Rams: Jeff Fisher was referring to Danny Amendola

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Call it the case of one too many Danny.

On Wednesday, Rams coach Jeff Fisher made a generic reference to “Danny” during a conference call with New England media. Because Fisher was discussing running backs at the time, some have assumed he was referring to Danny Woodhead.

As in the Danny Woodhead who last played for the Patriots in 2012. And who has played for the Chargers since 2013.

“Coach Fisher was referring to Danny Amendola, who played for the Rams,” a Rams spokesman told PFT. “He was talking about some of the threats they have.”

Complicating the situation was Fisher’s reference in virtually that same breath to what “Brandon [has] done out of the backfield.” But running back Brandon Bolden has only one rushing attempt and two pass receptions in nine 2016 games.

The Rams confirmed that Fisher was referring to Bolden, “not so much about production, but the different ways they line him up.”  The Rams added that Fisher has a flip card listing the opponents players at each position in front of him for all conference calls.

These realities haven’t stopped the anti-Fisher crowd, spurred by Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson (whose Twitter page continues to suggest he’s trying to get Fisher fired even if Dickerson claims he isn’t), from presuming that Fisher was talking about a guy who hasn’t played for the Patriots in more than 3.5 seasons and from assuming that Brandon Bolden’s lack of statistics doesn’t mean he’s not a threat.

And to anyone (especially members of the New England media who were on the conference call) who may be inclined to question the credibility of the team’s explanation, there was an opportunity to ask follow-up questions about “Danny” and “Brandon” during the conference call. For whatever reason, no one did.

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  1. Fisher is a corporate stooge. A “yes” man to the NFL. This weekend he will coach against his exact opposite. Bill Belichick is a rebel. He has zero use for the corporate side of the NFL. BB does not see the other 31 teams as his co-workers. He see’s the other 31 teams as his competition that he was hired to defeat. That’s his job and his only focus.

  2. The guy has missed the playoffs 16 out of 22 seasons, with no playoff wins in the past 8 years. Going to have the most losses ever by a Head Coach by the end of the season… This should be his last NFL job. He hasn’t deserved to be a Head Coach for quite some time.

  3. Excuse me no playoff APPEARANCE since 2008, and no playoff win since 2003. Ya know, 13 years ago.

    A season that boasted Brad Johnson, Trent Green, and Mark Bulger as three of the top five passers in the league.

    Safe to say the league passed fisher by about three times over by now.

  4. Jeff also said his team was preparing for “Jim”…..referring to Jim Nance who played RB for the Patriots in the late 1960s….

  5. If Fisher communicates with as much ambiguity with his team as he does in this interview it’s no wonder they always finish .500 or below. Seriously…the Rams have had more talent on their team than most NFL teams…especially on defense the past few seasons. A good coach like Harbaugh would have figured out a way to at least get to the playoffs a couple of times considering what he did with the mess he got in San Francisco.

  6. Glad that’s cleared up, the topic was running backs, he talked about the production of a running back who is really more of a special teams standout, and then switched to a WR averaging 1.8 catches per game, with a summary that they represent “playmakers all around.” He also deftly omitted any reference to actual playmakers Legarrette Blount, James White, Dion Lewis, or Julian Edelman while discussing RB and WR. Riiiiight.

  7. So the fact that he reads random opponent names off of cue cards is his DEFENSE?

    Good Lord what a dinosaur this guy is. Why on earth the Rams would even be considering an extension for this guy is beyond me. I mean, sure, there may be some small advantage in having a coach that sits on the rules committee, but how much mediocrity is an owner supposed to put up with?

    They have a rookie QB that actually looks like he may be able to play a little (something it took Old Man Fisher 10 weeks to see). If I am the owner, getting an offensive minded “QB Guru” type of coach in there is absolutely critical.

