Raiders surge late to beat the Bills, improve to 10-2

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If a team is judged by how it bounces back from adversity, this Raiders team may be something special.

After falling behind 24-9 midway through the third quarter today against the Bills, the Raiders turned things around with a late-game surge that saw them score four touchdowns in 12 minutes and turn what looked like an ugly loss into an easy win.

With the victory over the Bills, the Raiders improved to 10-2 on the season, tied for the best record in the AFC. Not many people would have predicted before the season that the Raiders would be in contention for home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, but that’s exactly where Oakland is.

On a good day for the Raiders on both sides of the ball, the best player on the field may have been Khalil Mack, the pass rusher who first hit Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor to force an interception to set up a Raiders touchdown, then on the next possession knocked the ball out of Taylor’s hand and recovered the fumble, clinching the win. Mack is perhaps the most talented of the very good nucleus of young players the Raiders have acquired in the last few years.

The Raiders also have a talented quarterback in Derek Carr and talented receivers in Amari Cooper and Michael Crabrtee, each of whom caught touchdown passes from Carr. Latavius Murray scored two rushing touchdowns on a day when the Raiders got a complete team effort.

The Bills got solid work from LeSean McCoy and Mike Gillislee in the running game, but otherwise it was a rough day. The loss drops them to 6-6, and realistically it’s hard to see Buffalo making the playoffs. Rex Ryan may not have much of a future with this team.

Jack Del Rio’s squad, however, has a bright future. This is a team that can contend for a Super Bowl.

51 responses to “Raiders surge late to beat the Bills, improve to 10-2

  1. It was a battle until the Raiders woke up. The Bills aren’t even in the same hemisphere talent wise.

    Big props to Mack, he closed out yet another game with a sack, strip and recovery.

    Khalil Mack, from the University of Buffalo. ☺

    Can’t wait till Thursday.

  2. It looked like the Raiders were going to come out on the losing end as they looked hapless especially coming out in the first portion of the 2nd half. But as has so often been the case this year, Carr carried them back – this time to an easy win. The running game is so much better this year now that Murray (who wears down) has someone like Richard to help him carry the load. The defense still is very bad but Mack – who has very few talented players (Amerson, Joseph) surrounding him – made a series of key plays including forcing Taylor’s pick deep in Bills territory.

    The upcoming game against the Chiefs should be fun to watch and most likely will decide the AFCW division winner. Hopefully the Raiders perform better against them this time out.

  3. “I don’t understand what happened. We had a great week of practice.” – Wrecks Ryan

  4. I said it 2 weeks ago, this will be one of the Super Bowl reps. They’re that team with that it factor this year. They are very resilient. At some point, you have to just say that’s in their DNA and it has built their character. Their mediocre defense bucks up in the 4th quarter, and their offense explodes behind Carr who has morphed into a cross between Elway and Marino with his 4th quarter heroics.

  5. donttrollonme says:Dec 2, 2016 11:56 PM
    This is one of two games that will be an upset, but NOBODY can seem to see it coming.
    Upset 1: Bills will edge out the Raiders.
    Upset 2: Panthers will beat the Seahawks by a touchdown.
    Remember on Sunday where you heard it first.
    I remember.

  6. talkingproud says:Dec 2, 2016 8:44 PM
    One glaring thing about this game is the current point spread which is currently sitting at Raiders -3. Why is that? Is it a tease bet that seems too good to be true. The Arizona @ Bills game in week 3 was very similar and we all know what happened there. It’s a tease bet, Vegas rarely gets these things wrong.
    Sure the Raiders are 9-2, impressive enough, but they needed help from the officials and an idiot with a laser pen to beat a mediocre Texans team. And they barely beat a struggling Panthers squad last week.
    Just saying, Vegas rarely gets these games wrong. Bills win a close one!
    Go Bills!!!
    Ya, i’d say the Raiders covered the spread.

  7. The Raiders go one and done in the playoffs. I just don’t trust their defense in the clutch.

  8. Thursday night is for the best conference in football…the NFL is so much better when the RAIDERS are relevant…everybody’s worst nightmare…go RAIDERS!!!!!!!

  9. I have no horse in this race, but if Oakland can beat KC on Thursday then I like their chances at going to the SB. If not, I still think they can make it, but they better hope that KC is knocked out before then. The Chiefs have their number for some reason.

  10. Carr who has morphed into a cross between Elway and Marino with his 4th quarter heroics.


    Carr is very good, Oakland is a contender, but you need to calm down a little. I know it’s been a long time since the Raiders were good, but just relax……

  11. You could almost say the same thing about the Dallas Cowboys. Rookie running back and quarterback? Who’da thunk that? (Besides Jerrah Jones because, well, you know, he knows everything.)

  12. The Bills think they can win without a QB. It’s a shame. Who’s making the big decisions around here? Goodness gracious!

  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Dec 4, 2016 7:42 PM
    The Raiders go one and done in the playoffs. I just don’t trust their defense in the clutch.


    That’s when they actually play well. Think about it…..

  14. joetoronto says:
    Dec 4, 2016 7:28 PM
    It was a battle until the Raiders woke up. The Bills aren’t even in the same hemisphere talent wise.

