Odell Beckham on officiating: It’s us against the world

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Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham avoided any major sideline blowups during Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, but there were plenty of moments when Beckham could be seen gesturing toward officials in hopes of getting a call in his direction.

Beckham didn’t get the flags he was looking for from referee Terry McAulay’s crew, leading him to say after the game that the group shouldn’t work any more games involving the Giants. McAulay was the ref for Beckham’s battle with Josh Norman last year and other members of the crew worked the game against the Redskins earlier this season that started with a warning for both players.

“It’s us against the world, in a sense,” Beckham said, via ESPN.com. “You can’t sit there and rely on refs, obviously. Obviously, that is not the case; you can’t sit there and rely on them, if anybody watched the game [on Sunday]. It’s not that I’m sitting here saying the refs are the reason we lost the game, but there is plenty of calls in the game and anybody can go watch the film. Anybody. Anybody can see exactly what is going on.”

Beckham took particular issue with an offensive pass interference call in the first quarter that backed the Giants up against their end zone. Beckham said it was a “horrible call” and that the official who threw the flag told Beckham to get out of his face when Beckham went for an explanation.

Left tackle Ereck Flowers was called for holding in the end zone a couple of plays later to give Pittsburgh their first points of the night and things wouldn’t get much better for the Giants in a 24-14 loss. One of the few places where they did fare better than Pittsburgh was on penalties. The Giants were penalized just four times overall while the Steelers were flagged 12 times for 115 yards before the day was through.

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  1. Beckham is trash! Stop all of the nonsense and grow up and all of this will go away. You have a special talent and don’t waste it.
    How long would he last in New England? Why do guys like Beckham, Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown have to gave so much drama? Catch the pass and give the ball back to the ref and shut the F up!

  2. Come on dude. Every fan and every player is calling for flags all game every game. Tell you what…let’s go back and give you a touchdown because you think you somehow got jobbed. But just to be fair let’s take back the one from late in the game where your offensive lineman had his forearm around Timmons’ neck right in front of the ref 2 feet from the ball carrier who scored. It all evens out for the most part.

    We get it. The officiating sucks. We can see that. But it sucks for EVERYONE. NOT JUST YOU.

  3. Someone needs to tell Beckham WR doesnt mean Whining Receiver. This guy whines after EVERY play.

  4. Puh-leezze dude.

    Your offense got stifled by a decent D. The Steelers should have put 40 up in the first half. the refs called a bad game on both sides. Maybe stop grabbing DBs and you’ll get a call.

  5. OBJ: Stop your whining … Incredible that you smiled and clapped when A. Brown scored.. that was just sickening to watch as a giants fan.. And to Jerry Reece thanks for not not helping Eli with getting O line help..

  6. Yeah, well Beckham got called for some of that sneaky stuff he does to get clear from a defender and usually gets away with. It’s about time. As far as “us” against the world, “us” got a touchdown when they should have been penalized for holding Lawrence Timmons. Face it, the Steelers beat them down.

  7. The whole world is ganging up and picking on pool old OBJ.
    Poor OBJ.
    Everyone stop being mean to him.

    OBJ – I have a question. How come it’s only you who are claiming that the refs are out to get you.

  8. Perhaps the diva receiver should work on his pass receiving skills because he sure has the “begging for a flag” routine down pat. Just another reason the NFL is becoming unwatchable.

    Shut up and play.

  9. Does this guy do anything except whine? They showed plenty of calls/non-calls on both teams that were questionable. Of course, I guess when you lose, you have nothing better to do…

  10. I felt some of the calls were a little ticky-tack, especially the holding in the end zone.

    What really got to me is the fact that the talking heads on TV just blindly say “yeah I see it” when its pretty clear that its a judgement call (at best) or just not a penalty at all (at worst).

  11. And OBJ is complaining about the officiating? Seriously? Get a life…


    “One of the few places where they did fare better than Pittsburgh was on penalties. The Giants were penalized just four times overall while the Steelers were flagged 12 times for 115 yards before the day was through.”

  12. what a goof ….other team gets 3 times as many penalties called on them than the giants and this whiner is complaining about the refs . It seemed harrison got held every time he rushed the passer and the giants lone non garbage time TD should have been called back due to a blatant missed hold on timmons

  13. “It’s not that I’m sitting here saying the refs are the reason we lost the game..”

    Go ahead and say it because IT WOULD BE TRUE.