  8. bigsausagepizza12 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 10:47 AM

    Danny glass and cheap shother artist. Fits right in with the Patriots



    Report comment

    Amendolas been nothing but a team player since hes been in Foxboro and hes restructed his contract twice to stay here……and will restructure again this summer to be part of a winning team year after year………

  9. At least Rex was honest when he said way back in September of 2015 he didn’t know Dion Lewis’s name because he was focusing on LeGarrette Blount. We all know how that ended, when Dion carried for 70 times, LG only 4, and Dion had the game winning TD.
    Bill is player chess, what’s Jeff playing, tiddlywinks????

  10. Fisher cannot speak intelligently about the Pats’ skill players. BB said this about the Rams’ punter: “Hekker is a tremendous weapon. He’s as good a player as I’ve ever seen at that position. He’s a really tremendous weapon in his ability to punt the ball inside the 20, directional kick it. He’s involved in fakes, can throw, can run.”
    Hekker leads the NFL in punting yards and punts within the 20-yard line with 35.
    Hekker has a quarterback rating of 126.7. Over five years in the NFL, Hekker is 6 of 10 on his career for 60 yards and a touchdown.
    How is Fisher even employed?

  11. bigsausagepizza12 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 10:47 AM
    Danny …Fits right in with the Patriots

    Yes he does. That big shiny Super Bowl ring he won fits right in with the many other current, former and future Patriots that have won or will win Super Bowl rings with the Patriots.

  12. Pretty funny actually. If I’m BB I am putting copies of those comments all over the locker room. Particularly close to the lockers of Blount, Lewis and White.

    If I thought Mr. Fisher was even remotely capable of it I would think he would have done that on purpose expecting the Pats to try to run it……a lot…….. but Jeffies record doesn’t support that belief.

  13. Shameful that no journalist in the room asked any follow up question. If Fisher said “James and Dion” that would have been fine. But when he says “Brandon and Danny” you gotta clarify who he’s talking about and why he’s talking about them as backfield threats. Instead they jumped right ahead to an unrelated question about Blount. Listen to it if you haven’t already. It’s as shameful for Fisher to have said it as it is for none of the reporters to pick up on what was a ridiculous response to a question.

  14. That’s just an embarrassment. They admitted that they hand him a flip card for his press conferences.

    Is he that clueless about next week’s opponent? Doesn’t even know who the starters are?

    I bet Belichick could name every player on Fisher’s team without flip cards.

  15. “Complicating the situation was Fisher’s reference in virtually that same breath to what “Brandon [has] done out of the backfield.” But running back Brandon Bolden has only one rushing attempt and two pass receptions in nine 2016 games.”

    The guy is paid millions every year in part to know well the personnel on opposing teams. Bolden has hardly played this year outside of special teams.

    SMH and yet he still keeps getting those huge paychecks while he remains incompetent at his job.

  16. Personally, this is your “rest” game for many that are hurt. No, that is not a slam on the Rams; it is a realistic look at the upcoming schedule.


    While I do think that Brady will play, I think that it is likely we could see Jimmy G. to start the third quarter. Gronk should be given time to heal, along with Julian.

    The games versus Baltimore and Denver are critical ones and if New England has the ability to enter those contests with “better” health, then I think it’s one that could factor into the Rams game.

  17. Bill could not only name every player, but where they went to school, what they did in college, the names of their college head coaches and assistants and the innovations those coaches introduced to the game.

  18. The Rams actually had a spokesman address this? This is one of those screw ups that is best handled by ignoring it and letting it fade away. Coming out and trying to explain/defend it makes it worse.

  19. We knew who he was talking about. The little white guy named Danny. There’s only one of them on the team. Coaches probably aren’t getting as much sleep the week before they have to face Brady.

  20. bigsausagepizza12 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 10:47 AM
    Danny glass and cheap shother artist. Fits right in with the Patriots


    Did someone just attempt to trash-talk Patriots Danny Amendola and (the immortal?) Brandon Bolden with authentic, frontier jibberish?

    The bars must have opened really early today in Haterville, USA.

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