    Big props to Mack, he closed out yet another game with a sack, strip and recovery.

    Khalil Mack, from the University of Buffalo. ☺

    Can’t wait till Thursday.
    You are not even on the same hemisphere with any of your posts. Hope your parents had NFL Ticket so you go to watch it!!!

  15. The raiders are for real. They’re not a punching bag anymore with Carr leading them. They keep coming back from behind.

  16. Sammy Watkins needs to leave Buffalo to save his career. He needs to play for a quarterback that can hit him in stride and get YAC. Tyrod can’t do it.

    – Bills Fan since 1987

  17. Good win. I keep wondering when the clowns in the media finally figure out that this team is legit. The D shows up when it has to. And Carr is simply amazing. Btw, Sammy Watkins is straight garbage. Based on his performance today he should have never even been drafted at all let alone a top 10 pick. That guy is a bum. Zero heart. And where are all the big mouth Bills fans at?

    Cowards, the lot of them.

    Just win, baby!

  18. I’m not a fan of either team, but I am really, really impressed with the Raiders. They are young and make some mistakes that can get them into some holes, but they are really, really talented and play with a lot of passion. That team is a real contender.

  19. Raiders maybe looking passed the Bills to the KC game, until they realized, “Oh! We need to win this game!”

  20. Bring on the hate all you want to but out schedule was not weak
    Broncos-Super Bowl champs
    Panthers-Super Bowl losers
    Texans-Division Champs
    Saints- #1 offense
    Bills-#1 rushing team
    Ravens- Unbeaten at the time
    Buccaneers- beating everyone but the Raiders
    Our only suspect wins were the Jaguars and the Chargers
    If anything our schedule shows that we are for real
    With more pride and happiness then I’ve had in a long long time
    Raider Nation out

  21. I am amazed. Usually the jills only choke that bad in the Superbowl. oh well, no chance of getting there and humiliating yourselves again this year.
    So now we know what winning the off season is worth: a .500 record.
    Way to go, buffalosers.

  22. The Bills traded up to #4 overall 1 pick ahead of the Raiders in 2014 to draft Sammy Watkins. They gave up 2 firsts to get him.
    Watkins is a bust.
    The Raiders drafted Khalil Mack at #5. He is a DPOY candidate, all pro at 2 different positions and a one man wrecking crew.
    Mack is a beast.
    Buffalo fan has got to be sick considering Mack went to the University of… Buffalo.

  23. If Al Davis was alive, Johnny Manziel and Kevin White would have been Raiders. I love what Reggie has done, and it is a joy to watch Carr, Cooper and Mack turn into superstars and bring the Raiders back in their righteous place in the NFL

  24. Jed York crawls further under his desk as the Raiders continue their ascension to being the only relevant NFL team in the Bay Area. Absolutely delicious. Where’s Ctiggs at??

  25. tonebones says:
    Dec 4, 2016 7:46 PM
    The Bills think they can win without a QB. It’s a shame. Who’s making the big decisions around here? Goodness gracious!


    Remember when Bills fans were talking about how great Tyrod Taylor was?

  26. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Mark Davis has committed $500 million to the Las Vegas stadium. Southern Nevada is getting the Golden Knights and Raiders next year. Hopefully 2016 is the Raiders last season in Oakland. Mark Davis will be applying for relocation. The move to Vegas will be approved at the owners meeting December 14th.

  27. Oakland frauds. Easiest schedule next to Dallas.


    Welcome to the internet where a simple google search will tell you you’re wrong. Oakland currently plays a middle of the pack schedule at #15.

  28. This is the first time in almost 15 years that it’s been fun to watch the Raiders. I’m glad they’ve got it right and this team is young so they have a chance to be good for a long time

  29. Fans in Southern Nevada are excited. They know they are getting a great team. Oakland isn’t an NFL city anymore. The growth and potential in Las Vegas is off the charts.

  30. I hope the raiders build a new stadium right where they are and wave down south every sunday to jeds suite and then proceed to give him the bird, for lets say, the next decade…

    I thought chris cohan was the worst bay area owner in history, congrats jed, you took his place, by far…

    I bet you dummies pick a kicker with the #2 pick, you cant try any harder to screw us fans and that crap of a stadium…

    -lifelong die hard niner fan

  31. If the Raiders figure out a way to put together 4 quarters of football, they will be unbeatable. Their heart and desire is second to none. Maybe Thursday However it turns out it has already been.a memorable season. Somewhere Al is grinning.

  32. @mdtintino1420:
    Glad you’re such a good concern troll, because football isn’t in your wheelhouse.
    And Rex, how was that 15-0 fourth quarter Rat Kill?

  33. bleck5 says:

    Dec 4, 2016 7:35 PM
    Chiefs still look better. I think Oakland’s streak ends Wednesday.

    I can guarantee you that the Raiders win streak will not end on Wednesday.

  34. Still some questionable play calling. Who the hell runs a read option with your MVP caliber qb. Who by the way has no speed compared to NFL players. Looking at you Bill Musgrave.

  35. As a Raider fan, I don’t have to drink myself to death anymore 🙂 Thanks Reggie McKenzie 🙂

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