In effort to return to action, Adrian Peterson races against time

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The Vikings hope running back Adrian Peterson can make it back before the season ends, after September surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee. With exactly one month to go in the regular season, the current thinking is that Peterson could lose his race against time.

As one source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, Peterson continues to work hard in an effort to get back, and he badly wants to return. At this point, however, it’s not certain that he’ll make it.

One obvious factor becomes whether Peterson’s presence will make a difference. If the Vikings slide out of playoff contention, why bother to rush Peterson back to the field for late-season garbage time?

A less obvious, but nevertheless important, factor is Peterson’s contract. With none of his $18 million in compensation for 2017 guaranteed, it makes no sense for Peterson to jeopardize his earning potential absent assurances for next year.

And so unless the Vikings start winning on a consistent basis, it makes little sense for the team to play Peterson. And unless Peterson genuinely believes that this team can work its way into contention for a Super Bowl appearance, it makes little sense for Peterson to play.

Tonight’s game against the Cowboys could go a long way toward answering both questions, and if the Vikings can finagle a win, they may launch into December with the confidence that they can play with anyone.

10 responses to “In effort to return to action, Adrian Peterson races against time

  1. Depends on what kind of action he’s returning to. This guy has many activities he’s known for, some don’t involve football. He’s ready for those. Hide your women and children!

  2. The enormous amount of money the Vikings have paid to placate this guy, with nothing in return, is obscene. The Packers’ overall run game production has outperformed the Vikings’ for four straight years, at less than 25% of the cost. Viking fans mock Lacy and ridicule Rodgers for running so much, but come on, is this guy worth it? Really? He has had spectacular seasons rushing only to fail miserably in the postseason. When Viking fans start to make a rumble to unload this bag ‘o……stuff, then, maybe, they can hope for a future worth remembering. The haters can rag on the Packers all they want, but that won’t fix the obvious.

  3. He might also want to come back to show teams he can still play heading into free agency this off season. The Vikings will not pay him $17 m next year. He too old and been to injured in recent years to be worth that gamble. The question for him is whether anyone will pay him if he sits out the rest of the season following his poor play before the injury.

  4. They’ll pump him full of HGH and you’ll all hail him as “Comeback Player of the Year” like you did the last time.

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