Troy Vincent: NFL having daily discussions on full-time officials


A month ago, Saints coach Sean Payton laid out his case for full-time officials in an appearance on PFT Live. Since then, the subject has been much discussed around the NFL.

In fact, it’s been discussed every day in the league office, according to Troy Vincent, the league’s V.P. of football operations.

“This is a topic of discussion daily,” Vincent told the Associated Press.

Those daily discussions have led the league to conclude that it should hire up to 17 full-time officials this offseason, Vincent said. That would be enough to have one full-timer on every officiating crew. The NFL is also considering increasing the size of crews from seven to eight.

NFL V.P. of Officiating Dean Blandino said after Payton made his case for full-time officials that the idea has merit. Hiring 17 full-timers is still a long way from making all of the officials in the league full-timers, but the league may be heading in that direction.

21 responses to “Troy Vincent: NFL having daily discussions on full-time officials

  1. Um, yeah…if you could just go ahead and take that 8th official and put him upstairs with video capability and put him in constant contact with the ref that would just be great.

  2. I honestly don’t care if they do it or not but it will solve absolutely nothing. Watching game film in April is not going to help an official who makes an atrocious PI call in December.

  3. The NFL can’t afford to have them all full time?

    They should all have to pass strict physical and visual requirements so the officials aren’t twice the age of the players.

  4. After the texans oakland fiasco, which handed oakland a win over what should have a texans win, this comes as no surprise. I am certain that the results os that game also helped spark this discussion.

  5. Troy Vincent didn’t know that cold weather made the temperature drop, yet Brady was suspended 4 games because cold weather was cold.

    Full time refs won’t matter since they are instructed to help Denver, Baltimore, and Seattle win at all costs. Have any teams benefitted more than those 3?

  6. I discuss people eating crayons everyday, but I’d never do it. NFL does alot of talking, but never does anything. Unless a player celebrates a TD… then the NFL goes into hyper drive.

  7. If Troy Vincent is in charge of this decision, you can bet it won’t turn out well. Sorry, but the NFL has been in free fall since bringing him on board.

  8. Until they come up with a plan to have calls be consistent that change games, especially PI both offensive and defensive calls, you gain nothing. Until crews aren’t bias toward a certain call, you gain nothing. until they figure out what is a catch or not they gain nothing.

  9. I wonder what discussions are like with Vincent, Goodell, and Blandino involved.

    Probably a lot of awkward silence.

  10. I don’t think being full time fixes anything. The biggest issue is the blatant favoritism. And I don’t say that to whine….my favorite team is my fantasy team, so bias has nothing to do with that opinion. It’s obvious in any given game who is getting the calls, and I can generally predict the outcome of the game based on who is getting the calls. Holding and PI could be called on most plays, and the catch rules are intentionally vague in order to give the officials the ability to influence the game.

    I work forty hours in a bank all week, but I don’t suck at my second job where I ref youth flag football just because I only do it four hours a week.

  11. Obvious move is to make all new hires full time. Current guys won’t care if it doesn’t impact them, same way the players union was cool with the rookie salary reforms since the current guys weren’t affected.

  12. My biggest problem is pure inconsistent across the board. One refs call for one player is hands to the face… and another is a no call. I know the game is fast but full time allows the refs to really understand the rules and what should be allowed and not. I was a coach in youth league and I always preached to the boys score points to where the ref is not swaying the game. score 30 point on the team.. NFL HAS THE MONEY TO INVEST IN THE QUALITY OF THE GAME…We can just call it WWE with the outcome predetermined.

  13. bum65 says:
    Dec 1, 2016 8:02 PM
    The NFL can’t afford to have them all full time?


    Sure they could but it would cost them somewhere in the ball park of $30M to do so it makes sense to take it slow. These refs are working lucrative jobs and aren’t going to just quit to be full time refs unless the money is better. The reality of a league who has to hire 120 new officials is worse than 120 part time officials and 17 new guys..

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