Mark Davis still not listening to Oakland stadium plan

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As the folks in Oakland cobble together a stadium plan that continues to be regarded by some in league circles more as political cover than a practical solution, Raiders owner Mark Davis has shown no inclination to listen.

As explained by Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is owned by the same Sheldon Adelson who is hip deep in the effort to build a stadium for the Raiders in Nevada, Davis has not altered his initial reaction to the last-second Oakland effort. Given details that suggest the possibility of Davis selling a slice of the team to the people who would be paying for the new Oakland stadium, Davis will be even more determined to not listen.

Adelson’s newspaper also reports that the Raiders are “likely” to receive the votes necessary to green light a silver and black relocation, for which Davis plans to file permission in January.

Before that happens, owners who will be meeting in Dallas on December 14 will likely hear the results of a league-initiated study of the Oakland market, the expected goal of which will be to persuade enough owners that the Raiders should stay put.

23 responses to “Mark Davis still not listening to Oakland stadium plan

  1. He promised Vegas he wasn’t using them to blackmail Oakland and he’s sticking by that. Oakland couldn’t be bothered to fix the freaking sewage problems in their stadium…they obviously have no serious desire to keep the Raiders, despite whatever political show their putting on now and regardless of whether the fans want them to stay or not.

  2. I have put together a group wishing to build a new stadium in Oakland and keep the team there.

    My group will put up 500 million, the league 200 million, public money 400 million.

    I want 40% of the team, with 1st rights to purchase the rest.

    My group will force out Davis within 2 years and purchase the balance.

    We will make sure the team remains what it always has been……..2nd and 3rd class to The Kansas City Chiefs

  3. Oakland has no plan for the Raiders. It’s a city that’s over run by crime and homelessness. It’s a disaster zone. If they are not moving to LA (and frankly I don’t think they want to be a tenent in Inglewood either), or San Diego (if the Chargers move to Inglewood), then the Vegas Raiders it is.

  4. Lets see? The NFL owners nixed one Stadium deal,Carson.
    Not because they wanted the Raiders and Chargers to stay in their perspective markets but so they could get more $$$ from the LA deal. I can’t knock them for wanting the best deal for themselves.

    We need not even debate the effort of the NFL to keep the Rams in STL. So now that Mark Davis has come up with a plan on his own that may not sit well with one or two or whomever. And its like please dont leave Oakland!again.
    The NFL would look foolish trying to stop him from moving after green lighting Rams to LA. for profit.

  5. The Davis family has been reaching out to the city of Oakland for 15 years, now that he has a deal with another city they suddenly want to talk? Too little too late Oakland, that door has closed. And I don’t blame Davis one bit.

  6. Trying to get a “slice” of the team for a new stadium. Is that not a form of blackmail?

  7. So you have Las Vegas rolling out the red carpet and offering a first class facility and on the other hand you have Oakland with a thrown-together, last minute proposal. This is a no-brainer if ever there was one. Bye Oakland… again.

  8. No city should give this scumbag billionaire a single dime.

    The league makes billions every year off normal game operations.

    Now they make billions more from their shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    Yet that isn’t enough for these people. They have to try and extort billion dollar buildings from the taxpayers that they could easily afford to finance themselves.

  9. A new stadium won’t come for free and if Son-of-Al thinks that Sheldon Adelson is just going to ‘give’ him a new stadium in Las Vegas then he’s more of a naive imbecile than I thought. Adelson has made it clear that he’s looking for a path to controlling the Raiders.

    Given a choice between Ronnie Lott’s group in Oakland and a slime like Adelson the choice is obvious to any rational thinker. But Son-of-Al can never be accused of having a lot in the way of thinking-power.

  10. Mark Davis is committed to Las Vegas. Ronnie Lott and his group should just go away. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. The economic opportunity there is too good to pass up. Hopefully 2016 is the Raiders last season in Oakland.

  11. Oakland couldn’t be bothered to fix the freaking sewage problems in their stadium…they obviously have no serious desire to keep the Raiders, despite whatever political show their putting on now and regardless of whether the fans want them to stay or not.
    The City of Oakland is still on the hook for over $100M in loans required to build the 10,000 seat stadium extension (“Mt. Davis”) that Al demanded before he would move back from LA. Oh, BTW, Mt. Davis has been tarped for years but the loans havent. If I was the City, I wouldnt trust the Raiders farther than I could throw them.

    Owners arent going to approve a move from the 6th biggest market to the 44th and give control of the team to the casinos. Hello? No NFL approval and no public money from Vegas. Then what will Marky do? Mexico City baby. Raiders will thrive there!

  12. …..If Mark Davis wants to keep control of his team, grow the team, get a new stadium, he should go to San Antonio. Yes he might have to get a little confrontational with Bob McNair & Jerry Jones but ultimatly they can’t keep him out of Texas………

  13. Vegas will not get approved! Even this half-baked Oakland plan is good enough to torpedo the strip.

    Look for the Raiders to fulfill their lease option at Coliseum.

    What happens after the vote is critical. Is the Oakland plan simply politics? Will Davis offer up part ownership to the Fortress Group if it’s not?

    If the Oakland plan fails, he is likely to share a stadium with the Niner’s…in other words, turn Levy Silver & Black!

  14. I don’t see Vegas being approved now. Why would the NFL approve of Vegas when Oakland now has something ready. The A’s owner just sold his majority part, and the new owner has made it known that he will be leaving the existing coliseum site. The warriors are leaving by 2019. That leaves the entire site for the Raiders. You better think this all the way thru Mark. Las Vegas is a town of tourist. Look at the LA Rams they can’t even sell out.

  15. Nevada lawmakers approved $750 million for the new Vegas stadium. Libby Schaaf refuses to pay anything toward the stadium. Super Bowls in Las Vegas will be off the charts. Davis bought the rights to the name “Las Vegas Raiders.” That is where he is moving to. There is so much potential in the southern Nevada market.

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