Jay Cutler having shoulder surgery, going on injured reserve

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After Bears quarterback Jay Cutler injured his right shoulder in Week 11, there was a report that he would miss the rest of the season with a torn labrum.

Bears coach John Fox disputed that report and said that Cutler did not suffer a season-ending injury. Fox had a different message on Thursday.

Fox announced that Cutler is headed to injured reserve and that he will have surgery to repair the labrum in his shoulder after exhausting other options. Given the point in the season, waiting a week isn’t likely to have a great impact on Cutler’s readiness for the 2017 season although it’s one of many reasons to take Fox’s injury updates with a king-size grain of salt.

Matt Barkley is currently installed as the starter for Chicago with David Fales as the backup.

With Cutler officially done for this year, attention can shift to where he’ll be playing next year. The Bears can part ways with Cutler while taking a $2 million cap hit instead of keeping him at a $16 million hit and $12.5 million base salary, so we may well have seen the last of Cutler in a Bears uniform.

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  1. Im a huge cutler fan but he has proven to be far to inconsistent to be an elite starting quarterback in the league. The bears need to go out and draft a young quarterback and allow him to develop and hopefully guide us to the playoffs in the next 2-3 years

  2. This is what kills me with Fox. Instead of acknowledging an injury for what it is, he thinks he is being clever by leaving it vague. The whole world knew he would need surgery, and that he wouldn’t be back. What did he accomplish with the charade? Nothing…

    Cutler’s tenure has been rocky to say the least, but as a team captain, and a guy who has taken ridiculous levels of abuse over the years, he deserves better than to be treated this way by Fox. First they leave him out there with the thumb for 5 quarters, and then have him play half the game with a torn labrum. All while having healthy backups on the bench in Hoyer and then Barkley. Fox wants a scapegoat since he won’t step up and take responsibility for the state of the team as its leader.

  3. End of the Cutler Era in Chicago…..mixed emotions on this, but ready for the next step. It was obvious he had all the talent, but was also painfully obvious he wasn’t a leader, and didn’t seem to care about being the best he could be. I don’t know him personally, and don’t care about the facial expression police and their views of his attitude. Guy was tough as nails, and never got in trouble outside of the game. Mostly I feel he got a bad rap, but it’s time for both sides to move on. Good Luck to Jay wherever he ends up!

  4. Fox has seen enough of Cutler vice versa. The Bears will fix his shoulder as a parting gift and both parties will start fresh, separately, in 2017.

  5. “so we may well have seen the last of Cutler in a Bears uniform”

    Josh, dude! Cutler will be lucky if he stays in the NFL, he is definitely out as a Bear.

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in purple next season. A gunslinger would be a nice change of pace.

  7. He was a loser in Chicago, whether you like it or not. We could blame poor receivers for many years, but even with Marshall, Alshon, Martellus, and Forte, at best, Cutler was good only for yards, not wins. Add on his injury prone status, perceived lack of gusto, and big sticker price, and it’s a no-brainer to let him walk.

    If there’s a team out there that’s a quarterback away (there isn’t), he’d probably be just good enough to get them there. As it is, however, it seems like he’s either due for retirement or backup duty.

  8. Thanks to joefelicelli for, once again, telling it like it is. Fox is either a liar or has no idea what’s going on with the team. Neither scenario bodes well for our future.

    As much as most of you would love to see Jay go, I’m betting he’s back with the team next year to start, back up whoever we trade the farm for or to mentor whatever “franchise QB” you dreamers are thinking is coming out of the draft.

    No, Tony Romo isn’t the solution. Try again.

  9. There’s no way to spin the Cutler story as anything other than a major disappointment.

    When he came into the league, we heard over and over about his rocket arm and supposed Vanderbilt brains…but somehow neither could save him.

    Maybe that 11–35 college record should’ve been taken more seriously. Just not a leader.

  10. If Osweiller got $18M, then Cutler is easily worth the $16M. I’d rather have Cutler. He will never be great, but he gets a bad rap. He’s top half of all league starters when healthy.

    Maybe he can get with a team that has everything except a QB, and the Bears can build from scratch.

  11. Somebody will overpay for him. Cleveland, SF, Jets, etc. come immediately to mind. Heck, maybe the Cards as Palmer looks done and Arians loves the deep ball. The

  12. Too bad that the Bears wasted his talent. His years under Lovie Smith where the defense was always the emphasis, Lovie changed the OC almost annually. Poor drafting by Jerry Vanisi resulted in either not having an offensive line or not having decent receivers. Lastly, too bad no coaches were able to develop a Cutler’s leadership senses. QB is not the reason they are losing…..no talent is!!!!! Blame the GM’s……..