  14. What a DIVA…. Throwing up the flag move EVERY time he was thrown to & didn’t catch the ball….EVERY TIME!!

  15. Steelers had way too many penalties, they won’t beat any tough teams down the road playing like that.

    The Beckham OPI was an easy call, he ripped the defender down with one arm while running past him.

  16. I think the biggest problem with the refs is consistency. Seems to be no rhyme or reason for how they call the game.

    They call Flowers for a holding call for the safety, but the next steelers drive, there looked to be a pretty blatant hold on oliver vernon, with no call. The play went for 60 yards.

    I can only imagine how hard it is for players to understand what they can do and can’t do anymore.

  17. 12 times to 4 times might seem to Quash OBJ theory but every phantom call against the Giants was a game changer

    The godfather Goodell, has his fingerprints all over this and he’s got to go

  18. You might want to run forward after catching hitch passes as opposed to running back toward line of scrimmage.

    Oh, are the refs responsible for that brutal o-line and Erik Flowers?

  19. Penalties:
    Giants: 4-24
    Steelers: 12-115

    Come on now, let’s not be silly. It’s been like that all year, and this whole refs love the Steelers crap is absolutely not supported by reality. The refs miss calls on both sides every game but the stats overall tell a better picture.

    Go Steelers!

  20. Yeah, like the bogus block in the back on Burn after Eli threw an INT, or the missed holding by Erek Flowers on Timmons on the TD to Jennings, or the fact that even the TD pass Brown got the CB was grabbing him as he ran through the endzone. The fact is, there were non-calls on both sides but for him to whine when his team was only penalized 4 times to the Steelers 12 just shows he is a sore loser.

  21. The problem with that offense wasn’t officiating, it was ineptitude. You can’t be out of synch and expect to win against a good team in their own house, not going to happen

  22. There was quite a few missed calls, but for both teams. Pitt had twice as many penalties as NY and doubled them in penalty yardage too. You don’t see them losing control. Steelers defense beat your offense to the ground. Now take it like a man and move on.

  23. “The Giants were penalized just four times overall while the Steelers were flagged 12 times for 115 yards before the day was through”

    Egomaniacs think like he does a lot . Based on the facts that I copied from the story I am pretty sure there might be a perception issue here with good old never boring but seldom correct OBJ.

  24. Odell, life isn’t fair – get over it.

    Where the P.i. call could have gone either way, do you really think after this crew was embarrassed from last year’s game with the Redskins, that you are going to get the benefit of doubt on calls?

    Complaining to this crew is just going to reinforce their opinion on you.

    Play the game – stop worrying about others.

  25. I feel like I’ve heard this story before. There’s plenty of calls missed every game buddy. Maybe your qb throwing 2 picks is why you lost. Now quit crying and move on. The Steelers beat you.

  26. All the people labeling OBJ as a whiner will spend the remainder of the day whining about their job, boss, spouse, and kids. Then they will whine more about OBJ whining.

  27. It’s not a cheerocracy…you don’t get to vote ref crews off the island just because they didn’t make the calls your way. Tell the rest of your team not to break any of the rules at all, then worry about the calls.

  28. takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikeababy says:
    Dec 5, 2016 8:12 AM
    “It’s not that I’m sitting here saying the refs are the reason we lost the game..”

    Go ahead and say it because IT WOULD BE TRUE.

    Yep – I saw that ref throw those interceptions.

  29. He is just a whiner. He certainly is talented but Incant take the
    part where he dishes out pushes and shoves yet if he is touched he
    cries. The play in the 4th qtr by Mitchell was a good football play.
    One last thing …it is football…sometimes I believe there is more
    physical play in rebounding plays in college and NBA basketball..
    remember…. it is suppposed to be a physical sport!

  30. OMG. Stop whining. The refs didn’t cost you the game. Stop “clutching and grabbing” DBs and you could get open. Or maybe you are not as fast as you think.

  31. Getting like the NBA…crying for flags and fouls on every play now. It is rather disgusting.

  32. Mike Tomlin can stick his leg out, purposely trip a punt returner, everyone can see it, and no flag. Tomlin and Steelers always get the flags.

    The calls against ODBJ and Flowers were lousy. As was officiating crew. Pitt always gets the calls.

  33. Uhhh…The Giants have the 2nd LEAST penalties called against them this season, while at the same time, having the 6th MOST penalties called against their opponents.

    Compare that to Philly, who has the 2nd MOST calls against them, while having the 26th most calls against their opponent

    The refs are the only reason the Giants aren’t 3-9/4-8

  34. All the OBJ haters are awake and flapping their gums again. I would like one, just one, of y’all to honestly say you wouldn’t want him on your team. Yeah, thought so… no comers.

