NFL re-evaluating Thursday night scheduling procedures

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The NFL says it is “fully committed” to the continuation of a slate of Thursday night games despite complaints about the short turnaround for teams playing the previous Sunday, but it does appear that they are open to changing one of the more onerous scheduling possibilities.

NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent told the Associated Press that the league is looking at their scheduling procedures in hopes of avoiding having teams play on Sunday night before traveling to play on Thursday. The Redskins were in that position on Thanksgiving with the added fun of playing on Thursday afternoon in Dallas.

“That’s tough, and we’ll have to look at that,” Vincent said. “Ideally, that’s not something that we would like to have.”

Redskins coach Jay Gruden complained about the schedule for his team last week and called rethinking the approach to scheduling a “no-brainer.”

“The recovery time for these players after a physical football game needs to be more than what we got. And then you throw a plane ride in on top of it, it makes it pretty difficult,” Gruden said. “It can be done because we did it. But I think the schedule maker should really look at that and not put somebody in that predicament again.”

Vincent said the league would like to have teams playing in the early afternoon slot on Sunday before playing on Thursday whether they are on the road or not for the second game.

24 responses to “NFL re-evaluating Thursday night scheduling procedures

  1. Why doesnt the NFL just schedule Thursday night games for teams coming off their bye week? That way they get a good break before, and after playing the Thursday night games.

  2. I would only allow teams that had a bye the week before, to play on Thursday. The players need more time to rest. They don’t run expensive race horses on 3 days rest.

  3. Why not have the home team on Thursday play an away game the week before? Then it’s truly fair as both teams will have to travel in that shortened time frame. Redskins played Sunday night, then had to fly cross country before the game, while cowboys played home game Sunday afternoon, then got to sirens the entire time in home area. Pretty simple to fix really. Oh wait, NFL did fix it… For the cowboys

  4. I don’t watch TNF much any more, maybe the 1st quarter and that’s it. Sloppy football with really neither team finding any rhythm. The uniforms are terrible but have to be worn to make nike happy. It’s nothing more than a Nike marketing scam for 4 hours & i prefer to watch other shows instead. What was last night half score, 6-7?? not very exciting.

  5. Teams playing on the road Thursday shouldn’t have to have played on the road the Sunday before…..unless it was at Cleveland… which it was for the Steelers. Just kidding. Also, no divisional games,too important. And no cross conference games, teams are too unfamiliar. Steelers played at Indy Thanksgiving but had played them in each of the last two years.

  6. Yes Jay that 2 hour plane trip from Washington to Dallas surely is a killer. You dont hear any other teams whining the way the Redskins do. Im better had they won, which was never a possibility, you wouldnt have heard a peep from them. But they lost so they have to make excuses.

  7. How about only scheduling teams coming off their bye week on Thursday… Restricts the pool somewhat but who cares anyway…

  8. Here’s a thought: 18 week season with one additional bye week for each team. The first bye week is the normal scheduled bye week. The second bye week is given each week to the teams playing the following Thursday.

  9. Or the NFL could do the sensible thing and drop Thursday Night Football. Only Thursday games should be the opener (if the NFL wants it on Thursday) and on Thanksgiving.

    The Thursday football is almost always awful. Just ditch it already.

  10. While they’re at it, perhaps they can look to scrap the “tradition” that gives Dallas and Detroit guaranteed home games on Thanksgiving (and the accompanying half bye week that follows).

  11. Divisional games that mean something would be better than the terrible games they have presented.

  12. “NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent told the Associated Press that the league is looking at their scheduling procedures in hopes of avoiding having teams play on Sunday night before traveling to play on Thursday.”

    Tell Howard Katz and his idiot minions to quit paying so much attention to trying to fit every Giants-Cowboys game into a primetime window and to start paying attention to this. What happened to the Redskins also happened to the Saints two years ago (Sunday nighter at home against Green Bay then Thursday nighter at Carolina). Probably no coincidence it happened to the Redskins and Saints, two teams that got docked for going over the “salary cap” in the uncapped year of 2010.

  13. NFL re-evaluating Thursday night scheduling procedures: just do away with Thursday night football period! Middle-class America does not want it…and you saw what happened when Queen Hillary ignored middle-class America. Be forewarned King NFL…

  14. Gruden is complaining about their schedule but the Cowboys just played 3 games in 12 days with no sniveling from Coach Garrett and won every single one of them.

  15. That’s one of the problems in today’s society. Basic common sense needs evaluated or investigated.

    Morons running morons.

  16. Why not just have teams that are coming off their bye play on the Thursday night game? That seems the most logical thing to me. I know later in the season when the byes have ended they couldn’t do that, but they certainly could early in the season.

  17. They could start with making sure the home team for Thursday had a road game the Sunday before and that the road team for Thursday had a home game. This would make it as equal as possible. Sucks for a team to travel from a game on Sunday then travel to a game on Thursday while someone like Dallas plays at home on a Sunday then at home on Thursday. (I know that wasn’t the case this week but it has been the rule more than exception in the past)

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