Two-year extension suggests 2017 will be up-or-out for Jeff Fisher

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When it comes to contracts given to NFL players and coaches, the devil takes up permanent residence in the details. As to players, those details always become known. As to coaches, the nuances rarely make their way to the surface.

As to Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who officially has received a two-year extension, the biggest detail relates to the actual security Fisher has received. If, as some league insiders believe, the contract includes a one-year out for the team, Fisher has security only for 2017.

The winds had been blowing in the direction of Fisher staying put. Comments from COO Kevin Demoff strongly suggested that the team’s 4-7 record wouldn’t be held against Fisher, given the changes the team has endured in 2016.

Even without a one-year out clause in the new contract, 2017 now feels like an up-or-out year for Fisher. In 2012, Fisher received a five-year deal, and the exclamation point of commitment that went along with it. With only a two-year Band-Aid currently in place beyond 2016, the not-so-subtle message is that, while Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson isn’t getting what he wants for now, the change he craves could be coming in 2017.

12 responses to “Two-year extension suggests 2017 will be up-or-out for Jeff Fisher

  1. If Jeff Fisher doesnt produce next year(and he will not) then Stan Kroenke absolutely MUST fire him.
    He needs a grand slam, home run hire to put a winner on the field in the first 3 seasons of KroenkeWorld opening up.

    The L.A. fans want winners, stars and pizzazz.

  2. Just like his 150-250 record (or whatever it is) hasn’t been held against him. Or that his teams are ‘chippy’.

    He never found a QB. Should have drafted Dak in the 2nd round. Or Wilson or or or or. Dallas got lucky, Seattle got a guy that changed people’s minds and Derek Carr’s brother held him back. But some people were screaming about their abilities.

    Trading away the future for Goff will be his final undoing. At least he knows how draft a defense. He will make a fine DC somewhere in the near future.

  3. 7-9 or less he’s gone, 9-7 or better he stays. All Stan Kroenke needs to do is keep people interested and he will sell jerseys. The games will always be sold out. If he can draft and exciting player who sells jerseys maybe even 7-9 will be OK for Fisher, After all, it’s been good enough in the past.

    Second though, maybe Stan Kroenke wants to see JF become the coach with the most losses before dumping him. Never good to ax a coach just shy of a record.

  4. So, for LA… 8 mediocre/losing seasons in a row is when they finally say “enough is enough”. If I were on the radar to become a head coach, I’d wait for this inevitable opening.. The bar and expectations are set at about 6-10 for 8 straight years.

  5. .
    Fisher is two losses away from being the losingest coach in the history of the NFL. His next three are : @ New England, Atlanta, @ Seattle. If you do the math, you’ll see why the extention was announced today.

  6. intrafinesse says:
    Dec 4, 2016 10:26 AM

    I hope he retards Goffs development.
    Keep the Rams at 7-9 forever.

    So the biggest wish here is that everything turns out badly for everyone? Is ‘everyone’ ateam? A city? Or a world?

  7. Two years? Who cares. Jeffy Boy will retire from coaching with a big bank and will remain in an administrative role with his co-dependent Rams. Nice. Atta boy Jeffy!

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