  35. What a baby. Shut up and play the game. Let the Giant coaches lobby for flags and address unfair treatment.

    Another diva WR in the NFL is all you are.

  36. He gets officiated completely different week to week. Some crews are out to get him to get their name in the news, some jut ref the game. It’s that simple.

    They missed at least 6 defensive fouls against him on Sunday, but that’s something that experienced guys like Tomlin research for the game. McAdoo got pantsed by a far more savvy guy, but if you went into that game with a rookie QB instead of a rookie HC, the expectations wouldn’t be high. Just a bump in the road for the Giants. They were not dominated in that game, and I wouldn’t consider them exposed.

  37. Obviously tylereifertissostoppable and takeyourpunishmentandquitwhininglikethesissieiam did no watch the same ball game I did.4penalties,24yds,Giants,12 penalties,115 yds.yep looks like those refs cost you yesterday.Go cry me a river.

  38. Guys like Beckham, TO, Ochocinco, Dez … they’re cancers to their teams …

    Selfish, coddled, preening schmoes …

    None have ever won a damn thing.

  39. Steelers’ fans won’t admit that games keep getting handed to them by the refs. Almost every Steelers’ tackle consists of grabbing the face mask and yet a ref suddenly sees holding in the end zone and calls a safety. Flowers wasn’t holding anybody! Another undeserved win for Penalty Ben and Dancing Antonio Clown.

  40. It’s hard to determine who whines more, Dick Sherman or OBJ. Either way, they’re easily the two biggest divas in the league.

  41. league throws games every week. hell, without the zebras the donkeys dont even make the playoffs last year!

    rules need simplified, refs “opinion” needs neutralized.
    this will take away or severely limit their ability to fix games.

    and lets not pretend they dont – we all know the truth and have been on the wrong end of those WWNFL games.

    the ONLY thing missing with this league is a whistle blower. they clearly have been playing games with favorites for years.

  42. Typical millennial crybaby. These millennials whine about EVERYTHING when it doesn’t go their way. I can’t imagine what would happen to them if they actually had to face real hardship and drama. Such an entitled generation.

  43. There were tons of missed calls, like every game, every week. The system of defensive fouls is broken. By rule, contact with a receiver after 5 yards is a penalty. We all know there is contact after 5 yards on nearly every play, which basically means refs throw their flags at will. Most of you probably don’t know that it’s been ruled in court that the NFL can legally manipulate games if they want to…..

  44. Beckham, stop whining and GROW UP! Your team stunk yesterday…face it! If the official told you to “get out of his face” yesterday, then good for him. You are not fun to watch anymore. You are a GIANT crybaby…

  45. Blondie need to look at stats of game , Steelers 115 in penalties, Giants 35. Blondie needs to look at both sides ,no calls on players held and interfered with. Oh poor old me syndrome out of the one smiling on the side lines as Steelers Brown catches a TD, poor old me when he is more concerned after losing, to get Brown’s jersey and take a picture with Harrison kids. Yea concerned with wining.

  46. Yeah, I noticed him admiring AB’s TD dance on the sidelines. Game? What game? The one we are losing badly? Oh,THAT game! All Beckham cares about is showing off. How many first downs did he have and lose trying to be the hero yesterday? Just gain yards and stop trying to score on every catch. His act is played out.

  47. Just because the Steelers got called for more penalties isn’t proof of anything. The Steelers got called for 12 penalties but they probably should have been called for 16. It’s not like you can’t look at some of the replays of the plays in question and see where the refs screwed up.

    That offensive PI was call was laughable. The CB basically puts his hand on Odell’s arm and Odell shook him off (which is completely allowed) and exhibited superior athleticism by keeping his balance and speed while the CB stumbled and got burned. Then the CB grabs Odell to stop a TD as a last ditch effort. And this gets called as offensive PI? What a joke.

    At the very worst it should have been off-setting penalties of defensive and offensive pass interference on both players. Which, yes, the refs can call this which they never do because the WR almost always gets the benefit of the doubt. It’s clear this crew has a bone to pick with OBJ. All three games they officiated had bad calls against him.

  48. sethgiantsfan, right on! It really needs to be investigated why the Steelers have so many calls go their way. Last year, their coaches went out on the field and started picking fights with the Bengals. And the Bengals got penalized! Even Tomlin can trip up a runner and nothing happens. Don’t even get me started about SB XL. Totally handed to the Steelers by the refs. Corrupt.

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