Frank Gore becomes NFL’s 8th all-time leading rusher

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Colts running back Frank Gore has passed Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett for eighth place on the NFL’s all-time rushing list.

Dorsett posted 12,739 rushing yards in his career. Gore surpassed that in the second quarter Monday night vs. the Jets when he got loose into the Jets’ secondary for a 19-yard run that led to a field goal.

Gore, 33, has played in 176 games over his 12-year career. He’s in his second year with the Colts.

Gore went over 1,000 yards rushing in seven of his 10 seasons with the 49ers, who drafted him in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He has 74 career rushing touchdowns, which ties him for 24th in league history.

23 responses to “Frank Gore becomes NFL’s 8th all-time leading rusher

  1. Gore was good, but he had one truly elite season. Maybe being good for a long time is HOF worthy, but I think he’s just not quite there.

    Remarkable career though.

  2. Tough call for the Hall of Fame, the career yardage is impressive, but Gore only had one 1600 yard season and two 1200 yard season in his whole career.

    100 yard plus career rushing games are a good indicator of RB dominance, and Gore has 38, far behind the 61 of a solid Hall of Famer like Jerome Bettis.

  3. Frank the Tank!!!

    I was psyched when he signed with Indy because at the time I thought he had a shot at getting a win. Unfortunately that teams front office is 3rd only to the Browns and Niners with a level of ineptitude and dysfunction.

    Either way yes he is HoF bound and will always be one of my all time faves.

  4. He gets in the hall of fame the same day Kerry Collins gets in. The 32nd of never. This isn’t baseball, it’s football and football is about greatness, not accumulated statistics over time. Frank Gore was never great. He never lead a team to a Super Bowl win, he never lead the league in rushing or tds and he was never at any point in any discussion about being one of the three best players at his position.

  5. Gore is a warrior. From 2005-2010 he played on teams with poor OLs and dismal QB play. He was constantly running into 8 man boxes and finding ways to pick up yards. He’s always been a gritty, blue collar type that brought it game in and game out.

    With 700 or so more yards he would be 5th all time on the leading rushers list. Not sure how you keep him out of the HOF if he reaches that achievement. For a guy who wrecked his knees in college, he has shown absurd staying power in the NFL. A class act of a player through and through.

  6. Sure glad the Niners got rid of him when they did, as he’s obviously showing the world how washed up he is…..NOT!

    He’s a selfless player that shows class wherever he goes. On or off the field.

    Just one more bone headed move by Trent & Jed Dork.

  7. Congrats Frank –
    Much success and kudos for your work in SF.
    You deserved a Ring.
    Hoping Canton will be calling you soon after you hang’em up.

  8. The guy is a very good player who is a stats compiler… I don’t anybody who remembered watching Tony Dorsett play (in an era when defenses stacked up to stop the run in a running league) would ever say that Frank Gore is better.

  9. Very very good back but at no point in his career did I feel I was watching one of the best back of his era. Other backs who didn’t have as good a career as Gore did have a couple of really elite seasons like Arian Foster or Priest Holmes.

    Border line HoFer who consistently put up good seasons over a long career (for a running back)

  10. Everyone else in the top 15 is in the HOF.

    Next year, he may very well move into the top 5. If he plays two more years he could pass Barry Sanders and move into the top 3. It would be tough to justify not putting him in.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, he tore an ACL in college, too. Durability not a question in the NFL. What a grinder.

  12. Football savant. Always prepared, always in tune with late-game clock management, always had the lowest pad level and has managed to stay healthy. He’s a blue chip throwback iron man in a league full of brittle players.

    He also saved most of his money like Money Lynch. This guy would be a true gem as a running backs coach at any level.

    Scott McLoughan draft pick

  13. Frank Gore should not even be considered for the hall of fame. Come on. What makes this a joke is that he would probably get in over someone like Terell Davis just because he plays forever.

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