Two Titans plan to risk NFL fines and wear special cleats


The NFL allowed players around the NFL to wear special cleats with personal messages on them on Sunday, but players on the Browns and Titans were excluded because they’re on their bye this week. And the NFL told players on those two teams that they won’t be allowed to wear special cleats on a different day.

Two Titans players say they’re going to go ahead and promote their causes with their cleats, no matter what the NFL thinks.

Titans cornerback Jason McCourty and tight end Delanie Walker both told Paul Kuharsky of ESPN that they will wear their cleats for this week’s game. McCourty will wear the same shoe design that his brother, Patriots safety Devin McCourty, wore on Sunday to promote awareness of sickle cell disease.

“I believe you should be [allowed], so I’ll be wearing mine for the game,” McCourty said.

Walker, whose aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver in New Orleans hours after they watched him play in Super Bowl XLVII, will wear cleats that promote Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In the NFL, players who refuse to follow uniform policy always risk fines. In this case, the NFL would be wise to give the players a break. And next year, it would make more sense to do “My Cause, My Cleats” in a week when every team plays.

13 responses to “Two Titans plan to risk NFL fines and wear special cleats

  1. The league finally does something cool by allowing players to display some individuality. They wouldn’t ruin it all by not allowing 2 teams to participate…would they? I’m betting they would.. I hope I’m wrong..

    I’m probably not.

  2. Imagine how much money the NFL could make if someone with some common sense was employed as its CEO…unless these boneheaded moves are designed with the idea that any news is good news.

  3. Cmon NFL, couldn’t pick a week when all the teams are playing? That’s you avoid problems like this. Although you’ll take any opportunity to pass out fines.

  4. The NFL’s position on this is insanely stupid. They were on a bye, give those players the chance everyone else did. Or do it a week where there are no byes, as Mr. Smith pointed out.

    No wonder ratings are slipping, the powers that be here are so incredibly stupid.

  5. I swear to heavens the NFL will not be happy till it completely sucks the life out of their sport and then they will wonder why fans are tuning out. NASCAR blew it’s foot off years ago by pricing families out of races after it building huge grandstands around the tracks that are now covered up by advertising banners. NASCAR has never recovered and the NFL is heading down the same path. Season tickets now can only be afforded by the the “Country Club” who cry and scream because they take their small children to games and they are subjected to hearing profanity in the stands. Nobody seems to get that small children shouldn’t be at NFL games to begin with but that is beside the point if Daddy’s rich.

  6. Since God-del started al the fines the NF has become the biggest circus act around. Is there actually a game played on the field or was some kind of dream I had once.

  7. Imagine how much money and good will the NFL could raise for charities if they allowed players to (a) wear charity cleats year-round and (b) chose instead to highlight the charities throughout the season.

    Imagine if they took a couple minutes from each pre-game/halftime/post-game show to highlight a couple charities the players’ supported, with web links and phone numbers to donate money to the cause.

    There’s so much opportunity for the NFL to do good here, and they can’t help but step on their own jocks.

  8. His feet are the microphone to the voice of our generation. Scream your message into his big toe! so everyone in the stadium can hear it loud and clear.

  9. Instead of going against the League’s policy, they should be working with them to coordinate some kind of deal where the players can do this for a given month. As usual, the players figure the best way to get something done is to break the rules. Don’t be surprised when these guys don’t get out on the field at all.

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