Doug Martin says he’s fine, but Bucs offense took some injury hits

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The Buccaneers closed out Sunday’s 28-21 win over the Chargers with running back Doug Martin on the bench, but it doesn’t look like the veteran is going to be out for another extended period.

Martin, who missed six games with a hamstring injury this year, watched while Jacquizz Rodgers made a big catch on the game-winning touchdown drive and then ran the clock out on the next Tampa possession. He said after the game, via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, that he was “bent back” before heading for the sideline and that he expects to be fine.

The outlook is less positive for wide receiver Cecil Shorts. Shorts had to be carted off with a knee injury and the team fears that he tore multiple ligaments while also dislocating his knee.

“I don’t know how he was conscious after that,” tight end Cameron Brate said. “That was one of the most gruesome hits I’ve ever seen.”

Tight end Luke Stocker left for the day with an ankle injury and wide receiver Adam Humphries was knocked out with a concussion. Freddie Martino stepped up at receiver and Brate caught the winning touchdown, allowing the Bucs to end the day with the same record as the Falcons with four games left to decide the NFC South.

7 responses to “Doug Martin says he’s fine, but Bucs offense took some injury hits

  1. What Winston is doing with this scrap heap of supporting parts is nothing short of amazing. Martin has gone back to form of being mediocre after having a monster year, struggling through injuries like his first 5 years, and Evans is the only mismatch on that side of the ball. However, Brate has just stepped up and has become a consistent weapon for him by always being where he’s supposed to be despite his physical limitations.

  2. So glad this team drafted a kicker in the second round instead of, say, a safety or a WR.

    Even the injured guys are off the scrap heap; Humphries was a UDFA last year, and Cecil Shorts basically had a good year or two in Jacksonville and just has been basic roster fodder for a few years and hasn’t done much. Cameron Brate has been phenomenal; he’s slow and basically gets no YAC, but he’s got great hands and consistently gets 8-10 yards on his catches (and then falls down immediately). Yet, there’s a four-game winning streak. Not sure how they’re cobbling these wins together consistently, but, man, it’s fun to watch after having to endure the Year of Josh McCown. And all the other years.

  3. So the Sucs won another game. Now we have to pretend it wasn’t due to the opponent’s complete ineptitude and that Stanford would have wanted their rapist quarterback even if he couldn’t throw a ball.

  4. Are you trying to say that the Bucs, perhaps for the first time EVER, are having players come off the bench and play well enough to win????

    Glory Hallelujah! The Bucs have never had a bench that can be depended on to not screw up a win!! Maybe the “powers that be” here are doing their job!!

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