  13. Never understood all the Cutler hate. Maybe his passive aggressive nature rubbed some people the wrong way but the guy took some serious beatings behind some lousy lines over the years and put up okay numbers under the circumstances. People don’t get on Eli who also isn’t a fiery guy and their per game numbers are pretty comparable. If he was a bit over paid at times that’s the position not the person. Thought his comments when B Marsh was trashing him were hysterical.

  14. Cutler has had naysayers since before he got to Chicago. I can remember Denver fans saying he was poison, and this was when his stock was at it’s highest… young gun, huge arm, future ahead of him. Through the years with the Bears, there was a lot of evidence to support this, and frankly most of Chicago gave up on him when Lovie was still coaching. But I kept holding out for a breakthrough. It never came. The guy needed a perfect situation.. a stable, veteran team that just needed the qb to make some big pays, not be their anchor. Well, that hasn’t been the Bears, and Cutler hasn’t helped them get there. It just didn’t work. I think he really grew, especially after the self immolation that occurred in 2014. But he was never, ever a stable positive energy for a team that desperately needed it. Instead he was the one that, when things started looking up, when there was a tiny crease of light coming through, would stab you in the heart with a sack-fumble, a bad interception, lack of mature leadership. It happened over and over and over. On top of which, he gobbled up so much salary cap that you had core units–the OL, the D backfield–that management was forced to fill on the cheap, and that just made the whole cycle worse. I think it’s fair to say that with Kyle Orton at QB from 2008 to however long he could have played, the organization would have been a lot better off this whole time. Cutler’s last throw for the Bears, a red zone interception, was the most poetically fitting swan song you could ask for from the dude. Good luck, Jay. But good riddance.

  15. Cutler was indeed a major disappointment. 51-51 I think I read as a Bear (or was that overall?)

    But as tough as anything. Despite the unfortunate and immature “Quitler” name he got after the NFCC.
    (The same injury that RG III played through and ruined his career)

    Sacked NINE times in the FIRST half against the Giants. Took an incredible pounding, especially with Martz calling 7 step drops with J-Webb playing left tackle.

    Yeah – Cutler was heard swearing at Martz. Do you blame him? And where did Martz go after the Bears anyway?

    And Told Webb to get his head in the game. In the offseason, Webb was actually quaoted as admitting he had trouble concentrating at times during games.

    The guy was getting killed and he called out people twice (only) and never in the press. (Like Rodgers does continually).

    But winning cures all, and Cutler was not a winner. Mediocre QB with a big contract after a big trade. Kind of a jerk – like McMahon without the ability to make you forget about it.

    He will get offers from SEVERAL teams next year. You can count on it.

  16. I never understood all the hate for Jay. I hope he ends up with the Cardinals, and wins a Super Bowl. Good luck Jay

  17. Last few years a lot of people threw rocks at Jay. Kromer, Bennett, Marshall etc. Jay always took the high road.
    Class guy.
    Good luck Jay.

  18. The Bears have never been an all in QB driven team. The two guys that took them to the SB were serviceable and fun to watch, but pieces of a team. When the sum of the parts is strong the Bears succeed. That is not the case for today’s team. So, to lay their woes all on JC may not be quite fair. He get his share, but not what I read above.

    Not sure the next guy up is better. Didn’t he get beat out by Tebow? Then traded? Then traded again? The draft doesn’t look much better. Be careful what you ask for.

  19. firejerry says:
    Dec 1, 2016 4:31 PM
    Too bad that the Bears wasted his talent. His years under Lovie Smith where the defense was always the emphasis, Lovie changed the OC almost annually. Poor drafting by Jerry Vanisi resulted in either not having an offensive line or not having decent receivers.
    Jerry Vainisi was fired by the Bears in 1986, about 18 years before Lovie Smith became coach.

  20. This would have been an idea time to get your young QB that should have been drafted in April some valuable playing time without a lot of pressure on him.
    I don’t even mean the missed Dak Prescott pick.
    I would have been happy to see Cardale Jones throwing the ball for the next 5 games and they could not even bother to draft him either.
    This collection of practice squad guys just magnifies the blunder of the last two drafts.

  21. 6 different offensive coordinators in 8 years for Jay Cutler in Chicago.
    Who the hell does that?
    Not to mention a collection of suck at the WR position for most of those 8 years and some of the worst O lines in the NFL.
    Matt Forte bailed out Cutler?
    No…. Cutler made Forte a yardage machine by having the sense to throw him the ball instead of chumps like Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Roy Williams and Devin Aromashodu

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