Gronkowski to have back surgery on Friday

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The initial indications regarding Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s back failed to comply with ensuing developments.

Per the same source that shared with PFT the impression that initial indications suggested Gronkowski’s back injury was not serious, it turned out to be. He will have surgery on Friday to repair a herniated disc.

Gronkowski will be out indefinitely.

He had back surgery in college and again in 2013. He also has had a variety of other injuries and surgeries during his time in the NFL, including ankle, arm, and ACL surgeries.

Without Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett becomes New England’s primary weapon at the tight end position.

140 responses to “Gronkowski to have back surgery on Friday

  1. As a football fan I hope he recovers fully as he is the best TE in the game. As a fan of the team playing the Pats this weekend I can’t say I’m sad he won’t play. Last time we faced them he was demolishing us in Wembley stadium and doing a hilarious London soldier dance after one of his td’s.

  2. in my opinion, this doesn’t bode well for Gronk’s long term future in NE. Gronk’s value to the team is huge when he can stay on the field, but that is the problem, and in Belichick’s eyes his value will be different than what some other teams will be willing to roll the dice for.

    I’d rather Gronk stay at a fair cost to the team…..but the reality is it is unlikely to happen.

  3. Too bad. Beginning of the end for him. He is a depreciating asset that still has some gas in the tank, maybe. Bill always trades those early rather than too late. Adios Robo. Thanks for everything!

  4. Well that sucks…. Glad we got Bennett!!
    Hopefully it’s a relatively minor procedure (as far as back surgeries go)
    & he’s back for the post season…

  5. This is the definition of karma , patriot fans favorite word. Going on Colts sites laughing at Andrew Lucks injury and saying karma, whats up now clowns

  6. So Earl Thomas didn’t puncture his lung, he broke Gronk’s back….At the end of the day if you want to come across the middle against the LOB you pay the price. Some more than others. Ask Demaryius Thomas, Vernon Davis, Larry Fitz, and now Gronk.

    All Jokes aside, that sucks for Gronk. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

  7. Now that’s bad news. Damn, Gronk will running like Frankenstein after this. I wonder how Bill feels about trading Derby to Horseface now. Get well Gronk.

  8. Gronk gets injured alot, hes still on the path to best TE ever but the injuries are going to take a toll. I love the guy, but how much can your body withstand?

  9. Gronk is definitely a meat head but hopefully he figures out it’s time to go to plan B. NFL = not for long…….

  10. This sucks for sure. Seems he is always hurt. Love the guy and as big as he is cannot stay healthy.

    Matt Lengel and Bennett will have t pick up the slack. Next man up.

  11. Love watching Gronk play, but man he always has some type of injury.

    With big money about to kick in, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Belichek trade him for picks.

    It’s the Patriots way.

  12. Rob Gronkowski has missed 21 games to injury (including playoffs), and the Patriots are 15-6 in those games, including 3-0 this season.

    Patriots will still be in the SB

  13. This guy needs to seriously start thinking about life AFTER football. He’s got his ring, considered one of the best tight ends ever and he has nothing else to prove. And it’s funny because I am a Jet fan, but Gronk is awesome, we grew up in the same town and I hate to see anyone injured best of luck.

  14. buy BYE new eng deep playoff run

    no gronk is huge blow to their offense.

    in fact, NE better watch it or miami catches them in afc east

    fans are cheering across the country

  15. Gronk Plays hard and fast! That will get you injured sometimes. I wish he played for my Bills……..

  16. The Vikes former center John Sullivan never recovered, and it doesn’t look great for Mr Watt either.

  17. The big guy should just hang it up as he doesn’t need the money (he lives off of endorsements) and he’s already host of a successful TV show for kids. I bet he has a bankable TV career ahead of him ala Strahan. Recurring back injuries are nothing to screw with… Plus this makes it easier for my Raiders to finally make it back to the SB. Would love to see a Raiders-Cowboys matchup.

  18. Nobody goes on Colts sites, I don’t even know if there are any. Anyway, we are on to wherever it is the Rams are currently from.

  19. What did I tell you Bill.

    SIT HIM UNTIL JANUARY. If you had subscribed to my comments you would have known.

    Good lord I can’t imagine what will happen if he’s out all year or for the SB.

