Chip Kelly doesn’t commit to Colin Kaepernick next week

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The 49ers benched quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Sunday. It’s unclear whether he’ll remain on the bench next Sunday against the Jets.

“We haven’t had any discussions about it,” coach Chip Kelly told reporters after the loss in Chicago regarding whether Kaepernick will return in Week 14. “It was my decision to make and made a move to see if we can get a spark and to see where we were. At that point of time of the game we were down a couple of scores and obviously we got throw it to see if we can get a spark for the team. There are no permanent decisions.”

Still, it sounds as if Kaepernick will be back, given Kelly’s explanation for making the change.

“I thought we needed a spark on offense and needed to get something going, give Blaine [Gabbert] a shot at throwing,” Kelly said. “Knew we were going to be throwing every down, so give Blaine a shot. That was it, nothing more.”

Kaepernick said he was “surprised” to be benched, and he sidestepped the question of whether he believes he’ll play next week.

“That’s not my decision,” Kaepernick said. “My feelings on it really don’t matter at this point. I’m just going to do everything I can to make sure I’m prepared.”

The 49ers have now lost 11 games in a row, following a Week One win over the Rams. The visit from the Jets, who’ll be crossing the country on a short week, could be their best chance to avoid matching the 2001 Panthers, who won in Week One and then lost 15 in a row.

28 responses to “Chip Kelly doesn’t commit to Colin Kaepernick next week

  1. Man I can only imagine how much it must suck for Kaepernick to be oppressed by Chip.

  2. Chip is the problem not Colin. You only called 5 passing plays all game and you can’t blame Colin for that. Terrible weather conditions and he gives you the best chance to win. Not BLAINE GABBERT. The Chip Kelly era in the NFL is slowing coming to an end. Go back to college Chipper.

  3. Wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs, under the guise as wanting to “start a conversation”. I would have cut him the moment he put them on his feet.

  4. Leave the disrespectful turd on the bench, Krapernick wants to void the last year of his contract anyway. Nice leadership mess Jed has there, right from the top on down.

  5. I can’t figure out who I dislike more: Colon or Chip. Chip is chomping at the bit to get back to College football (he’ll get his chance on January 2nd) but continually denies it. Colon is just a tool. He has a very limited skill set which means when he’s on the market next year, his limited abilities at quarterback arent enough to overcome his personal liabilities.

  6. Kaepernick said. “My feelings on it really don’t matter at this point. ”

    This statement applies to more than he thinks.

  7. chip,

    this is howie. yeah i know we hate each other. but independent of that…how about wentz for kaep, straight up ?

    and don’t ask about our draft picks from vikes for bradford. they are off limits.

    but we could throw agholor in. remember him, that stiff you blew a 1st rounder on ?

  8. How does a pro qb throw for 4 yards? You know, MJ used to be able to dunk from greater than 4 yards away from the rim. This was such an embarrassing performance, not just from Colin but the entire team and chip Kelly. Celebrating a penalty on special teams after it wasn’t even a td, laughable. Unprofessionalism from the top down. Sorry man but Kelly doesn’t have the chops to develop and lead men. Kaepernick picked the wrong week to pull this bs about opting out of his deal, nobody is going to sign him after that hideous showing. Either Colin needs to have his head examined for having an inflated sense of self or his agent needs to be beaten with a bamboo stick for forfeiting the rest of that free mula.

  9. First, condolences for Chip’s loss of his father. Regarding starting who next week I think it would be wise to give Christian Ponder a shot. Ian Rappaport reported this morning that Kaepernick will declare as a Free Agent after the season. He’s been given an adequate audition as has Gabbert. The only guy who hasn’t received a shot is Ponder. I think you start him the last four games. See how he plays then start strategizing your personnel moves going forward..

  10. But the Ape Logic people who can only read a stat were so happy last week. Darn.

    I guess he is an atrocious QB like the rest of us always knew.

  11. burrito12 says:
    Dec 4, 2016 9:21 PM

    Prediction, He’s out of football next year.


    Nostradamus –

    You are a little late to the party. Some of us have said this since last year.

  12. 49ers averaged 23 ppg with Gabbert starting, with an average point differential of -6. They avg 18 ppg with Kap starting with avg point diff of -15. Blaine is 1-4 on the season, Kaeprnick is 0-7.

    By the numbers the team is a lot more competitive with Gabbert starting.

  13. The word is disrespect . Kaepernick has shown disrespect to the veterans,the police,the fans his owner and his team. Sure ,he made his point but to continue his disrespect for months is unacceptable. He is a lousy Q.B. and needs to find another home he can trash. I’m sure Ponder will start next week ,you don’t disrespect everyone and continue as the face (gag) of the franchise. Signed ,a once proud forty nine year 49 er fan. Get rid of this guy !

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