Cecil Shorts suffered massive knee injury in Bucs win

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Things are going pretty well for the Buccaneers at the moment.

Less so, for one of their wide receivers.

Veteran wideout Cecil Shorts blew out his knee in yesterday’s win over the Chargers. According to Britt McHenry of ESPN, Shorts suffered a torn ACL, MCL, PCL and dislocated his kneecap.

That effectively leaves skin as all that was holding his lower leg to his upper leg, and would obviously mean Shorts is out for the rest of the season.

The 28-year-old wideout was carted off early in yesterday’s game after a low hit. He caught 11 passes in nine games for the Bucs this year. The former Jaguars and Texans wideout now faces a long rehab, with no certainty that he’ll get a chance to extend an injury-marred career.

15 responses to “Cecil Shorts suffered massive knee injury in Bucs win

  1. Sadly this is the injury we will see with the NFL forcing guys to go low for the legs to avoid any risk of flag. Hope Cecil is able to have a speedy recovery!

  2. He will be fortunate just to save his leg below the knee. No joke. Horrible news irregardless what team you root for.

  3. I suffered a partially dislocated kneecap about 2 years ago – it was extremely painful and I still can’t run more than a mile at a time without the pain getting so intense that I have to stop. I also suffered a torn MCL in my other knee about a year later, and again, really bad pain for an extended period of time. I can’t imagine tearing pretty much every single ligament in my knee at the same time like he did, it sounds awful. Hopefully he can come back from it.

  4. yourmadre i highly doubt your a premiere athlete so not surprising first off, probably didnt rehab enough or had a joke of a surgeon since your not a premiere athlete. secondly can everyone stop with the i had a similar injury whenever a professional athlete gets hurt. you are not paid to recover and spend every minute rehabbing. with that said speedy recovery but shorts has been on his slow way out of the league recently and this will probably finish this off unfortunately

  5. It was a cheap shot. Feel bad for Shorts, he was finally starting to get involved with the offense. Terrible news about his injury being that catastrophic.

    These low hits to players knees are worse than going high. The NFL is ruining players career because of the concussion mess they made. If only they simply acknowledged that concussions were bad news 20 years ago, they could have avoided trying to make the game uber safe against head injuries. Now instead of a headache for 2 days you have guys in wheel chairs for the rest of their lives. Making the game “safer”, (safe from another concussion lawsuit maybe, it is definitely not safer for the players)

    Bucs have lost 2 WRs to IR because of low hits to their knees. Vincent Jackson’s career is likely over, and It doesn’t sound promising for Shorts after nearly getting his leg ripped off.

  6. I am so sick of these hits. They SHOULD be illegal. And I am sorry but anybody who says this is happening because they don’t want to get flagged for hitting high is wrong. The defender targeted his knees, plain and simple. You want a clean hit you go for the gut, or the waist. Not the head or the knees, and being that most payers are 5-8 to 6-5 or higher, that means they have a minimum of 3 foot target, if you can’t aim for that you shouldn’t be in the NFL because you aren’t good enough.

    I hope Shorts has a quick recovery, whether he plays again or not.

  7. Miami’s tight end Dustin Keller saw his career end with a similar injury. I don’t expect Shorts to be able to return.

  8. But at least the defender didn’t take a chance of getting a headshot penalty by throwing his shoulder into the guy’s chest.

    Nice job, Roger Goddell.

  9. I never seen a team rally around a 6th week players like the Bucs did to Shorts. Hell, even Chargers players came out to show respect. That’s what the game is all about! Godspeed, Shorts!!

  10. This is one of the worst injuries that we see in football, and I always hope that the player maintains full neurological and vascular ability afterwards. So scary.
    I can’t imagine any player ever being able to overcome the fear that would be created in the discovery process of rehab, realizing they could have lost their lower leg…. and then succesfully returning to the playing field.

    I truly hope Cecil will have a full recovery that allows him to lead a relatively pain free life after fiotball. I feel older than my years would indicate due to injury, so I sincerely empathize with him.

    I also do have to mention that this post is a bit inaccuarate. Although 3 of the 4 ligaments that stabilize the knee, Cecil still has his LCL and patellar tendon holding his lower leg…. in addition to the skin. I do not mean to make light of this catastrophic injury, only trying to point out that the journalistic accuracy seems to be ignored to sensationalize the story a bit. Again… I do realize that a dislocation involving 3 major ligaments could cost him his lower leg, but not impressed with the presentation of the anatomy.

    Best wishes Cecil. Stay strong.

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