NFL reverses course, will allow Titans and Browns players to wear special cleats

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The Titans and Browns didn’t play in Week 13, so they didn’t get to participate in the NFL’s “My Cause My Cleats” weekend. Players across the league were allowed to wear special cleats that didn’t conform to the league’s usual uniform rules in support of various causes and endeavors.

The NFL has come to its senses and reversed course regarding the Browns and Titans. NFL Senior Vice President of Communications Natalie Ravitz said Monday that the league reached out to both teams to confirm they could participate in Week 14, when the Browns host the Bengals and the Titans host the Broncos.

The NFL originally said that players from those teams wouldn’t be exempt from the usual uniform rules, and at least two Titans players had reportedly planned to risk the fine and wear their special cleats anyway.

So, this solution seems best. And makes you wonder why it took so long to get here.

17 responses to “NFL reverses course, will allow Titans and Browns players to wear special cleats

  1. Wow, the NFL finally got something right (even though they tried their best to get it wrong). How was this decision not a no brainer?

    Really makes you question the competence of the NFL’s leadership assuming you’re one of the very few people left that aren’t already.

  2. Wear a Castro T-Shirt as starting QB and kneel down during the National Anthem while wearing your team’s uniform, and the league says, that’s okay–all 16 weeks. Wear some really cool cleats to bring public attention to a worthy cause and let the player really express himself, and the NFL threatens fines. It just ain’t right. The least they can is let these two teams join in for a week. Glad someone came to their senses.

  3. Riveting games all over this weekend ! Brady gets 201 in a nailbaiter over a game Miss Jean’s dance studio team, the Packers outast the texans in a remake of the ice bowl, the bears and 49ers play one of the best powder puff games in recent history , the inept giants look like a d3 school offense in the 4 0’clock prime time slot, the prime time slot at 8:30 serves up a heaping helping of sominex. This is the absolute WORST this league has ever been. Oh wait i was wrong ! The jets and colts pick up the slack tonight. Lol

  4. Maybe next year the NFL will wise up and have this special cleat wearing during a week that has no byes.

  5. The decision was “not a no brainer” because the players seem to feel that the best way to get something done is not to work within the system, but to just do whatever they feel like doing. Seems like the standard millenial “all about me” attitude.

    The players should work with the League to make this a month-long deal (like breast cancer awareness or Hispanic heritage or military salute), instead of voicing a petulant protest prior to breaking the rules.

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