Titans, Browns won’t get to wear their non-conforming cleats

Getty Images

The Titans and Browns have a post-Thanksgiving break, the last two byes of the season. That scheduling quirk also kept the players on both teams from joining in the wearing of cleats that deviate from the NFL’s normal uniform requirements.

According to the league, Titans and Browns players won’t be permitted to wear the cleats at a later date. However, the players on both teams had their personalized cleats made. The cleats will be auctioned, and the causes reflected by the cleats will be promoted.

It’s still not the same as actually wearing the cleats. It would be nice if the NFL would reconsider that position and allow Titans and Browns players to wear their cleats next weekend. Based on the Week 13 games, during which the sky did not fall even though players wore cleats that deviated from the norm, there’s no harm in letting the two teams that missed out on it this week doing it next week.