One day later, Earl Thomas still unsure about his football future

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After Sunday night’s 40-7 win over the Panthers, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson learned that safety Earl Thomas had broken his leg during the game. Wilson also learned that Thomas already had mused on Twitter about retiring.

Wilson brushed off the retirement talk as Thomas reacting in the heat of the moment. A day later, however, Thomas is singing the same tune.

“I’m taking it one day at a time,” Thomas told Ed Werder of ESPN. “I still feel the same way I felt last night.”

Thomas also said that he doesn’t plan to have surgery, and that he doesn’t want to take away from what his team is trying to do.

“You have to remember my team is still fighting I don’t want to become a distraction,” Thomas said.

Thomas may feel differently as days become weeks and weeks become months. By the time the offseason program begins, he may be itching for more action.

If Thomas retires, he’d owe the Seahawks $3.8 million in bonus money previously paid, if they’d be inclined to pursue it.

35 responses to “One day later, Earl Thomas still unsure about his football future

  1. Anyone thinking that Earl is going to retire is just wishfully thinking…but I get it.

    Earl is THE BEST safety in the league…and he will be next year too. This is just a broken bone. This isn’t a patellar tendon injury or anything. Oh look at Jimmy!

    After Jimmy came back, after Russell played through his injuries…I’m sure Earl will be a warrior in rehab.

  2. I’m a Ravens fan, but I am also a huge Earl Thomas fan. It will be a very sad day if this guy retires. He is the best safety in the game today and could easily go down in the history books with the likes of Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Brian Dwankins.

  3. He’s done pretty well for a little person. With Wilson, Thomas, Baldwin, etc. they should change their name to the Seattle Lollipop Guild. The ONLY good thing about the Pacific Northwest is that legal sticky icky.

  4. sladewillson says:
    Dec 5, 2016 8:57 PM
    I’m a Ravens fan, but I am also a huge Earl Thomas fan. It will be a very sad day if this guy retires. He is the best safety in the game today and could easily go down in the history books with the likes of Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Brian Dwankins.

    Charles Woodson will go into the hall of fame as a CORNERBACK. He moved to FS in his elder years after losing a step. Also, the only defensive player ever to win The Heismen!!!!

  5. Drama queen? Are you serious?

    One of the best, if not THE best, safeties in the game, workaholic, humble beyond measure, quiet off-field life, and a great team mate.

    But yeah, after one single question following a season ending injury, an armchair critic can apply a Drama Queen label to him.

    IQs have dropped sharply round here.

  6. No real football fan wants a player like Thomas to retire. Plays hard and to the whistle every play.

    Hope he’s back next year at full strength.

  7. Concerning his bonus money; Thomas would have a sturdy moral leg to stand on even if he doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. This is far too often the case in this country…

  8. You never know. As physical as Earl Thomas plays, he has missed a grand total of 0 games before this season. He’s never had a major injury. It’s not impossible that now that he’s suffered one, he’s looking at the whole thing differently. “I’m rich, and I’m relatively healthy. Do I really want to come back and chance that this happens again, but it’s not a leg, it’s a neck, or a back, or the head?”

    Not saying he won’t come back. I find it much more likely that he’s depressed, probably expected to be making a SB run a month from now, instead he’ll be in physical therapy somewhere. But I wouldn’t say it’s out of the realm of possibilities either

  9. As for best safeties all time, add John Lynch in there as well. What a HITTER he was!!

    I hope Earl is able to go on, he is a great guy and not the prima dona like Sherman is. In fact, he seems to be one of the few that has kept Dickie out of more trouble with his mouth than he already does.

    And, if he retires and the Hawks demand their bonus money back, it will confirm how far a great franchise like this has fallen!!

  10. jmethane says:
    Dec 5, 2016 8:44 PM
    Anyone thinking that Earl is going to retire is just wishfully thinking…

    Umm…he is the one that put it out there.
    I hope whatever is driving him to consider it is momentary and he is back at his play making best. No one plays the position better and it’s a pleasure to watch him work. Unlike some of your fellow Hawks fans after Gronkowski’s injury there is nothing but commiseration and well wishes for a full and fast recovery from this Pats fan. The game is always better when it’s best players are taking the field.

  11. In the words of Detective Lester(from The Wire)”Saying ain’t doing, and doing ain’t saying”, Earl!!!

  12. Wow…pecansandies82 talks about the only thing good about the Pacific Northwest is…and this guy lives in North Dakota…a veritable vacation wonderland.
    Earl Thomas will be back and better than ever. Book it.

  13. Its not like people are putting the words of retirement into his mouth Thomas brought it up, and while he is a beast and hasn’t missed games in regular OR post season, who knows how sore he is week in and week out, or in this off-season. This injury obviously makes him concerned, and who knows how many times he has been concussed in his career, and other things he has toughed it out through.

    Just because he wants to do something with else with his life other than football, or wants to try to keep his body intact for down the road going to his children’s graduation, compared to what some of the previous greats have had to deal with, doesn’t make him, a “Drama Queen or Little Girl”

  14. This is nothing more than someone who is use to getting attention all the time finding another way to get attention.
    He’ll be back. For more attention.

  15. sumkat says: He’s never had a major injury.

    I think the shoulder separation he suffered in the NFC Championship game against the Packers counts as a major injury considering he missed all of training camp as well as the preseason the next year. And if you watched in 2015, he definitely wasn’t the same player.

    He was back this year though which makes this injury sting even worse.

  16. I think he was overwhelmed by the events themselves. Here’s a guy who goes from having played 118 games straight, to end that streak because of a hamstring, then the very next week he’s back from that, breaks his leg. Who wouldn’t be thinking career-mortal thoughts at that point?

    They say the worst time to consider retiring is just after the season ends because you’re too full of emotions at that point. This is the end of Earl’s season for all intents and purposes, so I suspect he’ll reconsider retirement as the months progress.

  17. Love the way this guy plays. I think once he’s feeling strong on that leg again in a couple of months, he’ll get fired up to play again. He’s not used to being off the field.

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