Rams extend Les Snead, too

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher isn’t the only guy who has gotten a new contract in L.A. G.M. Les Snead has a new deal, too.

PFT has confirmed that the new contract for the coach coincides with a new contract for the General Manager.

Snead, who was hired in 2012 from the Falcons front office, has worked closely with Fisher over the past five years. The fact that Fisher was hired before Snead created the impression that Fisher runs the show, and that Snead sets the table for the draft and free agency.

Snead presumably has a two-year extension as well. It’s unclear whether the extension previously was in place, but given that Fisher’s was, it’s safe to assume Snead’s was, too.

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  1. Drafting on the offensive side of the ball needs to be reevaluated, but they’ve made a series of hits on the defensive side.

    UDFAs and day 3 picks have improved over the prior regimes as well.

    This one is a little easier to understand.

  2. .
    The Rams have had more high value draft choices than any other team during the Fisher / Snead era. They’ve been pathetically poor at judging talent . A review of the Rams draftees during their time would cause nausea. Belichick has actually done more picking 30th than the moron twins have done with multiple picks in the top 15.

    For Seattle fans, this is better than being awarded an additional first rounder . One of your competitors has preemptedly surrendered.

  3. Fisher is a slimy dude. He’s the league office’s “boy” and carries their water. That’s how he’s kept his job for so long.

  4. Gus Bradley and Matt Millen are updating their resumes. If the HC and GM jobs ever become available for the Rams, they’d have to be the front runners. LA: Where its not about winning football games.

  5. Unfortunately, the Rams suffer from a roster full of mediocre players from their StL days. Quick and Kendrick shouldn’t even be in the NFL. Britt and Austin are WR2 and WR3, at best, on most teams. And though 2 of the 4 OLs drafted from the class of 2015 are starting, it tells you how bad those other two guys are. And why did they spend a 3rd round pick on a QB they never plan on using. It seems their player evaluation on the offensive side of the ball is lacking–Not to mention their FA signings and terrible coaching staff (boras and weinke?!). It’s time for a new GM.

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