  20. It’ll be fun watching Brady throw his usual hissy fits on the field when things don’t work out so well. Sorry to hear about Gronk.

  21. Uh oh.. Raiders or Chiefs may come out of the AFC this year… Depends on home field advantage 🙂

  22. The reason he dropped in the draft was over concerns with his back. The initial estimate was that he would get 4-5 years max out of it before he was done. He has been remarkable as a player, but the team has to make a decision. Can they count on a guy who can’t stay healthy with that kind of salary cap investment?

    If they cut him in the offseason, it generates $6M of dead money, but they save $1M against the cap (courtesy of Over the Cap). Makes you wonder whether they gave him the contract and had him paid early so they could set him up for life before his back gave out.

    Bennett should be able to offer a pretty solid fallback option, but there is only one Gronk.

    Bummer though since he is on my fantasy team, and he is on the can’t cut list until he goes on IR.

  23. Looks like Malcom Mitchell’s stock just skyrocketed….Brady will be looking to him big time in the redzone…. Huge hands with large catch radius…..
    Lewis’s stock just went thru the roof as well….

    These will be the 2 that have to step up in Gronks absence & Bennett has been doing that all along… If I were the Pats I’d rest Bennett this week & probably next week as well VS the Ravens & let him get healthy for the long haul….
    Go Pats!!!!

  24. Here’s where you will see the cut throats business of the NFL this summer. He’s toast. Smilin’ Bill is going to unload him like an opened bag of potato chips. Hello, Cleveland.

  25. Yes, this is a huge loss , but, the pats still have TB 12 , one of the greatest to play the game. Josh will make the necessary adjustments.
    Tom has lots of faith in Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan too and let’s not forget Bennett , Amandola & Edelman.

    It’s not the end of the world.

    Just wondering what kind of person is happy another person is hurt, other than a sociopath. SMH, over some of the comments.

    Go Pats!!

  26. Jimmy G. and Brissette did just fine without Gronk when they started at QB. If Brady struggles without Gronk, the Patriots have great backup options. SB 51 here we come.

  27. Please tell that story again about how Belichick is a genius for drafting him in the six round and trading him to Denver for a 5th rounder.

    No, Derby is not a superstar, but he’s been solid so far as he continues to learn the offense and will only get better from here when he’s in for more snaps.

  28. More importantly i hope this doesn’t cancel the Gronk Cruise in mid February, i went last year and it was awesome.
    He has a very nice family.
    Of course those Pats fans who can’t say the letter “R” can be quite annoying what the heck a good time was still had by all.
    Get well soon Gronk, yes even from a Dolphins fan. 🙂

  29. “Gronk is definitely a meat head but hopefully he figures out it’s time to go to plan B. NFL = not for long…….”

    Wrong. Gronk plays the meathead but is very smart.

    Among other things he’s made it clear he lives rather frugally and only off his endorsement money. He has saved every penny of his NFL pay and hence will be well set after football. Ie; he’s smart enough so “plan B” was in place from day 1 in the NFL unlike most players.

  30. …and so begins the divorce between Gronkowski and the New England. The start that broke the TE’s back.

    Now we get to hear all The whining Patriot fans yap about how he wasn’t THAT good anyway.

    Get ready folks.

  31. Rams, Ravens, @Broncos, Jets, @Dolphins.

    Without Gronk they could realistically go 2-3 the rest of the way. That should still be enough for a 1st rd bye but probably not the #1 seed.
    If they go 3-2 or better the #1 seed should still be theirs.

  32. They need to sign a tight end….they traded AJ Derby and cut Clay Harbor….now they have Matt Lengal. It will be interesting to see what they do.

  33. I know Gronk is only 27 but you have to wonder what kind of life he will have after football. Especially when he’s 40 or 50 years old. And that’s if he retires now.

  34. Only a pathetic loser gloats over an athlete who’s playing his heart out getting hurt.
    Clearly a lot of football fans have serious
    personality disorders.

  35. I’d like to see some of the people applauding this news withstand the hits that Gronk has taken over his career. Yes, he gets hurt a lot, but that’s because of his size,power and what it takes for opponents to bring him down. Hard, nasty hits… Get well, Gronk…this news stinks.

