Jeff Fisher: I signed extension in the offseason


It feels like we’ve been talking about Rams coach Jeff Fisher getting a contract extension since the offseason before news broke on Sunday morning of agreement on a two-year extension, but it was actually old news.

Reports that Fisher signed the extension weeks ago were off by a bit as well. It was actually months ago. Fisher confirmed that he signed an extension with the team after the Rams fell to 4-8 in a 26-10 loss to the Patriots on Sunday afternoon.

“This was done well before the season started,” Fisher said.

The team’s performance this season could affect the team’s decision to see out even the first year of the extension, but the fact that the Rams have made it clear that they are looking at more than wins and losses suggests he remains on track for 2017 at this point.

Fisher, who now stands one loss away for tying Dan Reeves with the most of any coach, has four weeks to avoid 7-9 BS, although the Rams will have to win out for that to be a good thing.

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  1. I remember 8 years ago, talking to a friend, and we looked up his coaching record; he had something like 2 winning seasons in 10 years. Nearly a decade later that number hasn’t really budged. As much as I despise the Rooney Rule, I bet you behind closed doors PLENTY of advocates of that rule point out that this guy still has a job after all these years when there must be a few dozen better candidates out there.

  2. Must be nice to still be making good money to be a mediocre team. I, however, would be embarrassed to be saying something like that while not pulling in winning seasons. Must be nice to make good money and continually put up poor results!

  3. Well LA fans, bet you never thought you’d get this when you got the team! If you want to see the incompetence of Kroenke teams just look at Arsenal, the Avalance and the Nuggets. The comedy just gets better. Why they would extend this clown is unbelievable!

  4. I get that an owner may want the same coach in the year before the move and the year after the move, even if his record isn’t good. But another year…. bizarre.

  5. Gotta respect the guy though. He’s a7-9 coach making millions to continue coaching in the NFL. I wouldn’t turn down a contract either

  6. Didn’t Jerry Jones say that Kroenke was the best owner for the LA market? I don’t think the LA fans will support losing football. 4 winning seasons in 27 years. It’s a bad organization.

  7. Does he have pictures of Kroenke without his toupee? Seriously, how is this guy still an NFL head coach?

    Last winning season…2008
    Last season at .500….2009

    Mediocrity knows no bounds with Jeff Fisher’s coaching career.

  8. Meanwhile many excellent coordinators are not even considered while a head coach who has clearly “mailed it in” for five plus years gets an extension. Perhaps it was part of Stan Kroenke’s plan to to suck and make it easier to get out of St Louis.

  9. cazspaz says:
    Dec 4, 2016 4:45 PM
    What type of NFL team purposely hides the fact that they gave their coach an extension? No good team at all.

    The Patriots have been doing this for years.

  10. Why didn’t Fisher say something? Maybe, after his “7-9 BS” speech, he’s having problems taking ownership of the Rams’ dismal performance this year.

  11. I like Fisher. Beginning a month ago, the Rams have been positioning themselves for the 2017 draft. They’ll be competitive in 2017. Dickerson can eat cake.

  12. To be fair, this was reported by the L.A. media during the summer, without team confirmation.

  13. Interesting Brady is 201-61 Fisher is 173 163. Brady has played in 262 games and has a winning percentage of 0.767. Fisher has a winning percentage of 0.515 over 336 games.

    He just sucks, that’s all there is to it. Hire someone, hire Tom Coughlin, hire anyone else

  14. I have never seen a head coach who is THIS UNSUCCESSFUL over the course of 20 plus years continue to get hired and given extensions.

    It’s crazy

  15. It seems that COO Kevin Demoff was just humoring Eric Dickerson then in their “3 hour” conversation a couple of days ago when he asked for his opinion on whether or not to extend Fisher:

    “I asked Kevin Demoff point blank last night. I say, ‘So, are you bringing Jeff Fisher back? Does he have an extension?’ He said, ‘We’re talking about it.’ He asked me, ‘What do you think?’” Dickerson said.

    Wow. Embarrassing.

  16. Teams can be good and interesting. That’s what you want. They can be good and boring, and that’s nice too. They can be bad and interesting and as a fan I’ll take that. But then they can also be bad and boring which is the worst. Jeff Fisher almost always has bad AND boring teams. Good luck getting LA interested in that.

  17. People and their snide remarks. They are ignorant of the facts but rant on.

    from another article

    Sources told ESPN that they believe the deal includes a team option for the Rams, who still could part ways with Fisher after the season and owe him only one year of salary.The extension does not seem to guarantee much for Fisher, beyond compensation. It’s viewed more as a token of appreciation from owner Stan Kroenke, who didn’t want Snead or Fisher to finish the season with lame-duck status. But the Rams would not be opposed to going in another direction at head coach — or general manager — if the Rams do not show that they are well-equipped to be consistent winners moving forward.

  18. To all LA Rams fans…………..First and foremost this should tell you what kind of an organization this is. They lie. They have known about this since they got to LA. Demoff knew this . Stan knew this . Its been a question that everyone has been asking. Why not just say it. Fisher is the one that leaked it. This is simply a bonus for helping them get to LA. The reason the team has been bad and is bad is not only the fault of Fisher. Its from the top down and it starts with Stan. He is not going anywhere so if the wants a winning organization , he needs to hire real football people to run the football team , starting with getting rid of Demoff. Hire an experienced COO that hires an experienced GM that will hire an experienced head coach and all of them know their roles. They could do this now and get this team ready to move into their new stadium . They are a long way from winning. Nothing will change unless Stan changes it.

  19. Its simple ……….This is not about coaching. This was why he was hired…………. Help Stan get the team to LA. That’s it. This extension is a bonus for helping him get to LA. They knew they were moving before he was hired. Its been reported that the move came up in the interview process before they hired him. Wake up LA. Demoff calls this an expansion team.

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