ago the Packers played Lions in a TNF game, in which Rodgers was hit in the face mask. The Vikings have CRIED about how it shouldn’t have been a foul.

    Bradford gets hit in the face mask and now they cry that it wasn’t.

  73. Well my fellow Cowboys nation followers I must confess the Cowboys were very fortunate to win last night against a very talented Minnesota’s defense (Probably the best defense we face this season so far). But a win is a win. I’ll take it. Next those New York Giants. (Big Blue nation: you know we owe ya’ll butt kicking). Especially since ya’ll got lucky in Week 1.

  74. This is why nobody fears the Cowboys. This was the first decent defense they’ve played all year and if it wasn’t for a special team fumble giving the Cowboys the ball inside the 10 yard line, they would have lost.

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