  36. Two Words….Madden Curse.

    Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery for one of the league’s best players and all around entertaining personality.

  37. Gronk is signed thru the 2019 season…. He’ll be with the Pats at least that long & probably for another 3-4 years after that until he decides to retire….
    Gronk becomes an UFA in 2020 if NOTHING changes between him & the Pats & he’ll only be 30 at that time…..guy plays hard & fast so injuries will happen….
    Pats will Probably get Bennett under contract for the next 3-4 years as well….. No worries here!!!!

  38. just heard a local opinionator bloviating about injuries and the call to play when injured…

    same blowhard who, just a month or so ago was calling Jimmy Garrapolo a ‘weenie’ & ‘wuss’, for not playing with a blown out shoulder.
    “I question his toughness…he should be out there!”

    …you know this opportunistic, spin the dial, what’s up is down, call it today, dismiss it tomorrow guy …. local MA folks have the dismal misfortune of listening to one M. Fellgaghhh

  39. Whoooaaaa…’re half-way there-rrrrr, ohhh ohhhh you need another playyy-errrrr.

  40. NFL is a war of attrition. For the clowns on this site that work in an office and other non physically intense jobs, it always makes me laugh when you get down on those who are “injury prone.” NFL is a sport where human car crashes happen weekly, injuries are part of the game. Let’s see you stay healthy in that environment.

    Hoping to see Gronk back on the field soon, they are a better team with him.

  41. So where is he/she/it the TeeHee buffoon who usually posts 50 comments on every patriot article. Please join us hahahahaha

  42. Might be time to let Gronk go soon he’s great, but gets hurt far too often and for the idiots laughing at Gronkowski’s injury do the human race a favor and don’t reproduce.

  43. So the Patriots were supposedly lying even though this brief article makes clear that PFT was talking to the same source the entire time. I have to say it is depressing thinking of going into the playoffs with this sorry array of trolls. PFT needs a troll development league.

  44. Malcolm Mitchell will get more reps and thrown to more.

    Deion Lewis looks like he can cut and run like he could before the injury.

    Pats offense doesn’t miss a beat. Pats haters keep whining and crying like little girls who just dropped their candy in the sandbox.

  45. He’s only contracted at 4.25M next year but then it shoots up after that…… I can’t decide if that makes him more likely or less likely to be traded.

    Strange contract. He made like 2M this season. Big hole right in the middle of the contract.

  46. All the people now writing off the Patriots season because of this, you have seen what Martellus Bennett has been doing when Gronk hasn’t been targeted, right?

  47. So AJDerby is a superstar now? In 3 gms for Denver, who was desperate for TE’s, he has 6 catches for 65 yrds. WOW. And he doesn’t block.

    It’s too bad, because Gronk might be the difference between being the SBowl favorite, and just being in a wide open mix. Still, they have a nice little 3 back rotation, Bennett, Devlin, and with the emergence of Mitchell, 4 nice targets at WR. No shortage of skill guys. Hopefully, Brady, Bennett and Edelman can get through the season. They’re beat up too.

  48. I hope he’s healthy and fully recovered for the 2017 season.
    Don’t rush back like JJ Watt only to get hurt again.

  49. Too bad. Not a Pats fan but I do appreciate Gronk’s dominance and it’s a shame he will have no lost a combined season’s worth of stats because of 2013 and this year.

  50. Changes the whole Patriot offense. Without him they are without question a different team. Still a dangerous team but he was the hammer that could crush you. Huge difference with out him.

  51. Jimmy G and Jacoby B didn’t need Gronk to go undefeated through week 3.

    Gronk had one reception in the first four games. And they lost the game in which he had that one catch.

    Put JG and JB back in and let them run the show for the rest of the season.

    They’re used to playing effectively without the big guy.

    Run the table!

  52. As a Ravens fan I have to say Gronk is by far my favorite Patriot. But it releases me to know he won’t be on the field next week when we play them. Get well Gronk.

  53. surfinbird1 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 1:52 PM
    Now that’s bad news. Damn, Gronk will running like Frankenstein after this. I wonder how Bill feels about trading Derby to Horseface now. Get well Gronk.
    Bill is trying to figure out how to kick himself in the rear!

