Ravens throttle the Dolphins to improve to 7-5


For a pair of teams that are each 7-5, the Ravens and Dolphins couldn’t look any more different.

The Ravens dominated the Dolphins, beating them 38-6 to snap Miami’s six-game winning streak.

The thrashing was a thorough one, as they were up 24-0 at halftime and kept building.

And Baltimore did it almost exclusively through the air, as Joe Flacco threw for 381 yards and four touchdowns.

They only ran well late, but they didn’t really need to, as Flacco got into an early rhythm and that was enough to sustain them.

All the progress Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had shown lately was not evident, as he was intercepted three times and never looked able to work them out of a hole.

30 responses to “Ravens throttle the Dolphins to improve to 7-5

  1. “It wasn’t Tannehill’s fault. His O-line is terrible. He has bad coaching. His defense sucks. His receivers can’t get open. Tannebaum can’t build a team. No one on the team believes in him. The sun was in his eyes. A terrible flood! The cab had a flat tire! Earthquakes! Locusts! I SWEAR TO GOD IT WASN’T HIS FAULT!”

    -Tannehill fans.

  2. Ravens would have probably shut them out if Pitta didn’t fumble. Nice to finally see the offense do something for an entire game. Perriman is fast. Get him in the game more.

  3. Every team has a bad game at sometime, so what?
    sundaysundaysunday liked Ajayi’s trashtalking. Good I’ll bet you wouldn’t mind him on your team either. Pretty hard to insult him after what he has done this season.

  4. I expected to see Philbin pacing on the sidelines the way they were playin today! Oh well – I had this one circled as a
    loss BEFORE the season ever started, Baltimore & Flacco have sure got our number!!

  5. “All the progress Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had shown lately was not evident, as he was intercepted three times and never looked able to work them out of a hole against a good team”

    Good Game Ravens! Look forward to next Monday’s game! The only AFCN team that has a Pats fan’s respect, always enjoy games against them but seem to get stuck with Steelers far more often. So much better to play against some winners instead of whiners.

    Also good to see a few fish fans made it to this thread. It took them a little while, the were busy trolling Brady for becoming the NFL’s all time wins leader first.

  6. Every team has a bad game. The problem is this same one of not being able to win in December has been this teams reputation.. The good news is that it was never about this year and this game exposed everything that’s wrong with this team so Gase can go fix it. Linebackers,, Dback, Guard, Center and a FG Kicker that can hit an actual FG.

  7. I said it last week – a loss @ Baltimore ain’t good but it ain’t fatal either, NE will surely take care of Flacco & Co. next week in Foxborough…I don’t see them winning out vs PHI, @ PIT & @ CIN – we on the other hand needs to take care of AZ & deal with road games @ NYJ & @ BUF then play home
    against NE who may OR may not care the outcome – depending on playoff seeding.
    Bottom line :We need 3 MORE wins at THAT’S no guarantee we’d even make the playoffs & I just don’t know now after the way we played today, still MUCH work to be done on BOTH sides of the ball in the offseason.

  8. Why are suddenly people acting like Franks needs to be let go? He missed his first FG in months and they act like he’s Caleb Sturgis.

  9. Coach Gase already knows he can’t rely on Franks. Wouldn’t let him try the field goal last week then gave him a shot this week and Franks blew it.

  10. Man there are a bunch of really not smart people who hate the dolphin’s. By their logic, 30 of 32 qb’s in the league are terrible because they have had bad games before. Oh, and all other qb’s play defense too.

    Only dolphin’s player who came to play was Ajayi, and he got scripted out of the game. Bal came to play. Now the real test for the dolphin’s begins, how they come back after getting smacked in the face.

  11. Ravens played a great game.
    The Dolphins defense was bad.
    Tannehill was bad.
    I thought Ajayi looked good, but after they fell behind they went away from the run.

    My hats off to the Ravens… out played and out coached the Dolphins.

    The Phins started 1-4 and they are now 7-5 …. I think they can rebound again.

  12. kissbillsrings says:
    Dec 4, 2016 4:19 PM
    My My, welcome back to all the pats fans. Yes, they got their butts handed to them, but one thing that isn’t pretend is Gase.

  13. Finally. I get my money’s worth for a ticket to the game. Thank you Ravens for finally showing me what I’ve been dying to see on offense. Let’s roll.

  14. Not sure how many FG’s Franks has had block kicking it too low but he has not kicked one FG past 41 yards out all season. That’s awful.

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