    Hope Derby has a monster day week 15.

  54. It’s bad news for him – but it ain’t the end of the world for NE – UNLESS Bennett gets dinged up – which is possible, considering the games they got coming up & THAT could be real bad for Brady & Co.

  55. Wow, lots of uninformed posters. The Pats have one of the BEST to play the game @ QB. Gronk is not the only offensive weapon,Lewis, Blount, Ammondola, Bennet, White, Edelman, Mitchell, & Hogan are ALL still available! Gronk is but one piece of the impressive package !
    In Tom, Bill & Josh we trust!

  56. finfansince68 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 7:16 PM
    It’s bad news for him – but it ain’t the end of the world for NE – UNLESS Bennett gets dinged up…

    Try to keep up, Bennett IS dinged up.

  57. Three herniated discs indicates a predisposition to another and they threaten the spinal column. I love watching Gronk play but I hope he retires. His life and health should not be put at this risk.

  58. Best wishes to Gronk for a speedy recovery.

    As far as the Patriots go, they will be ok. You know Belichick doesn’t just say, “Next man up”. He practices it as well. There is nobody anywhere that is immune to injury and the Patriots not exclusively but uniquely prepare for that.

    As far as Gronk is concerned, he knows what business he is in. And he knows how fortunate he is to play for the Patriots. And he knows there will come a time when decisions will have to be made in terms of his NFL options. And he is smart enough to not only know all that but to have planned for it as well. So he will be fine no matter what. And that’s why he plays as hard as he does every single game. Cause there is no telling what tomorrow will bring.

  59. As a Pat’s fan this sucks but just like I felt about Romo I feel the same way about Gronk. Pack it in; no one but fools and idiots would think less of you.

  60. For those trashing Belichick for trading Derby I say praise him for signing Bennett. Gronk is a dominating player but now they have a more balanced offense. That doesn’t mean better or even just as good. It means Brady should get back to distributing the ball to the guy the defense isn’t covering with the right defense.

  61. Seems like Gronk and JJ Watt’s big steroid bodies aren’t holding up very well for some reason.

    A couple years of amazing then it all falls apart.

  62. pointerdogs says:
    Dec 1, 2016 7:37 PM

    I’d trade all the Guinness in Boston for them to hoist that trophy and overcome yet another obstacle. Rest up, 87…we love ya, baby.

    Me too…
    I would LOVE to see the Pats win the SB, just to watch Goodell have to present the trophy to Kraft,Belichick,and Brady. That would must-see TV. Get well soon,Gronk! We love you!

  63. If he could have just stayed healthy could have gone down as the best ever. Maybe. Love the Gronk Monster! Reminds me when Bo Jackson went down on a freak play. Another great talent.
    Geez Gronk….3 Back surgeries! To these guys in the NFL, grab all the money you can while you can!

    Makes me respect Tony Gonzalez even more for lasting so long

  64. jmethane says:
    Dec 1, 2016 8:57 PM

    Seems like Gronk and JJ Watt’s big steroid bodies aren’t holding up very well for some reason.

    A couple years of amazing then it all falls apart.

    4 of 6 of Watts seasons have been good to great . 5 of 7 of Gronk’s seasons have also been good to great. And add to that Gronk’s playoff career.

    Average NFL career is now at 3.3 years, with defensive ends at 3 years and tight ends at 2yrs, 8 months.

    It’s surprising how well they have held up seeing that they both play high collision positions. And they haven’t failed any tests or had any rumors about taking PEDs, not sure where you found that.

  65. From this Broncs fan, get well soon big fella. Fandom aside, he is one of the most dominant players in the NFL and when healthy, un-coverable! For the people talking ill-will of his injuries, I question the effort you put into life/your occupation? I doubt as much as Gronk does.

  66. As great as he is he needs to seriously consider retirement. Besides multiple other surgeries, 3 BACK surgeries is no joke. He’s a winner, achieved greatness as a TE, and has plenty of money in the bank. He and Romo need to move on to the next chapter. Football is not worth ending up like Earl Campbell.

  67. As much as I love the Patriots and Gronkowski, I can’t see Belichick keeping him after this season. His style is produce or be gone. That’s the down side of plug-n-play football.

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